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And it’s morning when I woke up. Good morning.

By the way, the maid dolls are still sleeping.

I was promoted from a maid to a Head Maid, but I have no intention of changing anything, so I’ll go with the flow as always.


Breakfast is bread. However, the bread stock is about to run out, so I need to bake some.

And in such cases, making a large amount all at once will be easier later, so I make a large amount every time.

It’s easier to have maid dolls for this, so I’m sorry for stopping your sleep, but I’d like you to get up and help me.

…if the maid dolls knead the dough, it’ll be a whole-body exercise…though it only looks like they’re playing with the bread dough. The maid dolls are really serious, though.


Everyone got up just when the bread was baked, so it’s breakfast time.

Breakfast was freshly baked bread, bacon, omelet, and vegetable salad! As expected, eating breakfast is a good idea!

…well, you know? Before all this, I was the only one who ate a lot in the morning.

Everyone seemed to stay up late, so they couldn’t eat much every morning.

However, after living in a different world, we had to keep early hours and get up early. So inevitably, if they can’t have breakfast, they won’t have it until noon. Furthermore, everyone is doing physical labor every day, so the calories burned are great…

Yup. It’s good to be healthy!


“Yesterday, somehow, it can’t be helped, but, what about the Multipurpose Hall?”

The Brass Band is still occupying it. Yeah, certainly, we can’t go home without the Multipurpose Hall. Even if we give up reconciliation with the Brass Band, we still want the hall. However, the other side had no intention of giving it to us.

“Uhm, did you explain how we can go home?”

“I did. But they didn’t want to listen.”

Nuu, are they so desperate to survive that they can’t afford to look around? They might be living on the edge so they won’t be able to unite if the situation changed even a little.

“We can do it if we just grab it and run, but if we do that, they’ll die.”

Well, that’s right. They can’t survive if their base residence suddenly disappeared in this strange world.

“I think it would be good to relocate the people of the Brass Band.”

Ne. No matter how you think about it, the hall isn’t good at functioning as a living space.

“But, if you say something like moving to those guys, or rather, as long as we go the other side of the clay wall, they’ll attack again, you know?”

Right. Even if we go and negotiate for them to move, they have no intention to listen.

“Then, why don’t we make them move on their initiative?”



According to President. They happened to pass by a natural fortress which was very comfortable, so, they decided to move. I’d be very happy if something like that happens.

In other words, we prepare a house that they’d see and make them move there! So he says.


“After all, I think they have to rely on hunting for food even if their fighting power is low.”

President continued to explain while writing various things on the map.

“There are almost no fruit-bearing trees inside this circle centered on the Multipurpose Hall, but there are still fruit-bearing trees outside of it. Therefore, their range of action is from here inwards. And so, if we want to prepare a house, it should be outside the circle. It’d be difficult to tell whether it was originally there, or it was new.”

As expected of President.

He seemed to already know the geography around here. How scary.

“I see. So, how do we get them there?”

“It’s easy. Cut all the fruit trees on the outside on this side. Then, if Maito-san grew fruit trees in the direction we want them to go, they will have no choice but to go there.”

O-Ouu, me!?

…ah, I can do that. Hanamura-san gave me the [Sprouting] and [Growth] skills after all.

However, in my case, I can’t grow plants inexhaustibly. I need some seeds, seedlings, and some plants to grow them…but I can get such things as much as I want after cutting all the fruit trees outside the circle.

“It’s also a good idea to guide the river and narrow their range of action.”

“Can you do it?”

“Hagasaki-kun, is it possible?”

“I won’t know until I try, right? I’ve gotten used to magic.”

N-no way!? You guys can already do flood control!? What a scary thing!

“Then, if we wipe out the monsters around here, it’ll be easier for them to act. …this is a double-edged sword because it can reduce their food. Another option is to change the terrain to create an area where monsters can’t enter.”

…yup. Brave. Be brave, me.

…I’m glad President is on my side!


So, we all decided on a place to make a house and moved there. And while being on Ketorami’s back, I [Shared] all the maid dolls’ sights and did something like a surveillance camera control room operator, working to search for enemies.

I can only do that much! But now, I can see behind myself. So I wouldn’t be caught unawares, maybe.


“Should be around here. Then, President, please.”

“Yes. [Earth Wall]!”

And the President made a slightly distorted circle about 1 km in diameter…in other words, making a rock wall like it’s natural. For the time being, we tried to prevent monsters from entering this area.

“Then, we’ll wipe out the monsters that remain inside. President and Maito should make the house in this area.”

