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Yes, good morning.

I felt something heavy when I woke up. When I looked, Hariu, who seemed to have bad sleeping habits, is using my stomach as a pillow. How did that happen? I slept by the wall and Hagasaki-kun is next to me. It seems like Hariu went over Hagasaki-kun and rolled to my side. Just what kind of sleeping posture is this!

I wonder if this sleeping habit has corrections and got strengthened in this different world, which would be annoying.

However, I can’t stand to wake him up after seeing him sleeping so happily.

I gently pulled out my body so that I wouldn’t wake him up, and put a pillow in my place. He seemed to notice that his sleeping comfort had changed since he groaned.

But I didn’t care. I left to prepare the meal.

When I checked the food stock, neither meat nor fish was reduced. Apparently, they went vegan last night.

Well, maybe they just didn’t feel like having animal protein.

So when I went to prepare breakfast, the maid dolls already cooked the rice for me.

As soon as I entered the lab, everyone saluted. It seemed like these children cared for those guys. Thank you.

Also, I thought I should serve miso soup and omelet today, so I quickly finished preparing breakfast. By the time they got up, I’d taken a closer look at yesterday’s jewels.

It’s one size smaller than the classroom jewel and has different shapes.

The [Yuka Hirano] I found is a plump triangle. The last two are a hexagonal prism and a circle.

It seems like the cause of death for all three was starvation. …maybe they were three people like me who had no fighting power. Their friends should have gone to get food but didn’t come back, so they starved to death.

It’s also what might have happened to me. In my case, everyone has fighting power, and I’m alive because they came back without abandoning me.

Somehow, I found them so pitiful that I decided to serve rice, miso soup, and omelet in front of the jewels. It’s my sentiment.

Everyone’s up, so I started serving breakfast.

The air is lighter than yesterday. That’s good, they can’t do anything if they’re not fine.

Today, we decided to explore this area to find other jewels that might exist.

Toriumi’s [Sense] is useful here. It seems like it’s used to search for monsters that attack, but it can also be used to search for specific things.

So today, Toriumi will use [Sense] and walk around here to search for jewels.

As for me, I’d be surprised if I’m useful in such cases, so I’ll just quietly make the armor.

For the time being, all fabric products that seem to have poor performance should be remade.

There are still a lot of scales, so I’ll dye it with these.

The tragedy was that all cloaks, innerwear, and other things that seem to have poor performance became either black or scarlet. They’d look like a suspicious group, but it can’t be helped. Better than dying, better than dying.

Then, strengthen the equipment for everyone to the limit, and when the limit per cloth area is reached, use a cloth with another effect…as I did this, it got quite a performance. It’s not afraid of fire, heat, or magic anymore!

And the last is me. Now that I have the black dye, I think it’s time for a new maid outfit.

Apart from the maid clothes I originally wore, I made one maid outfit, so now, I’ll make the strongest maid outfit.

I don’t like red lining, but it can’t be helped. Now I can even jump into the magma!

And it turned out that if I embroidered the laurel-dyed long pannier with black snake thread, it will have [Maximum MP Increase (medium)]. Combined with the [Maximum MP 1.5 Times], my MP has increased. It has increased greatly. Ufufu.

Then, change the underwear. Well, it was originally white, so I thought I might as well dye it.

However, the scales of the great black snake and the dragon scales have reached the limit of effect per cloth area with only the maid clothes, so I wondered if I should do it differently. If I get another good dye, let’s use it.

It was afternoon when they came back. They brought back four jewels whose name and cause of death are displayed in [Appraisal]. There should at least be two more, so the search is still going on.

“All four fell to the South from here. Since the cause of death was blood loss or hemorrhagic shock, it’s reasonable to think they fought with a monster.”

For some reason, they handed it over to me, so I received them and decided to keep it with the other three. Each jewel is very beautiful which is very sad.

“If we go South like this, there should be a multipurpose hall, so we might join the Brass Band.”

As soon as they joined, they’d come back here with a [Transfer] and I would move too.

Lunch was a Negi toro don. They equipped the armor I remade and I made some adjustments. When that’s over, they started searching again.

Then I’m free again.

I also have to make clothes to fund Sagara-kun and the others. But rather than that, I’d like to talk to [Alive Grimoire]-san for a moment, so let’s get a little work done.

I immediately head-butted the book and [Shared].

[Ohh, did you get the answer?]

Answer…ahh, there was also that. [A person who is familiar with the answer to the question, “will the temple return us to the original world when we erase the cause?”]

…I don’t know yet. Somehow, I don’t know many people in this world, so hn, hnnn…eei, sorry but let’s put it on hold!

“I don’t know that yet, but I have something to talk about.”

[Mu? I thought you’d understand right away, but…what do you want to talk about?]

