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“I’m entering~”

After knocking, I opened the door and entered.


Hagasaki-kun, of course, doesn’t seem to be in a good shape yet. He half rose from the futon on his own.

“What did you do to me?”

And what a glare. Oh no, how scary.


Because I somehow stood out, I decided to take the empty futon (the one I put on Katori earlier) beside Hagasaki-kun’s futon and sat there.

“How are you?”

“The worst. What is this? The hell is this? What did you do?”

S-seriously! Is it so bad! Should I not have mixed it up after all!

Gu, specifically, how is it wrong?”

When I asked him, he just glared at me in a bad mood. Hieeee

“So, what did you do?”

And we’re back. …hmmm…how should I explain it…ah, so annoying.

“Lend your head a little, [Share].”

“I said stop it!”

Although he greatly resisted for a moment, I still [Shared] it! When I started to unilaterally share my memory from here, Hagasaki-kun can’t seem to resist me.

After showing the whole thing, I turned off [Share]. I’ve used it a lot, but as expected, [Sharing] with conscious beings is quite exhausting.

“That’s probably all of it. Also, didn’t we win an elixir from the gladiator tournament? Because I asked Hariu to use it, there may be that too.”

…huh, I gave the explanation, but he gave no response.


After waving a hand in front of him, Hagasaki-kun finally returned to his senses.

“Are you stupid?”

“You’re right, I’m more stupid than you.”

Unfortunately, I’m more foolish than someone who took five hours to acquire the [Translation] skill.

“It’s not like that, ah geez, why…why are you like this?”

I don’t know what happened but Hagasaki-kun is holding his head. Somehow, I feel guilty.

“What do you mean?”

“Why did you reduce the content when it’s so scary and painful!? Are you stupid!? No, you’re stupid! Absolutely stupid!”


Ahhhhhhh! It’s over. I’ve done it.

I had to explain what I did, even if it’s troublesome.

…because I showed the whole memory through [Share], I was able to convey everything including that.

The pain when the contents of my glass spilled, the feeling of fear when the contents were transferred the first time.

….ahhhhhhhh, geez! Stupid ahhhhhhhh! I’m so stupid ahhhhhhhhh!

Then he’s angry because he’s kind! Ah! I’ve done it!

“Couldn’t you just leave my glass without doing anything else? You should have left it like that and wait for the contents to increase!”

No, with that amount, I don’t think you have the capacity to recover on your own.

…yeah, well, sure, there’s a 50:50 chance of that, but…ah, nope, it’s different.

“No, rather, I should have given you more. After all, if Hagasaki-kun can get up and recover quicker, that’s better.

I was called because I have the [Treatment] skill which is very tricky in that situation…the skill can only speed up the recovery of injuries.

However, Hagasaki-kun has a skill called [Clear Stream] that can heal the injury itself.

Not sure whether it can recover the physical strength and vitality, but at least…it seems that the maid dolls did something…though there are still people who didn’t fully heal from their injuries.

If so, it would have been more logical if Hagasaki-kun could move and I couldn’t.

“Look here, can’t you be in my position? Even though you weren’t hurt, why did you bother doing that?”

…um, yeah. If I’m the other party. Yeah, yeah…uhm.

“No, because if you’re in the opposite position, wouldn’t you do the same?”

When I asked him, he looked very frustrated and turned away.

“No. I’m not that stupid.”

Ah, what’s with this moe gap? …no, I’m sure you’ll do it, too.

I’m sure you’ll do it without worrying even if you feel scared or hurt. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have a near-death experience.

This guy is smart. Smart, because he’s able to move around as much as he wants and still stay intact.

He can’t do that now because he’s kind in both good and bad ways.

I’m sure this time, too, he could have escaped if he tried.

Even if Suzumoto-kun was hit by the blast at zero distance, he lived (seriously, it was at a level where nothing’s intact…), so I think Hagasaki-kun used some skill for his sake.

And because of that, Hagasaki-kun was also hit.

He was so kind, yet it’s tricky enough if he could live…but I probably can’t do that. I have no choice but to give up from the beginning, and I’m very disappointed that I’m not the protector but the one being protected, so if I were in his position…I think I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t save my friend.

“Why are you so stupid?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“You could have died.”


…I tried stroking his head at this point but I’m really disliked as expected. It was funny how he’s about to run out when I tried to stroke him.

By the way, I’m getting tired of this offense and defense of stroking his head. I think Hagasaki-kun should sleep, and it’s about time I leave…when I tried, I was caught by the hem of my skirt and fell.

“Where are you going?”

“Haven’t I explained it already?”

Ah, that reminds me that he’s still not feeling well. Is it bad that I didn’t stay with him? …I think I should ask Katori to take care of him.

“I understand from your memory. …you did something annoying.”

“That’s right. So?”

“Maybe it’s because you mixed the contents of the glass that I’m strangely uneasy.”


“It feels like a part of my life is separated.”

…ahh, ah, I see.

Because I added my life (temporary) to Hagasaki-kun’s life (temporary) and increased the amount, more than half of Hagasaki-kun’s life (temporary) is from me.

And so, my life (temporary) became the main part…that means, he’s strangely anxious because I’m away.

