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Even when the departure was pushed back for half a day, it seemed like everyone successfully captured the West staircase in the North Wing, so we’ll go out to explore the Northwest area on 2F. Every one of us.

…that’s what I thought, but everyone should have started exploring the Northwest area on 2F yesterday. Unless they’re doing stupid things like using Ketorami-san as a futon!

Ketorami-san served as my futon, so they can’t use the Ketorami-riding method and the search was also stopped. I’m really such a waste!

Also, it seems like they finished distributing the equipment while I was sleeping.

Suzumoto found a kimono, but it only had [Water Resistance], so he’s still wearing the usual phoenix kimono. He said he didn’t like it, but he’s still wearing it! …yeah, sorry.

Hagasaki-kun had a milky white drop-shaped stone decoration hanging on his wand that looked like a light blue crystal decorated with some silver.

It seems like the pendant attached an [Increased Magic Effect] to the wand.

As for President…nothing changed, but…somehow, he got a new poison, so, for a moment, I couldn’t help being frightened.

Kadomi changed a lot. The armor had been redesigned and is more stylish. His appearance with his cloak flapping in the wind was just like a knight! …it seems like the performance can be better so let’s remake the cloak later. Let’s think about it.

Also, Hariu changed some of his light armor and then increased the number of throwing weapons. The dagger remains as his main weapon.

I should make some armor later, so let’s think about it.

Katori is…terrible! It’s terrible! It’s too terrible, so I’ll explain it later!

Toriumi changed his shield. It’s gotten bigger and bigger, becoming a wall in both name and appearance.

Kariya changed a lot. He started to wear light armor on top of his priest clothes. It looks like chainmail. I think the defense power has increased considerably.

So, regarding Katori who I skipped, the transformation of this one is even more amazing. It’s to the extent that he changed his profession.

“I finally got all the parts for my whole body, so I got a full-body equipment, see?”

I see, that’s good.

…this guy finally prepared all the parts for the whole body by making full use of his manufacturing and remodeling skills. As a result of equipping all of it, his whole body was covered with a powered suit. He looked like a robot from the outside.

And it seems like his profession really changed. [Musketeer] is now [Mechanical Warrior]. …finally, the second job changer came out, but I’m still a maid.

Yes. I’m depressed but I’m fine. Yes.

[Mechanical Warrior] sounded strong. He’s originally the one with the highest single-shot firepower, but now, it’s on a whole other level. Some aspects are suitable for genocide, but him being able to focus on one point is his strength.

Katori had become a laser weapon with such a terrifying technology.

I was wondering if I should secretly call him God’s Giant Soldier, but I stopped. It’s too soon, and I’d be depressed calling it out.

And so, the Northwest 2F had strong monsters.

Our club’s Giant Soldier…that’s not it, became the sole place for [Mechanical Warrior] and it’s decided to proceed while burning off the oncoming monsters.

…uhm. For the matter of not riding Ketorami…I have no choice but to say that they couldn’t.

The reason is that Ketorami-san might not afraid of the monsters around here, but there are many of them. That’s why traveling while riding the running Ketorami made them hesitate.

And although there are not that many right now, these monsters are still strong.

At least, I can’t even win on a one-on-one fight. (I don’t think it’s a good idea to use me as a battle indicator, but at least, if you’re a human without correction, you’re the first person they’re going to target.)

Sadly, the monsters around here moved too fast for me.

By the time I noticed, a light green bat had appeared behind me and I was bitten on the neck. Moreover, my blood was sucked.

…change of topic here, but is blood delicious? I feel like I want to catch the light green bat and [Share] to hear what it thought. Immediately after being bitten and sucked, nothing else happened thanks to Suzumoto, who came at an invisible speed and smashed the bat with a single flash of his sword.

…well, I talked about it leisurely, but it seemed like the bones on my neck were visible, so I was seriously injured. According to what Hagasaki-kun said.

And it didn’t matter because I have [Poison Resistance], but it seemed like it was poisonous.

When this bat bit another monster, it bled as much as possible before melting.

What a super splatter image. I wish I didn’t see it, but it was too late.

