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Now then. The hemming was finished while explaining its performance. I made bentos and when my work today is gone, everyone had gone to capture the North Wing west staircase.

And I saw them off without [Sharing] my vision with anyone. Now it’s time to clean Ketorami-san and take a nap!

Because Toriumi can use [Transfer], I don’t have to do anything that isn’t eco-friendly, such as [Sharing] anything. The work for maids is steadily decreasing…

Sometimes, I almost forget that I’m a maid…

And then, I took a nap. Of course, I slept on Ketorami-san. It’s a bit crazy to sleep in a lava field, so I [Transferred] to the Northeast 2F.

I’ve told everyone about this so they won’t misunderstand!

I was spoiled by Ketorami-san, so my vigilance is low and I immediately…huh? It’s kind of cold.

Perhaps there are changes in the four seasons of this world as well? I felt like this area should have a comfortable climate, but…it’s really cold.

Whatever the cause, it’s still cold, so I borrowed Ketorami’s tail and continued taking a nap. Good night.


I should have slept while thinking that it was cold, but I woke up because it was hot. What is this! There should be a limit to this abnormal weather!

[You’re the abnormal one!]

He seemed to have read the inside of my head since Ketorami-san hit my head with his tail. Mofu.

“…hey, Ketorami, this is?”

[Idiot, you caught a cold.]

A-a-a-as expected! It’s been a long time since I had a cold, so it took me a long time to notice it, and I ended up being called an idiot…

[See here, Hunter was crying when you did something ridiculous and said it’s flowing out again! It’s flowing! Maito is gone! He’s like a fly swarming at the beginning of summer right by your ear…]

Sorry about that. Hunter is currently taking a nap around my throat. When I said I was going to take a nap, it wrapped around my neck and refused to leave me.

Yeah, when I think about it, it said, [I told you to stop because Maito will be gone, but you did it again!] and was heckling me about it.

[I shouldn’t have to tell you about what Hunter’s been going on and on about, right? Know your limits.]

…going on and on about, those words are heavy. Yes.

“I’ll do my best…ah, I’m sorry, Ketorami-san’s tail…”

It’s getting cold again…Ketorami-san seemed to have read my mind again and lent me his tail as a blanket before I could finish.

At that time, Ketorami-san’s cool point was when he casually stroked my head with his tail. Ufufufu, thank you.


“Uwa, it talked!”

“Eh? Did it talk?”

I woke up because it was getting noisy. Did the guys come back?

[You idiots! You woke her up!]

Gau, Ketorami barked, unusually frustrated.

“Ketorami, what happened?”

Somehow, even when I didn’t turn my head, my vision is spinning for some reason, my throat and nose felt strange, and I’m feeling strange.

“Sorry, did I wake you up?”

“It’sh okay. Welcome back.”

If the guys are back, then I have to wake up. When I tried to get up, I was swiftly returned by a tail.



Incidentally, the tail struck my head.

“…it’s okay, but more importantly, Ketorami, what’s wrong with her?”

[It’s a cold.]

“Can an idiot catch a cold?”

Hey, somehow, there’s the mysterious sight of Suzumoto and Hagasaki having a conversation with Ketorami…ah, this is a dream. I see.

[Hey, Priest. Can’t you cure this guy?]

“Kariya, can you cure Maito’s cold?”

“That’s a little…I don’t think it can be cured. Sorry.”

It seems like he can revive an almost dead person but cannot cure a cold. Well, it can’t be helped. Not like it’s a fatal injury.

“If you’re fine with what I made, let’s give her some medicine.”

Suddenly, President came from the side and said something terrifying. I would like to refrain from it if possible. Various scents seem to be from ridiculous sources.

“…I wonder if it’s safe.”

“It’s okay. Maybe.”

M-maybe, that’s…I didn’t say I’m okay with it! I’m really anxious! Remarkably anxious! No way! Even if you call that medicine, I won’t take it!

After that, it seems that everyone talked a lot about things, but I didn’t really understand because I, who’s unworthy as a maid, fell asleep…not good.

When I woke up, my vision didn’t spin anymore.

I have some chills and some headaches, though. But I think I can move with just this. Alright.

When I raised my upper body to get up, something that seemed to be on my head slipped down, and I had a tail put me down again.

I wonder where that cute sound came from and found it’s from a plastic bag filled with water. …maybe this has ice in it? If so, it means that I wasted Hagasaki-kun’s mana. I’m sorry.

“Ketorami, it’s okay already.”

[Sleep a lot today.]

“I have to prepare dinner soon.”

[If that’s the case…it’s okay since those mini yous can move on their own, probably.]

…mini mes? Moving?

…ah, the maid dolls. Ah, right, yeah, then it’s okay…no, I’m worried as expected.

“As expected, I’ll take a look. Just a little! It’s really just for a little bit!”


The tail defended when I tried to get up.

D-damn it. I now don’t have the physical strength to sneak through this defense…no, I don’t have enough strength even before that! I can’t! Alright!


[Ah, this idiot!]

I intended to move inside the lab, but somehow, I was in front of the lab doors. That didn’t work. But whatever. Before Ketorami-san caught up, I hurriedly opened the door and went inside.

