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This house, where the Brass Band members will be moving in, is a symmetrically structured three-story building.

Fully equipped with kilns, wells, and other things. Right after entering the entrance, you can see the cafeteria in the back which is large enough to accommodate 100 people.

There are also beds, chairs, and desks in each room, and a set of clothes available in the closet.

The outside was full of fruit trees, the well-maintained fields full of potatoes and carrots, and the courtyard full of flowers, making it a very comfortable living space.

…it’s too complete no matter how you look at it. Truly, thank you very much.

In other words, the “feeling that it was prepared” was odd.

Then, you should make a setting that says “it was prepared”.

This is a different world. Many things happen. And it doesn’t matter what happens.

For example, the ghost of a maid who keeps waiting for her master to return and keeps cleaning the house appears.


So the scenario is like this!

When the members of the Brass Band come, a floating ghost maid would welcome them.

At this point, if they cut it down and throw it away, it’ll enter pattern B, but if there’s room for dialogue, enter pattern A.

Pattern A is the “Let’s make the ghost maid ascend to heaven!” route.

The scenario is that the Brass Band members will take a little effort to obtain it so that they’d get a sense of accomplishment and have this house as a reward.

Then, for pattern B, it’s the “Let’s remove the ghost maid who clung to the house!” route.

This is the completely hostile mode.

As soon as they’re about to slash (although I’m worried if they’d do this), I’ll [Transfer], then fly around the house, attack with poltergeists, and moderately injure them.

After the exorcism, it’d be nice if there were such an easy-to-understand change such as a poisonous swamp becoming a flower field.


…when I proposed that, I got a fierce rejection.

“Ahh, that, it’s too dangerous for Maito-san, right?”

“Know your place.”

…yeah, well, don’t say that. I’d be like an NPC. Moreover, my character setting doesn’t need me to stay there all the time as a ghost.

No, why don’t I live here? Isn’t it strange to just pass it over? Or even if I did that, wouldn’t it be strange to not live here permanently? Then my adventure ended here! If that happened. That’s also fine. (T/N: I have no freaking idea what this meant. Eh, just pass it over and get over it.)

“Uhm, uh, that, isn’t it okay with me in full-faced armor?”

Toriumi suggested that, but please think about it.

Which has more room for dialogue, a ghost maid or a ghost armor?

…absolutely the former! Or rather, if you open the front door to the house, what happens if you saw a ghost armor come out from the back? Scary! I’d be absolutely scared! They will definitely enter pattern B! …what’s wrong with pattern B is that it causes damage to the house and there’s a high possibility of injury. There’s also the fact that their sense of peace is somehow diminished.

This is a house. It’s unpleasant to recognize it as an [Abandoned House with Ghost Knights] dungeon.

Do you want to live in a dungeon? Nope, not a chance.

But, if the feeling of winning was stronger, they might.

…and so, rather than Toriumi, who seems able to speak no matter how much armor he wore and was even not acquainted with the Brass Band people, still, I’m the right person since I can freely change my appearance, right? Or so I say.


Well, in the end, everyone folded in. The reason was that even if they enter pattern B, there’s a good chance I’ll win.

I mean, if I make full use of the maid dolls’ vision, that’s pretty much the case, isn’t it?

I can foresee all attacks from the back and in the event of an emergency, I can do something with just a thought.

Since Suzumoto made me practice endlessly, I’m pretty confident.

The opponent is just a human with a stick-shaped weapon and weak.

And if I wear a [Magic Invalid] maid outfit, I won’t be affected by magic.

I am invincible against magic. Invincible. Invincible.

I repeat, I am invincible!

Therefore, the way to make me ascend to heaven is by magic. If they hesitate to use physical attacks and hit me with magic, I’ll pretend to ascend with that magic and [Transfer]. I can even pretend to be unharmed.

Of course, it’s better for them to enter pattern A, and to aim for that, I must firmly grasp the other side’s heart at first contact. Okay.


So I have to be ghostly.

A ghost has no legs, floats, transparent, or something like that.

…[Disguise] is a skill that allows you to change the color of your hair, eyes, and skin. Then…can I become transparent? It should be a colorless and transparent disguise.

I tried it, and it surprisingly worked.

I can do it. I’ve done it. I can even do gradation.

With this, I became a transparent human as well as a ghost! Of course, my clothes didn’t become transparent, so if I want to be a transparent person, I must be naked! I believe I can solve this with my skill in some way, so I’ll never do that!


And so, I succeeded in making the legs become transparent in gradation style and become the Rosemary Ghost version…

“Somehow…it’s not very ghostly, Maito-san.”


“You’re wearing a long skirt so even if your legs are transparent, we can’t see it.”

…I see!


So I hurriedly put on a maid outfit that’s up to the knees.

“How about this!”

“No…something’s wrong…”

However, everyone’s reaction isn’t good!

“Your expression is too lively.”

…is it okay if I look dead, then?

“Your complexion’s too good.”

Do you want my skin color to be a little whiter? But I’m already a white person, right?

“Maybe the color is too bright. Why not desaturate it?”

And so on, they complained so much that I eventually settled on making my hair and eyes a pale blue-gray.

This isn’t Rosemary anymore.


At this point, it’s a simple task of waiting. To prepare for pattern A, I planted trees around the house while everyone else wiped out the monsters around here, cut fruit trees, and pulled out edible plants. Then I’ll wait for the Brass Band members to come over.


…did you understand?

The timing of this strategy is completely up to the opponent.

They might come at any moment now, or it might take three days.

It’s a very unstable start, but it’s a bit awkward for me to keep it on all the time, so I decided to make some maid dolls stay there.