And while everyone else went out, President started building a house by applying the [Earth Wall] skill. Whether it’s a clay wall, a brick wall, or something of the sort.

As for me, I took out the seeds from the fruits that came from all over the place and buried them in the ground with the maid dolls at intervals…

[Sprout]! The seeds sprouted with a ponpon.

Then use [Growth] to grow the sprouts one after another to make a big tree!

If it grows like this and becomes like a certain large camphor tree, it becomes difficult to collect the fruits, so I didn’t try to grow it like a certain one, though.

I didn’t, but after growing a tree with the maid dolls, everyone ran around and shouted something like this!

“A dream! It wasn’t a dream!” (T/N: I assume the author is referencing something here but nothing’s coming up in my search, sorry.)

The maid dolls also went along with this kind of thing, isn’t that nice?


Around the time the house was almost built, everyone else returned. After finishing lunch, we resumed the conversion to a residential area.

So, first of all, consultation.

“Uhm, should the floor be tatami mats? As expected, having soil floors are too hard, right?”

“No, Japanese houses are definitely out. Even if it’s troublesome, we have to make a wooden floor and beds. It’d suspicious if it didn’t fit their worldview of this world.”

And so, Hariu used [Wood Manufacturing] to make a wooden floor, and also the chairs, desks, and so on.

Toriumi and Katori made the other furniture and tools with [Metalworking].

And as expected, I’m doing things like sewing futons and making cloths to put on chairs.

Besides that, the maid dolls are also helping by making furniture, sewing, and weaving cloths. No, I was surprised, but some of the maid dolls could do some woodworking.

The maid dolls did their best to polish and assemble the parts.

Aren’t you guys able to do more and more things?


We decided to carry over the completion of the house for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and had dinner. Today is oyakodon. It’s been a while since we’ve had chicken.


Then I got up and had breakfast with bread, and the construction resumed again!

Today, some people have no work anymore. Toriumi and Katori. The metal parts are limited, and there are two people, so it seemed over for them.

“Then, today, Hariu and Maito will make things, while the others are on flood control and logging the fruit trees.”

“The river management team is me and President…and Kariya, in case it got dangerous, come this side.”

“Ah, got it.”

U-uwaa…you’re serious about diverting the river.

I’m not so bright around here, so President and Hagasaki-kun, who seemed familiar with such things, will do their best to do something about it, I only know that.

“Is Kadomi, Toriumi, and Katori on cutting the fruit trees?”

“Ah, you guys. Take the maid dolls when you go. I think these kids will collect the fruits.”

If the fruits are left behind, it’d be a waste, so I decided to dispatch a maid doll unit there.

“Ah, do you also need some wood?”

“It’d be better if there’s some firewood.”

“Ah, then you should have Ketorami-san carry it.”

And since the wood would also become a waste, I decided to also dispatch Ketorami-san.


“…by the way, Maito-san.”


Hariu talked to me while processing the wood with tremendous momentum. This speed is scary, but I wonder if my sewing also looked like this from the side.

“I wonder if the people in the Brass Band will be wary at seeing such a complete house.”

“You’re right, they might be.”

“Isn’t that bad?”

“It is bad.”

“I think it would have been better to make them a cozy cave instead of a house, or so I thought, but…”

…yeah, that’s right. President can move the rocks, so we can do that.


However, since we’ve made it this far, we’ll continue the work and complete it for the time being.

We can think about how to not alert them later, yup.


When the others came back, they were somehow muddy.

Yeah, that is, the people who went to do river management…

“The river flooded once, but we made good progress.”

So they managed to do it. For the time being, I [Cleaned] them. Pofupofu.

“I don’t think the people in the Brass Band will move to the east. I made a rocky mountain in the South, so they wouldn’t move there. The West is a precipitous cliff, and there are no fruit trees in the East, so there’s no merit in going there. Then it’s only a matter of time before the Brass Band people find this place.”

Scary, you’re scary. What is that, you made a rock mountain!

“I see, so that’s how it is. I was talking to Maito-san a while ago, but if there’s such a perfect house, wouldn’t the Brass Band members be wary of it?”

When Hariu said so, everyone went silent.

“…then don-“

“Still make it.”

Now then, what should I do?


…if one person overlooks one problem, it’s difficult for people to notice the next problem.

I think that there’s something like that, well, people being satisfied with just one solution.

…therefore, we should have the Brass Band members solve one problem. Then if they think they deserved this dwelling, I think they’ll use it with confidence.


…and so, it’s time for Rosemary-san again, maybe.

Maid Chapter 076
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