As expected, the maid dolls were moving around to cook rice and make miso soup.

But…where are the side dishes? Do I have to make this?

“Ah, Maito-san, are you okay?”

When I was called and looked back, President was standing with a flask containing a liquid of a strange color.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

I only have some chills and headaches. So I don’t need any medicine.

“President, this guy doesn’t seem to be okay, so pull it out.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Please take the medicine.”

President, who disregarded my words and had a conversation with Hagasaki-kun, came out with a flask containing a liquid I didn’t know.

“Don’t want it.”

“Now don’t say that.”

No, because it obviously has a strange color! Why does that liquid have such a mysterious luster! Is that really medicine!? Isn’t that poison!?

“Believe me, it’s not poisonous, maybe.”

That Maybe again!

“That, even if it’s medicine, it definitely doesn’t taste good, right?”

“Yeah, it doesn’t. As far as I saw from Kadomi-kun’s reaction when he tested for poison.”

You can’t laugh at the poison tester just because it doesn’t taste good! That’s poisonous enough already!

“So, please drink. I made it.”

Although it’s a good idea, I’ll refuse. I’m scared of your smile.

…okay, let’s run away. Let’s [Transfer].

When I thought so, someone grabbed something from the back of my head, and the [Transfer] failed.

…I checked my hair and the hairclip was gone.

Looking around, there was someone with the hairclip in his hand. Moreover, with a V sign and a radiant smile.

Damn, this assassinnnnnn!

“Now then.”

And while being distracted by the hairclip, President signaled and I was taken down from behind by Katori who sprang forward from somewhere! Not good! This is President’s trap!

However, a maid like me is two steps ahead!

I vigorously stretched out and head butted on Katori’s chin, then pretended to rush forward in a panic. Utilizing the momentum, I turned to the right at an acute angle. Kariya, who approached, hesitates and I rushed towards the window…but when I tried, Suzumoto, who seemed three steps ahead, came down from above and restrained me. …I didn’t think he’d come from above…

“Quietly take your medicine and sleep.”

Moreover, I was thoroughly restrained on the floor.

“Yes, here’s the medicine.”

And a poison was in front of me.

“It’s medicine.”

President approached with a crazy smile. It’s just a matter of not opening my mouth! Having come this far, you should understand this!

“As expected, you’re doing this. It’d be bad if Maito-san is like this. Suzumoto, please.”

“Maito, sorry.”

As soon as Suzumoto said that, he pinched my nose.

…I did my best for a while, but the moment I opened my mouth to breathe, the mouth of the flask was thrust into my mouth…

I drank it. Somehow, I drank it. The taste is…right, it tasted like ink, cacao that’s 99% chocolate, dried persimmons mixed with stinky chemicals and divided by two. No, it’s by 3 instead of 2.

When I took the medicine, I became sleepy. I think they considered the dose. Moreover, my body is paralyzed. It felt like I have two layers of clothes instead of one. As expected, this is poison!

And I was carried like that and returned to Ketorami-san’s belly.

[…hey? Just sleep quietly.]

…so unreasonable. Uu, I feel kindness from the tail that’s stroking me.

…however, I somehow don’t want to. Is this really a good place to rest?

Maybe I’m in good shape because I could do a little more recently. This should be good. But I want to do more things. I can’t catch up with the things they can do. This isn’t enough, I should do more…


…it seems like I accidentally fell asleep, so when I woke up, the moon was about to set. I can’t climb up and rather, sank in place. Somehow, the sun is rising. …uwaaaaahhh! This is not the time to enjoy the sunrise, I’m disqualified as a maid!

However, thanks to this, it seems like my body has completely returned to its original condition. I’ll make breakfast then.

When I entered the lab, the maid dolls were sleeping on top of each other.

These children did their best yesterday, too. Let’s think about something to thank them later.

…huh? Originally, these children should have been dolls I was operating…

Along the way, I’ve begun treating them as intelligent life forms…?

…however, it’s strange that when I look at the sleeping faces of these maid dolls, I thought that kind of thing doesn’t really matter.

For breakfast, let’s go with a rice menu, so there’s rice, miso soup, omelet, and lightly pickled vegetables.

Yeah, come to think of it, yesterday’s dinner was made by these maid dolls. Did they make side dishes after that? Or was it really just rice and miso soup…?

By the time breakfast was ready, everyone had woken up.

“Maito, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine now. It’s all right. …thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.”

Because of me, their departure was delayed and they put in extra work, Kadomi also became a poison tester. So I bowed my head properly.

“Don’t worry about it. …it seems like I and Hagasaki are partly to blame for your cold.”

“I don’t care, but say something before falling. Otherwise, it’s annoying.”

On the contrary, it seems like you really care a lot.

Yeah, thank you very much. From now on, I’ll do my best to repay your care.

“By the way, I’m happy because I was able to make a new drug and even carry out clinical trials.”

President had a big crazy smile.

“I…it was right on the mark…unpleasant…”

Kadomi had distant eyes. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me.


Maid Chapter 072
Maid Chapter 074

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