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After lunch, we’ll leave the two boys at Saegusa-kun’s place.

I know their approximate location, so after the [Transfer], Toriumi will ride Ketorami and go searching. After that, he’ll come back, take the two boys, then [Transfer] again.

No way, [Transfer] is no longer my sole patent, so I feel lonely at such times.

Meanwhile, I went to George-san’s pawnshop to leave the sewn clothes. If I don’t leave some around this time, Sagara-kun and the others’ funds will run out.

That’s why I’m here at the pawnshop in Deichemoore.

“Ah, Maito-senpai! Welcome back! Wah, did you bring the clothes!?”

Hanamura-san welcomed me when I arrived. How cute.

“Yeah. For the time being, this is what I made to add to your funds. And, did anything special happen recently?”

“Anything special, huh…ah, just yesterday, George-san started to take charge of the store in earnest. You see, Utagawa-senpai is a very beautiful woman, isn’t she? So she said she’d be the signboard girl, so a lot of customers came!”

Hoh, I see, so that ossan started moving.

Hmm, if the store is full of beautiful women and handsome boys (according to the standard of this world), the number of customers will surely increase.

“So, George-san went to the black market to check for foreign slaves. He seems to have vast connections. Umino-kun and Ikeda-senpai also went there.”

Is that okay, George-san?

“What about Maito-senpai?


“We found a self-study room. There are some people there, so we’re sending some to go the Information Room group. The others will look around North 1F.”

…I decided not to say that someone almost died and that Suzumoto and Kariya haven’t woken up yet.

I should report it after they woke up. Hanamura-san and the others are doing their best so I shouldn’t say anything that would make them anxious…I mean, if I said it, they might not wake up. You know, like some sort of jinx…

eei, I didn’t want to say anything, so I won’t say it! That’s it!

“Then I’ll go back. Give my regards to the others.”

“Yes! Please come again!”

And so, I returned.

At the same time as my return, Toriumi returned and [Transferred] again with the two boys. It seems they’re fine with it.

Well then, let’s do something about the daily necessities so that Homura-kun and his friends can explore North 1F.

I gathered the maid dolls and once more…yeah, I won’t say anything.

All I can say is, there are only 6 people. It’s not a big deal to make a set of clothes and futons for only 6 people! It’s to the extent that I can say…my experience points have increased.

In fact, we were able to prepare daily necessities for 6 people without much effort.

So fast! Nowadays, the maid dolls worked smoothly as if they’re fashion craftsmen, so it’s even faster.

In particular, the three who had miniature dog tags worked better.

As expected, is it because of that? Is the dog tag and names related to performance?

…and so, Katori earnestly made miniature dog tags. For all the maid dolls.

No, you see, the maid dolls are jealous of me…

I wouldn’t say anything if the performance improves and Katori himself offered to make it, so I thanked him.

…I’m sorry though since Katori seems tired after that.

So, during tea time, it became time for Homura-kun and the others’ departure. As expected, it seems like Homura-kun and his friends have decided to explore North 1F.

Anyway, the reason seems to be that they have friends still on North 1F and there’s a girl they like in the home economics club that should be in the easternmost home economics kitchen on North 1F. Alright.

…and the biggest one is, even if we’re together, we just get tired of each other.

They might be fine and won’t complain to staying with us because of circumstances, but our goal is to find classrooms in a speed game.

While praying for their safety, we separated.

…well, we already defeated one unique monster in North 1F…so isn’t it relatively safe? They also have a meta-water element user.

Ketorami might know this area, but Ketorami can’t talk much.

However, when I said this, his tail fluttered like saying [That’s right.], so it’s probably okay.

…rather, I call it a maid doll, but it’s also called Ketorami. I can see various things just by its face.

Also…it’s a very personal reason, but…yeah, I wanted to leave the home economics club to someone else if possible…yeah, what a godsend.

That’s good. That’s fine, but I remembered it when I was preparing for their departure (mainly food distribution). I didn’t get a skill!

And so, I briefly explained it to Homura-kun and the others.

“Please give a hand for this poor maid who has no fragments of combat power.”

When I explained, they all cooperated…yeah, even Nagasawa-san and Tamaki-san. I was surprised.

Yeah, so…I succeeded in getting [Sleeping Cocoon] from Akiba-kun. Yeah, this was the only harvest, but I was rather happy with it. Rice can save the world, truly.

[Sleeping Cocoon] is the skill used by the study room people to siege.

All you have to do is decide the time or conditions to wake up, and then just keep sleeping while you’re invincible. Whether or not there’s a use…to be honest, it’s a tricky thing…

“I’ll get in touch with you!”

“Thank you for the clothes and food!”

Then, when the distribution of food and daily necessities were over, they left the study room noisily, and it suddenly became quiet…somehow, I feel lonely, but also relieved.

By the way, we’ll be moving Northwest to West to Southwest, then South on 2F.

