ACDWL 015: Aim To Be A Magician…?

ACDWL 014: Kou's Power
ACDWL 016: Reasons to Worry

There seemed to be magic in this world.

Moreover, it seems like I can use it as well.

At least once a day, someone would come and invite me. When Rodo told me to follow those people, they somehow brought me to a dim tower.

It seemed like the people who could use magic gathered here.

Without Rodo, they directed intense and unscrupulous gazes at me.

It’s extremely uncomfortable, but since I’m an outsider, it couldn’t be helped.

When I came to a place the looked like a training center, I was easily taught what seemed to be the basics of magic.

Sometimes, I didn’t know what they were saying, but it’s similar to the content of the game I was addicted to for a while, so I can understand it somehow.

There seemed to be five main attributes: fire, water, lightning, wind, and wood. There’s also the light attribute meant for recovery.

Is there no ice or darkness attribute?

…should I check if I can do it by myself?

As told, I tried to put out one with that attribute.

“Fire, think.”

They said those words many times so I guessed that I should imagine it.

Thinking of a candle fire, a small fire appeared in my palm.

They immediately applauded me.

Did these people not know my age?

But it seemed like I could use magic.

I knew I had to work in the future, and I was wondering what to do, but if I became a magician, I can do it without training my body. How wonderful would that be?

It seemed like a future of marriage was waiting for some reason, but I didn’t want to depend on Rodo forever.

I at least want to secure the cost of my food and board.

I was able to do each attribute and the magicians were saying something, but unfortunately, I didn’t understand.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish even a word when they say a long sentence, so there’s no way I can understand them.

They didn’t say it slowly and patiently like Rodo, so I just tilted my head at them.

Maybe they’re trying to tell me what to do next.

Then the magicians just looked at each other.

(Since I’m free now, let’s try if I can do something else.)

If I can’t, that’s fine.

I made a lump of water appear on my palm.

Sphere-shaped water came out, probably because I imagined it that way.

If I stopped imagining, it wouldn’t keep its shape and drip down.

(Turn around).

It turned on my palm.

In the meantime, I blew a cold wind to cool the temperature of the water.

(If this continues, I’ll make no progress.)

At this rate, it will take some time for the water to turn into ice.

I imagined quickly freezing it while lowering the temperature of the water.

(How about this!?)

I imagined a flower made of ice.

The very same thing was lying on my palm.

(What the-. So it’s possible.)

It seemed like a good idea to strengthen my image of freezing the water.

Suddenly, I noticed the surroundings become noisy.

What on earth is it?

Because I made some ice…?

But if you can imagine it, anyone can do it.

Even I, a beginner, could do it.

They’re excited, but I don’t know why.


At that time, I heard a voice.


Rodo, who seemed to have come to pick me up, was there.

Ren was also beside him.

I ran up to them.

He asked what I was doing and I answered.

When I spoke of cold water, he rephrased it into words I didn’t know.

Maybe he said it was ice.

──as expected of Rodo.

I could understand what he meant, even if it’s a rough idea.

He told me he wanted to see it, so I went back to where I was.

(Let’s surprise Rodo.)

I imagined Rodo’s appearance in my head.

Of course, his appearance when he was an [Akinist].

However, it stunned both Rodo and Ren.

Moreover, he talked with the magicians with a difficult face.

Did I do something?

Also, he’s distorting his face painfully.

Did something happen?

Rodo approached and picked me up.

Even if he looked pained, he said it didn’t hurt.

He said it’s okay.


I asked if I’m the one at fault.

“Not bad.”

This is Rodo, so even if I’m bad, he’d say otherwise.

“Kou is not bad at all.”

Did he say it again while thinking that he didn’t convince me? No good, I made him even more worried.

“Rodo, I’m sorry.”

“No need to apologize.”

How much does Rodo spoil me?

I want to learn words quickly, start working, and give back to him…

Will Rodo be in trouble if I become a magician?

Then I don’t want to become one.

But Rodo shook his head.

He said that I should be a magician if I wanted to.

Judging from the surroundings, I can only follow that laid-out route.

Even so, Rodo told me that I can decide.

