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When I got some potatoes, I wanted to eat them as is, but I’ll make something I haven’t made before. Yes, croquettes. You have to use oil, bread crumbs, and other precious things. The heating process also includes frying the meat, steaming the potato, then deep-frying it. It’s a super-fuel-eating dish with three stages.

But now I can get most of the ingredients and the fuel is my MP so it’s okay.

Therefore, we will make croquettes by making a machine that makes croquettes.


It’d be difficult to make croquettes alone.

So it’s easier to divide the labor between the person who shapes it, the person who puts it in flour, the person who puts it in the egg mixture, and the person who puts it in bread crumbs.

That’s why I mobilized the maid dolls. It’s nice to have manpower at such times. People should have dolls.

It seemed like all the maid dolls got miniature dog tags and each one received a skill, all magic-related. All in one word and in katakana.

The most common is [Heal]. This skill can heal injuries.

The next most popular is [Petite Wind]. It’s an unfamiliar skill where a normal strength wind blows in a limited range, but it looks like the light maid dolls can ride on this and fly faster.

Other than that, [Petite Fire], [Petite Ice], and such petite magic are available.

…apart from that, I feel like it didn’t have to add the word petite. As expected, is it necessary because they’re small?


Everyone returned when the croquette was just ready to be fried.

“Welcome back, today we’ll have croquettes.”

“We’re back. It became a little troublesome.”


“Well whatever, is it okay to eat first? I also got information after talking to [Alive Grimoire]-san for a while.”

They said it’s fine, so let’s fry the croquettes quickly.

The croquettes were well received. We should eat it periodically, this croquette.

And I listened to everyone’s report while eating.

“We found the Brass Band. With Ketorami, it’s a short distance to the South from here. We arrived in less than 10 minutes.”


“They’re really united. It seemed like three people from the Chorus Club went there, but they were turned away. We found three jewels that seemed to be those three.”

President gently pulled it out of his pocket, wrapped in a cloth, and put it on the desk.

“Then, we talked about collecting classrooms, but…they don’t seem to want to cooperate. They said they wouldn’t give us the Multipurpose Hall. …or rather, they don’t seem to know that they can move the classroom. I didn’t tell them how because they didn’t ask.”

Uwaa, what’s with that…yup, actually, I already expected it.

“Why? It’s better for them to cooperate and quickly collect the classrooms so that we can go home sooner. I don’’t understand, what’s with their exclusive atmosphere?”

“Ah, that’s what I thought too. It was like an army, that Brass Band Club.”

…I don’t think I understand, but yeah, I can imagine it. Somehow, I can.

Many people joined our high school Brass Band Club. There should be an audition to decide who’ll participate in the A section of the Brass Band Club competition, so their members should exceed 60 people.

And for them to unite with that number of people…I mean, you know, it’d have a unique atmosphere and a unique rule would be set up. That’s why they’re so united.

Then, when the situation…becomes a very harsh different world…that atmosphere would…become exclusive.

They’d become unrivaled in strength because of their unity, and also very exclusive.

And as a result of doing that, the people from the Chorus Club died.

…yeah, temporarily, that is.

Of course, I can’t say that we should help others under these circumstances.

We’re just sticking to our policy of helping unless they’re hostile from the very beginning, and that’s because we (except for me) can do it. That’s all there is to it.

…but. If you don’t have the ability.

“For the time being, did you check if the people from the Brass Band have skills?”

“I can guess. They had it but almost everyone only have three at most. Seems like the correction is also very small. Also, only the manager and vice leader had double-digit skills and had a large correction.”


Let’s recap here.

First, Kadomi-kun.

Kadomi-kun was a [Knight] from the moment he was dropped into this world.

Probably because he started from a room that’s very inconvenient to use as a fortress or a residence, such as a toilet, and alone. I wonder if there’s a bonus pack for that so that he moved up one level.

Next, I don’t want to remember him, but Fukuyama-kun. He’s probably a [Knight] or something like that.

Alone in the corridor…in other words, starting from the river. I think this also helps to support the hypothesis that if you start from a disadvantageous situation, you will get a bonus.

What can be said from these two cases is that the strength of the correction and job might change depending on the starting point and the number of people at the starting point.

Then. With more than 60 people and starting with a very large and sturdy hall, I think they’ll have the opposite correction from Kadomi-kun and Fukuyama-kun.

In other words, weakening. No, it’s a bit strange to say that. If we set the standard to the original, they’d still be strengthened but to a very low degree.


…this is a different world. As I said many times, this is a different world.

It’s a different world where you can use magic, you don’t understand the rules, and monsters are messing around.

In such a situation, each one is not so strong, but the number of people is very large, so their survival strategy can only be “unity”.

And I don’t think I can blame them when they got rid of the Chorus Club members for the sake of their “unity” which they used to survive.

Not to mention, if the people in the Chorus Club had higher stats, they’d become the target of fear.

Classmates who are in the same position as them, but have an overwhelming difference in power.

And this is a different world. They don’t know what to do. If there is an overwhelming power difference, it might be possible to treat the more than 60 people like slaves.

If that’s the case…even if they’re kicked out and died as a result…or even if they have the intention of emergency evacuation…but in the first place, it’s hard to have decent judgment under such circumstances.