3F was left to Saegusa-kun and 1F was left to Sagara-kun and Homura-kun, so the rest would be 2F and 4F, excluding the Northeast, and the gymnasium. I wonder if that will be the case.

However, the two who are still sleeping are more worrisome than that.

Kariya and Suzumoto still haven’t awakened.

…but it’s about time they wake up. It’s almost the limit for our group here.

So for the time being, I shook Kariya and he woke up unexpectedly easily. It seems like his MP has already recovered.

“Good morning.”

“Mor-…ah, Suzumoto.”

“He’s alive.”

When I pointed beside him, Kariya seemed relieved at seeing Suzumoto sleeping there. He tried to rise but fell back on the futon again.

“I’m glad. It’s no longer that grotesque image.”

Ah, yeah, thank you very much. Thanks to you, this guy is alive.

“By the way, can you get up? If it seems impossible, you can sleep more.”

“Ah, then, can I sleep a little longer? Excuse me.”

After saying that, he went down on the futon while bowing his head and Kariya became quiet. Seems like he fell asleep. That’s fast. As expected, the new skill might have been a considerable burden. I still have to make dinner, so please rest slowly.

And the problem is here.


I tried shaking Suzumoto slowly, but there’s no sign of waking up at all. However, it’s not good to let him sleep like this, so I used [Share] again.

Hello, fragmented information space.

Because I’ve been here once, I found the sleeping Suzumoto relatively quickly and I considered how to proceed.

“Can you wake up? Is it okay?”

I tried shaking him, but there was no reaction. …Ah, what if I do this?

I thought of a place different from here, so I left and [Shared] once again.

This time, I appeared in a similar but different place. Yes, in the space with the glass.

Suzumoto’s glass is relatively straight and rather sharp.

However, there’s no artificial feeling, and the workmanship is very delicate. Yeah, the slender glass felt Suzumoto-like.

…then why is mine round?

And when I looked at it, as expected, the contents of the glass are small. I think it’s only about a quarter.

Because there’s no helping it, I pulled out my cup and transferred the contents again.

This time, the contents of my cup aren’t full, maybe about 90% at best, so the amount I can transfer is not great, although…I thought I wouldn’t do this again, but to think I’ll have to do it again in less than a day!

Ahhhhhh! No! It hurts, I’m scared!

Uwaaa, I won’t do this anymore! I’ll never do it again! So please don’t be like this again! I’m begging you!

I knew I would get sleepy and tired this time, so I endured. I managed to break away and [Shared] with Suzumoto again while fighting the feeling of anemia. This time, it’s the fragmented information space.

When I followed the same path, I quickly found the sleeping Suzumoto. When I shook him this time, he easily woke up. The amount of information became tremendous, so I left accordingly.

…also, I want to sleep…

But since he almost died, let’s check his condition before going to bed.

When I left and checked Suzumoto, his eyes were open, but it seemed vague and out of focus.

“…o~i, are you okay?”

Even when I raised my upper body, he still looked confused, so when I lightly tapped his face, he finally looked at me.

…s-scary. So scary! …He had a non-toxic smile that I couldn’t imagine from this guy…for some reason, he sat up and gave me a bear hug.

A literal bear hug.

What is a bear hug…it’s a professional wrestling technique that damages the ribs and spine of the opponent by hugging and tightening your grip around the opponent’s torso. It’s called Sabaori (saba fold) in sumo wrestling.

…please think about the impact on me at this time.

I managed to wake him up by sharing just a little of my life (provisional)! In this state, imagine my shock at my torso suddenly cracking.

“Igyaaaaa! Break break break break! I give, I give, I give!”

M-my spine! My ribs! It’ll break! It’ll break! IT! WILL! BREAK!

My head’s gone white now. I have zero thinking ability. I don’t know what to do anymore, but I’m a creature who can learn!

If it’s like this where I can’t think or do anything, just [Share] it anyway! I learned that when I was inside the snake!

“Take this ahhhhh [Share] uaaaaaaaah!”

While headbutting Suzumoto, I [Shared] the pain and other things and then immediately withdrew. All I have to do is shut out all the information from his side and just let it flow from mine.

Then Suzumoto stiffened for a moment and finally stopped tightening.

When I was about to lose my soul, the strength holding me relaxed and I managed to see Suzumoto’s face. He looked blank, but reason returned to his eyes.

“…Good morning.”

I greeted him while smiling with all my might, and it seems that he quickly understood the situation.


Then his face somehow went from dull to astonishment to something like frustration or disgust.

“Eh? Ha? Haa!? Wait a minute, what’s this! Why am I hugging you, I feel sick!”


“Sorry. So it was like that.”

Suzumoto apologized when he heard about the situation from Hagasaki-kun, but I won’t forgive you even if you apologized with both hands.

I’m really grateful for Tokoyo, Minamo, and Sakura, these three, since they used [Heal] on me and healed my cracked ribs…

They’re really good kids, unlike somebody else!


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