Only President was pleased with this. Or rather, don’t feel happy, you!

Then we marched leisurely (at a considerable speed), and ate lunch on the way. And then continue until the sun went down…we found something like a music room.

I knocked on the door for the time being, but there was no reply.

No one responded even when I waited.

There’s also no sign of other people.

…is there no one inside? When I tried to open the door, it was locked. …not good.

When I turned to the window and looked inside the one with no curtains, there were no people. I called out as many times as I could, but no one responded. However, all the windows were also locked.

…this is a closed room!

“How did this happen?”

“Ah…you see, when I fell to this world, there was no one in this classroom, and it was locked…”

…this should be the Chorus Club room, but we don’t know anyone in the Chorus Club, so we don’t know when the Chorus Club activities would happen. Therefore, we don’t know how to check that hypothesis.

“Did they die and faded?”

“President, don’t say something so auspicious…”

For example…I don’t want to think about it, but if they died, it’s strange that there aren’t any signs of corpses remaining.

“Well, whatever. Just enter.”

And Hariu opened the door all the way inside…hn?

“Wait, wasn’t it locked before?”

“Ah, I picked the lock.”

…why didn’t you change your job from assassin to thief?

For the time being, everyone went into the music room, but as expected, there was no one. And so, we immediately looked for the jewel in this classroom. …I found it right away.


“Here it is.”

“It’s here.”

…hn? Everyone who spoke has a jewel. But I also have one.

Erm, what’s happening? I wonder if three are fake and one is real. Well, whatever. [Appraisal].

[Yuka Hirano: Cause of Death “Starvation”]

This is.

When I looked up, President and Kariya looked at two jewels with similarly grim faces.

“…oi, what’s wrong? Explain.”

Suzumoto asked for an explanation, but I don’t know how to explain this.

“…this is…a grave marker, maybe. It has a name and cause of death.”

When President finally squeezed that out, all those who can’t use [Appraisal] had the same grim expressions, and no one could speak for a while.

“There must be more than three Chorus Club members. Let’s search in this area.”

Suzumoto finally voiced out and decided our plan for tomorrow.

If I remember correctly, rumors said that the Chorus Club barely joined Group A in a chorus contest.

Group A of the chorus contest for the High School Division should have 8 or more people. Even if the teacher is the conductor, I think someone should be playing the accompaniment, so there are 9 people.

…there must have been at least 6 more people.

When I looked around the room, there were no other jewels or people, so they must be outside.

“For now, let’s all take a rest today. We’ll start searching tomorrow.”

Suzumoto commanded and all of us left the music room and entered the expanded lab.

…I’m the only one who cooks in the lab, but somehow, everyone wanted to be together.

As soon as they sat in the place they wanted, they blankly waited for the meal.

I also cooked absent-mindedly, so I can’t remember what I made. And so, I ate with everyone in that vague manner, and don’t remember what I ate.

Everyone finished eating without talking, and I cleaned all of them with [Cleaning]. Though it was a little early, they all went to bed.

I decided to go to bed after cleaning up, but I can’t sleep.

I can’t sleep because I kept thinking about it.

Because there are so many monsters outside, it’s dangerous to sleep outside even with Ketorami, so today, I was lonely and sleeping on a futon.

…the maid dolls might have read the atmosphere and are sleeping on their own futons (by the time I noticed, it looks like they made their own maid doll-sized futons and lined them up on the shelves) and didn’t come near.

Hunter isn’t here because he went to have dinner with Ketorami-san.

When I came to, I was knocking on the door of the Chemistry Lecture Room.

A while after knocking, the door opened and Suzumoto greeted me with a slightly surprised face.

“What’s up?”

“Can I sleep here today? Is there enough space?”

Suzumoto instantly made a face like he wanted to say something, but then stopped.

“Huh, Maito-san, what happened?”

“I want to sleep here only for today.”

The others wondered for a moment, then immediately moved their futons to make room for me.

I laid my futon in the opened space and laid down.

The others also laid down on their own. It’s not like they’re talking about anything, so it’s quiet. However, having people nearby is more reassuring than expected.

…this time, I feel like I could sleep without thinking too much. Good night.

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