Yup. Well, that kind of thing.

In other words, I can’t blame them for that kind of thing.

“And then. As soon as they realized we’re much stronger than their leaders, they attacked us in groups, so President made a clay wall for the time being…and we ran away.”

Yeah, let’s say it again.

We have a policy of helping unless they’re hostile from the beginning. Unless they’re hostile.

…yeah, well, the other side didn’t seem to want to get involved either. It’s unlike with Minehara-san from before where if we don’t defeat the other side, we’ll be in danger. So this time, I wonder if we should just leave without minding the other. Of course, if we’re chased, we’ll think about it then.


“Then, maybe I should be next.”

I briefly explained the story I heard from [Alive Grimoire]-san. Somehow, I mixed my interpretation, so I’ll annotate that part each time.

“…so? Are you trying to do something like you did with me and Suzumoto and bring the chorus club members back to life?”

Hagasaki-kun made a disgusted face. Yeah, I lost a lot of things for you.

“No, I’m not martyr enough to do it for people I don’t even know. …no, this might sound strange, but I’m thinking of something like a donation.”

In other words, if there’s another person who can [Share] other than me, cooperate with that person and have a lot of people share their lives little by little, so you can pour it little by little and make enough for one person. I wonder if that’s possible.

“He~y, I don’t really understand, but is life such a simple thing?”

Hariu held his head for a while, but I also don’t know.

“I don’t know, but that seemed to be the case in this world, sorry.”

Well, this is a different world, and I think it’s okay to have something like this. I mean, if that’s not the case, I won’t think we can do it.

“Then, do you mean that if you have a huge amount of magical power and a way to clean a vessel full of foreign substances, and as long as you have life, they can come back to life?”

“That’s right, according to [Alive Grimoire]-san.”

I think it’s credible. I still don’t know what that book is, though.

…no, what is that book really? I’ll ask when I go to talk next time. I have to focus here.


“Ah, I forgot to say that my job changed. It’s now [Samurai].”

And suddenly, Suzumoto said this. I thought I’d spit out my tea. Stop it!

“Mine changed too…I’m now a [Mad Scientist].”

President…went mad, finally.


Hariu changed from an assassin to a ninja. …are you a spy now?

Come to think of it. This is the second time, so there are now four people, including Katori, who changed jobs, right? But as expected, I’m still a maid…hn?


A-ah…uhm, okay. This is probably a dream.

“Tokoyo! Pinch my face!”

When I asked Tokoyo, she immediately flew up and pinched me with her fluffy hands. Yeah, it doesn’t hurt much, but I finally felt like this is not a dream.

“…ooh, that’s good, Maito.”

Suzumoto looked into my dog tag and wryly smiled. When the others looked, they showed “ahh, as expected” expressions.

Yup. …yup. Uhm, that’s right. One character has been added to the dog tag.

[Maid] has become [Head Maid].

…I did it! I’m the [Head Maid]! Hurray for my maid escape!

Somehow, this seemed related to the fact that all the maid dolls have miniature dog tags.

Fufufu, but I’m sure that my strength has improved! Because it’s a [Head], you know? [Head]. Something must have changed! Then let’s experiment!

“Suzumoto! Please give a straight right! I will avoid you brilliantly!”

“Then, I won’t hesitate.”

Won’t hesitate. I was beaten the moment I heard that.

…no, I can’t see it. I still can’t see it.

Even after checking the dog tag…I didn’t gain any particular skills.

…uhm, did I really change jobs?


In conclusion, although I became a [Head Maid], my own correction didn’t especially change. I still have no offensive power, my defensive power is paper, and my agility is still reasonable.

W-why did this happen! Return my short-lived elation!


…but even though my own correction didn’t change, there are two clearly different skills.

The first is [Share]. I think this was originally such a skill. And the usage so far was strange.

But with the maid dolls, I can share visual, auditory, thoughts, memories, and so on even if I don’t touch them or they’re far away.

If I use this method, I can become the command tower of the maid dolls.

In other words, this skill, [Head Maid], was probably only possible after having [Maids].

…if so, please make me a [Head Maid] earlier, dog tag-san!


Then the second one.

This is…[Cleaning]. Obviously, MP consumption has decreased and the range of effect became wider.

Now, I can clean Ketorami-san’s whole body with just three waves of a normal-sized duster.

However, the image of the object to be erased is still difficult, and when I erased the ground instead of cleaning it, it ate a lot of MP.

In other words, I don’t know if it’s the mass or volume of the object to be erased, but my MP consumption is proportional to it. Even so, I think it decreased considerably.


If I were to fight from now on, I think the key would be the cooperation between [Cleaning], which has expanded the range of effects, and the maid dolls.

Even so, the fighting power of the maid dolls isn’t that good…

I thought it would be good to strengthen the maid dolls, so I asked Katori to make armor for the maid dolls with a thin metal plate, but the moment I equipped it, it seemed to be out of the [Maid] category and it stopped moving. It did. The same was true if I gave them a weapon.

…a-as long as they can be my ears and eyes over a long distance, I think it’s good!

Maybe I’ll be useful from now on…you won’t know. Yup. Probably. Maybe.

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