“Uhm, it’s like this. I found a grave marker. From us, otherworlders.”

When I recalled it, it feels unrealistic but heavy.

That feeling that I almost regretted [Appraising] it at that moment.

This world is quite convenient for us, but it’s not convenient until the very end, so it felt like being hit in the head.

[Nu? Grave marker? …ahh, maybe it looks like a jewel?]

“Eh, isn’t it a grave marker?”

[What, that’s not a grave marker. …don’t look so sad. …hmm, where should I start talking?]

…uhm. Let me see. Please wait a moment.

“Uhm, I’ll check just in case, but that jewel doesn’t mean that they’re dead…right?”

[They died, that’s for sure.]

So they’re dead. Damn, I was too optimistic…

[If you mean dying as in they ran out of life. …hm, so let’s start from there. First of all, is death the end for you?]

“Uhm…maybe it depends on the person. Some people say that it’s over when they die, some people say that even if they die, they’re reborn in a different way, and some people say that dying is the beginning.”

Especially in Japan where the beliefs are quite messy.

[Hou? That’s kind of interesting…no, I’m talking about this world. In this world, your death means a return to this world.]

…ah, sorry. Now I have a picture of 100% concentrated juice in my head. Please continue.

[As I said before, you otherworlders have high magical powers which is unusual for this world, but if that otherworlder dies in this world…meaning, when they run out of life, their body becomes magical power and become part of the magical power that makes up this world.]

Somehow, it sounds bad. I definitely don’t want to be part of this world.

[But you are too foreign to this world. Especially…how should I say it…hmm, yes, you should be called vessels with life in it…ahh, it’s a conceptual thing that’s different from the physical body. Right, that vessel alone cannot be crushed by anything in this world. The thing that remains after the body and life have been removed is what you call that “jewel-like” thing.]

Vessel. …that one? The glass that I saw when I did a strange [Share] with Hagasaki-kun and Suzumoto-kun?

“Then, if you add life to that vessel.”

[You won’t be able to add it. How can you add life when there is no physical body? …why, do you want to revive that dead compatriot?]


Well, if they can come back to life, then I want to do that.

[You’re really… unfortunately, I have to say that it’s impossible. First of all, it will take a huge amount of magical power to remake the body. It’s not just a half-baked amount. Well, if it’s just here, I feel like you’ll be able to do something even though you won’t understand… more than that, it’s death, not life, that fills the vessel of the dead. There’s no way to get rid of it. As long as there is some life left, death will gradually be expelled and life will fill it up again, but there’s none at all. And finally, even if it were possible, the life that could fill the vessel of the dead is limited. The life of an otherworlder will have to satisfy the life of another otherworlder since they’re similar in form. In the end, you’ll have to kill the living to revive the dead.]

“Can’t I pay in installments for that life?”

[…wait, what do you mean pay in installments… no way, you’re trying to revive the dead with your own life!? Stop it, to move the vessel that stopped working once again will never come true with such a half-hearted way of dividing life. And there’s no guarantee that the dead can accept your life.]

I see… Yeah, but there’s a way to do it.

If we gathered more magical power and those other things, and then, uhh…get rid of that death or something…then if I give it my life…will it increase? Uhm, no, if it increased.

If it increased…it means that they can be revived.

“Hn. Alright. Thank you. I’ll do my best.”

[Don’t do your best! Give up! I’ll destroy myself! If you perish, the person I talked to-]

There, the letters stopped, and then the words [if you perish, the person I talked to-] disappeared.

[Don’t do your best! Give up! I’ll destroy myself! Thou shalt know thy limits!]

And changed to that.

…b-but it’s useless since I’ve already seen it! Even if you changed it! When I involuntarily laughed, some characters started to flutter and the page turned over.

[I will not imitate you since it’s akin to shaving oneself.]

When I thought it’s been a while since I saw it flustered, that mysterious light emission started and I was sent back.

…yeah, somehow…I came out fine.

For the time being, even if it’s practically impossible to revive them, it’s theoretically possible…the fact that it seems to be within reach made me quite energetic.

This world is a different world.

I wonder if I can do whatever I want.

Until now, I’ve been treating Ketorami as a guard dog, I’m able to do needlework at an incomprehensible speed, and I’m able to [Clean] various things by completely erasing them.

Some people are more suited to those things than I am. But if I so wished, I can collect enormous magical power and other stuff, I can get rid of the death that fills the vessel and I can divide my life, so someone else should also be able to do it.

Therefore, we will try our best to live and approach that possibility as much as possible.

Don’t hesitate to revive these dead people! Let’s go rationally!

If we do our best, the dead might come back to life, no, they’ll come back to life! Then I have one thing to do right now!

…Preparation for dinner. Yes.

Because food is great… It’s not because I can only do that…

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