“Ah, sorry about that. However, I think Hagasaki-kun’s contents will increase over time and you wouldn’t feel so anxious anymore, so please bear with me.”

When I apologized, somehow…yeah, I was glared at with a very complicated expression.

“Ah, do you have something you want? Water or fruits. Anything, just tell me.”

“None! …I’m going to sleep, so get out.”

After that, he became angry and kicked me out.

…when I go to bed later, let’s secretly leave some water.

Now then…the next is this one.


When I issued the command, the maid dolls gathered while flapping their arms. Alright, everyone is here.

“Okay. …are there any children who can use skills?”

…the maid dolls looked at several of them all at once, and the maid dolls who saw them do that expressed, “Oh dear!” like they got found out. …it’s too easy to see on your face!

“Okay, this child, this child, and this child. Yep. …you know, I thought I told you guys to report it properly.”

When I said that while picking up the picked children to face level, they had a “because you’ll get angry this time” expression. …uhm, what did you guys do?

Looking at them, the maid dolls who can use skills reached from inside their collars…and pulled out a miniature dog tag.


“Uhm, where did you get this?”

Hearing that, they had faces like “Talking would take a long time, but if you want to listen, it’s a long story”, so I used [Share].

And shocking facts are revealed!

…uhm, to put it simply, it all started with a maid doll, that child who was fond of Katori.

It seems like she was jealous of the dog tag that we have.

And since we have the materials, let’s make them! And so, she seemed to have asked Katori, who had the [Metalworking] skill, with the materials.

…then, once made, engrave the name on it…and then she got a skill…

…yup. And that material is the box that came out of the belly of the big black snake that ate me.

A part of that box didn’t melt in the stomach, so he made a miniature dog tag from that…

Because that box was made of metal, it became Toriumu and Katori’s belongings.

If a dog tag can be made from it, they might have to think if there are other uses for that box.

Then there’s the name. Engraving the name led to the acquisition of skills.

So where did the name come from? Thinking about it, this is easy, it seems like Katori arbitrarily named her.

On the dog tag of the maid doll who was fond of Katori, it had [Tokoyo: Maid “Heal”] and that’s it.

Or rather, the dog tag was too small that it could only contain those letters.

“You are Tokoyo. Is that the name you got?”

When asked, [YES!] was all over her face.

Tokoyo…I wonder if it meant perpetual night (TN: possible kanji for Tokoyo) because this child has black hair. It’s a lot better than my naming sense.

…I’m sorry, Ketorami and Hunter.

Two other children had miniature dog tags and they’re called “Minamo” and “Sakura”.

These children had light blue and cherry-colored hair.

The occupation is also “Maid”, and the only skill they could use is [Heal].

I see, these kids can heal. For the time being, I stroked their three bodies and then told them to report it properly.

Then, I told Katori to report such a thing.

Apparently, he thought the maid dolls had my consent, so he apologized for that.

Well, after doing those things, it was time for lunch, so let’s prepare lunch.

…by the way, I remembered something scary.

…the lean tuna is still being pickled! Ahhhh, what should I do? The taste definitely went beyond already!

When I tried it, it was too salty as expected. This is terrible.

…is it possible to [Clean] only the salty taste? I thought so and tried it but too much disappeared, so I gave up the salt removal through [Clean] and decided to serve it with rice topped with grated yam. Yup, goodbye consciousness.

So today’s lunch is a donburi, miso soup, egg rolls, and pickles.

…thinking back on it, even if I don’t make enough for those sleeping, there are a lot who came from the study room. Considering that, the donburi might have been a good idea.

“Delicious, seriously delicious.”

“Tuna’s amazing.”

“Tuna’s delicious.”

Homura-kun and his party all had reactions like this. It’s one of the very grateful reactions for the creator.

“Eh, did you make this Maito-san? It’s amazing.”

“Seriously! Wow, awesome.”

While I was being shy from their praise, the two girls looked at me with a slightly unexpected look, so I wondered if something happened. When I looked back, they awkwardly turned away. What is it?

…by the way, the egg rolls are put on a plate with 3 people around each plate.

Then this happened.

Somehow, the two girls…Nagasawa-san and Tamaki-san stretched out chopsticks to the last egg roll at the same time, and they noticed each other. After a face-to-face silent exchange, Nagasawa-san divided the egg roll into two and they each had one. I saw how it all went down.

…these two don’t seem to have a good impression of the Chemistry Club, but for the time being, they’re silently eating their food deliciously.

And when the rice is finished, it was time to put away the dishes.

“Thank you for the meal.”

“Thank you for the meal.”

Nagasawa-san and Tamaki-san were polite, but after saying that, they left.

…hmm. I learned one thing so far.

People of this sort, whose hobby is different from my own, by default, compete with people of different values and placed them below. Without any reason why.

However, if the person they’re looking down on does something that can be measured with their measuring rod and is highly evaluated, for some reason…they’ll move that person from the bottom of the caste to another frame. In the end, it’s not the same as them or above them, but a separate level.

In this way, I have been treated like someone from a “separate frame” by some girls so far…it seems like Nagasawa-san and Tamaki-san also had this pattern this time. After this meal, their hits became much softer.

…conclusion. Rice is great.

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