If I always [Share] their view, I’ll know when they’ll come.


And so, I’m always ready to be a ghost maid while I’m working on sewing the funding sources for Sagara-kun and the others.

The others went to pick up the Music Preparation Room.

I’m saying that, but although they went from the river to the mountains at a lawn mowing pace, the monsters are actually relatively strong. They can’t do the Ketorami Dash, so it’s a lot of hard work for them.

I had to prepare so that they could eat as soon as they came back.

I wonder what to make today. It’s about time to eat fish again, so I wonder if I should make Japanese food with grilled fish.


And then, there was no movement in the Brass Band that day, so we ate dinner as usual and went to bed.

Fish after a long time was well received.

But when it came to the grilled fish…I missed the conversation since I concentrated on removing the bones while everyone concentrated on eating.

By the way, I’m going to sleep from now on, but I asked a set of four maid dolls to take turns and get up to watch.

So that if there’s any movement, I told them to wake me up. Only then can I sleep with peace of mind. Good night.


Good morning.

After confirming with the maid dolls, it seems like there’s no movement yet since I got a [No abnormality!] reply.

Well, even if there are no fruit trees in the vicinity, it doesn’t mean they will come here right away.


So, as soon as we ate breakfast, everyone went to collect the music-affiliated classrooms with their bentos.

I was the only one who had to wait, and I’ll be in the way when they go collect classrooms.

Yup. I can’t say I want to go with everyone.

It would be a waste of time if everyone got stuck here.

So right now, I’m just a clothes-making machine with nothing to do.

I use MP while being careful not to empty it. It’s not funny if I became a ghost maid with 0 MP.


After about 4 hours of making clothes endlessly, the maid doll sent a [Maybe they’re about to move?] feeling.

…hmm, I mean, the maid dolls don’t speak. So, just like this, they’d send a vague feeling or something… communication through [Share] can be difficult.

But since I can verify it through their sight or hearing, I can just compare it with that.


As for the movement from the Brass Band, a group with high fighting power who went hunting came back without finding any prey while a group with high agility found the cluster of fruit trees and came back. Such was the situation.

Hmm, if they keep going like this, they’d have no choice but to go in the direction of the fruit trees. And if they follow the fruit trees like this, they’ll reach here.

The fruit trees have been sown moderately, so the amount that can be obtained from a single tree is small.

If so, they can’t get fruits for their number of people unless they move from tree to tree. That meant they can’t stay there forever.

They should arrive here as early as this evening.

When I reported that to everyone, they all collected the [Music Preparation Room] and headed West in search of the second music room and music laboratory.

It’s possible to collect both by the end of today. Good luck.


As I continued to monitor them while sewing clothes, several groups finally arrived at the cluster of fruit trees and began harvesting.

“Trumpet, be vigilant of the surroundings. Clarinet, harvest fruits!”


“Then start the mission!”


…I heard something like this when I borrowed the maid doll’s hearing.

Well, as expected, the Trumpet group is like their front-line combat profession. I think the Clarinets are the speedy ones with their finger-turning image.

By the way, where are the maid dolls looking at them? It’s from the shade of the leaves of the non-fruit trees around the fruit trees.

It’s okay because they told me they’d fly and run away as soon as they’re found out… or rather, this group showed no sign of noticing them. Seems like they’re crazy about fruit trees. Yeah, well, I understand those feelings.


After that, the people of the Brass Band didn’t advance that much, and just picked up the fruits in order from the nearest place and went home.

Hmm, I wonder if they’ll find this place tomorrow.

Because it’s relatively close to the cluster of fruit trees, I thought they’ll definitely find it while picking up the fruits. They seem more cautious than I expected.


And so, I resumed being an endless clothing manufacturing machine and left the clothes I made at George-san’s pawnshop.

Then I was able to see Miura-kun and Misaki-san’s RomeJuli Theater and got hugged by Hanamura-san, but I’m mostly fine.

Yup. My HP was cut in the first half…

Seems like Sagara-kun and his friends are accustomed to the Romeo and Juliet play.

Humans being adaptable creatures are amazing. Nobody is reacting to the RomeJuli play in front of me. Amazing.

The only thing was that George-san wasn’t comfortable with that. Yeah, please do your best.


That’s why when everyone came back, it’s time for dinner.

When I fried things for dinner, they ate in large quantities and the chicken meat I saved was gone, but it’s fine.

They really like fried chicken. Do they have a disease or something where it will kill them if they don’t take large amounts of fried chicken regularly?

“For the time being, we’ve collected the [Music Preparation Room], [Second Music Room], and [Music Laboratory] today. This completes the music-affiliated rooms.”

Everyone, that’s quite the feat.

With this, the 2F North Building is…oh, there’s still one. The fated English Department Laboratory.

…yup. Seems like everyone remembered that.

Yup. The English Department Laboratory is the classroom where Fukuyama-kun and several other students were present.

I wonder how Fukuyama-kun arrived at South 1F from there? Yup. I wish I knew how.

Well, anyway, I’m glad that the 2F North Wing collection was carried out at the same time as the Multipurpose Hall collection plan. Okay. I can’t laugh if we get stuck here.


Tomorrow’s plan is for the others to retrieve the English lab, while I’ll be a ghost maid and wait until then.

As for everyone, if they’re in the East of the North Wing, they can do Ketorami riding, so I think they can collect it quickly.

And if they have time, they’ll look for the courtyard. Yeah, they said there might be an island there.

Then I’ll sleep since tomorrow’s plan has been decided. Good night.

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