I was happy with that feeling, so I said thank you.

As usual, he smiled at me.

I will use my power to help Rodo.

…Anyway, I have to study hard.

There’s no sign of returning to Japan, so I have to be prepared to live here like this.

I didn’t have any close friends, and I wouldn’t have to wonder when I would come out with my parents. I guess I wanted to stay with them until I’m told I’m [disowned].

“What’s up?”

Is it easy to show my emotions after becoming a child?

…or is this just how I am?

When I’m being pessimistic or thinking about something, Rodo would always look at my face.

Am I worrying Rodo?

Can he sense my emotions that quickly?

Anyway, it seemed like negative emotions are easy to convey to Rodo, and he’d quickly realize it if I’m not careful.

“All right.”

I shook my head and answered, but Rodo didn’t seem convinced.

“Don’t worry.”

Even when he stroked my head, he looked pained.

Are you worried about me?

…are you thinking that I haven’t forgiven you?

Letting you lift me like this should be a sign that I’ve forgiven you.

Anxious, gentle, and sweet Rodo.

He said we would get married in the future, but what if I returned to Japan?

I told him I’m 18 years old, but I haven’t said that I’m from another world yet.

I still don’t know the word for “different world” in this world.

So I tried to convey it as it is, but he didn’t understand. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t have knowledge of other worlds.

And there’s one thing that surprised me so far.

It’s the lifespan and age of Rodo.

They have a complicated way of saying numbers. Even if I say “10, 8”, he wouldn’t understand it’s “18”.

Units in the hundreds are difficult, and I was taught after we came back from the Castle, but it took me a while to learn.


Rodo was 156 years old, which was quite surprising.

He looked like he’s in his mid-twenties.

Akinists have a lifespan of around 700 to 800 years…

I’m 18 years old, aren’t I still seen as a child?

…for that matter, he still proposed “marriage”…

What’s the marriage situation in this world?

My life is short, unlike Rodo. When I said that I probably won’t live past 100, Rodo seemed quite surprised.

…no, aren’t you being impatient?

Compared to Rodo, I will soon die.

My body might have changed because of my shrunk appearance, but…I just feel like my physical appearance was fitted to my age.

I wonder if something changed because I can cast magic.

Not only does Rodo have a long lifespan, but Ren was also 138 years old.

That king has a longer lifespan and seemed to be 632 years old.

I thought he’s in his 30s.

I also heard that the names of the races are different.

Rodo is an “Akinist”, Ren is a “Shiks”, and the King is a “Gatrea”…

Them becoming an animal was called “beastification”, and their appearance as a person was called “humanization”.

And at the age of 15 to 20, you can change from an animal to a human.

So that’s why many people looked at me.

…when they became humans, they already have an adult figure.

After saying my lifespan, I think Rodo’s overprotection mode has become even stronger.

Alright, I’ll try not to leave as much as possible.

And so, I didn’t expect to be told something like working as a magician in the future, but since he came to pick me up early, it seemed like that overprotection hasn’t disappeared.

I mean…

I’m happy for being cherished, but I’m also troubled.

After all, what should I do if I went back after liking Rodo?

It’s painful to think about someone you can’t even meet.

(Do I want to go back or not…)

Even that’s becoming vague.

At first, I certainly wanted to go home.

Even so, I couldn’t go home, so I started thinking that it’s not a bad idea to live with Rodo like this…

Right now, I wonder if I really wanted to go home.

I have a feeling of love and guilt for my parents, but I don’t miss them.

…I can only think of myself as cold-blooded…this is quite painful to admit.

But I can’t say such feelings to Rodo.

…and in these circumstances, I don’t want to say it even more.

ACDWL 014: Kou's Power
ACDWL 016: Reasons to Worry

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  1. ARIGATOU!!!

    and bruh. i feel the same as the mc. if i were reincarnated to another world ( Which i always day dream about )
    I wont miss my parents that much since were not that close. I mean, i will get sad for a few days but thats it.
    I also dont want to be like those annoying MCs that keep insisting on going back home. I found them annoying.
    Im the kind of person who goes with the flow

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