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Fish 024: People's Homes Are Over There
Fish 026: Unknown Life Span

Who are you?

According to the script, all bandits like to wait in the woods beside the road.

When the “fat sheep” pass by, they’d jump out with a sword and stop in front of the convoy then shout: “I opened this mountain, and I planted this tree. If you want to pass, stay and give me money for the road.”

Mo Li pondered deeply, and immediately rejected Meng Qi’s proposal to rob someone.

This isn’t Qi Mao Mountain. The mountains here have nothing to do with him. Even if it’s just something he’d thought, he’ll never do it.

“If you want to rob, go by yourself.”

Mo Li hung his drenched robe on the branch, looked at Meng Qi, and said, “When the physician asks you for the consultation fee, you still ask the physician to rob the money with you. Is there such logic in this world?”

Meng Qi couldn’t refute this, but he didn’t want to let Liu Dan go just like that.

A general must have money in him, and not that small.

The expression on Meng Qi’s face changed as he looked down on himself.

Drenched clothes and icy hair.

He looked very embarrassed, and if he suddenly appeared like this, it’s estimated that he won’t be regarded as a robber, but a water ghost.

Meng Qi became thoughtful. Mo Li saw him not moving for a while and thought that he didn’t plan to go anymore.

Just sitting is boring anyway, so it’s better to pack his bag. After Mo Li wrung out the water on his bag, he suddenly found Meng Qi missing and abruptly stood up.

Through the quiet woods and bare branches, it’s easy to see that there are no people around.

Mo Li immediately approached the lake under the cover of the tree trunks.

The cavalrymen was sorting their saddles since they’re not going to stay here too long. After all, there’s no good fodder in the wilderness and the horses are starving. Afraid they’d lose temper after a while.

After Liu Dan drank the wine, he sat there sulking.

His soldiers knew that the general was in a bad mood at the moment, so they cautiously walked around him.

Mo Li looked at the lone Liu Dan, thinking that this was indeed a good opportunity, and couldn’t help but look around, wanting to find someone’s trace.

Strange, where is he?

It should be easy to find him in such a small place.

The lake surface rippled slightly then swayed in circles, and this movement immediately attracted the cavalry’s attention.

“General, there seem to be something in the lake!”

“What?” Liu Dan turned his head and looked.

Is it a fish?

Liu Dan didn’t stand by the lake so there was some distance. Of course, he didn’t feel that he’d encounter any danger. As a result——

“Crash.” The water waves suddenly rose and went all over General Liu’s face, making him instinctively lean back.

The ice-cold water made Liu Dan furious. He was about to jump up, but someone grabbed his shoulders. He tried to turn around and fell facedown to the ground.


The cavalry was shocked and drew their swords one after another, but when they rushed over, they saw the man stepping on Liu Dan’s back lazily raise his head and glance at them.

If a super expert loses their internal strength, will they be easy to deal with?

Of course not.

Even though Liu Dan’s soldiers had experienced battles on the battlefield and even used their swords to kill people, their swarming tactic didn’t pose any threat to Meng Qi.

There was no need for any footwork or sword skills. Meng Qi just moved slightly to avoid the Yanling sword and then backhanded the opponent’s shoulder. The cavalryman immediately staggered back.

The second and third person rushed over, but their elbow was hit and their Yanling swords flew away.

Meng Qi grabbed the fourth man’s sword, swiped half a circle around him, and accurately pushed back all the other approaching weapons, then lifted his foot and kicked, hitting the fourth man’s knee and sending him away from the encirclement.

This series of actions were simple and had no tricks at all. Everyone can see it clearly, and even guess what kind of attack he’d use——but they can’t avoid it.

In the blink of an eye, people were lying on the ground by the lake.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, the two cavalrymen in the distance turned on their horses and tried to run. As a result, their calves suddenly became sore, as if they were hit by some hidden weapon. They knelt on the ground and couldn’t get up for a long time.

The so-called hidden weapons are just stones.

Meng Qi didn’t have internal strength, so he didn’t make any heavy moves, but the position he hit would still be extremely painful. These experienced cavalrymen could only clench their teeth. Right now, they felt that their arms and legs were not their own and wouldn’t listen to them.

“Who are you?”

General Liu struggled, staring at the man who suddenly appeared from the lake.

“Do you know what the crime is for assaulting the court’s commander?”

Clothes would sometimes look different when drenched, so Liu Dan didn’t recognize that Meng Qi was the evil star last night.

“What does honored sir want? What can this surname Liu do for you?”

Liu Dan didn’t use any official language. He knew that for these martial artists from Jianghu, any official title or grade is worthless. He just hoped that this guy wouldn’t be a weird, unruly old monster.

Will normal people go into the lake in the middle of winter?

This kind of weird appearance is almost always a lunatic who always practices and forgot to sleep and eat. But he didn’t seem very old——huh?

Liu Dan’s eyes went round as Meng Qi bent down and looked at him.

The anger on Liu Dan’s face slowly disappeared, turning into suspicion.


General Liu screamed, crawling on both hands as he desperately backed away.

Physician Mo, who was watching the show in the woods, was a little puzzled since Meng Qi’s appearance shouldn’t be that scary.

“Have you seen me?” There was no emotion in Meng Qi’s voice.

Although he looked at Liu Dan, his eyes were colder than the cold wind blowing. It seemed like if he just waved his sleeves, killing anyone he found an eyesore would be like dusting off his clothes.

General Liu swallowed desperately. Anyone who thought they had left behind this evil star and suddenly saw him appear in front of them would be frightened.

Is Pingzhou such a small place? Did he really run four hundred miles last night?

Then he thought of how the other party came out of the water…even if he’s a soldier from the battlefield who doesn’t believe in ghosts and gods, it’s impossible to determine whether the opponent was a man or a ghost.

“I…no, I didn’t see State Teacher…I haven’t seen it.”

Liu Dan was incoherent. He did meet Meng Qi many years ago, but that was a matter of the previous dynasty. At that time, he was still a young man who wielded swords and spears all day long!

“The State Teacher is not your age.” Liu Dan slowly calmed down and realized that this person might not be the one he was afraid of.

“Really? Some have high martial arts, reaching the level of transformation, while some people haven’t changed their appearance for many years. How can you be sure that I’m not?”

Liu Dan’s face turned blue. On the one hand because of the cold, and on the other hand, from what Meng Qi said which made him breathless.

“You are not old enough, and you are black as ink. The former State Teacher is the founding hero of the former Chu. He had profound skills, but also a frosty appearance. Although your brows and looks are similar to the former State Teacher, you are definitely not the same person.” Liu Dan stared at Meng Qi and with teeth rattling, “Unless there’s a longevity pill in this world!”

The longevity pill has always been a lie. Which Emperor of any dynasty and generation gained longevity?

Meng Qi didn’t comment on Liu Dan’s words as he dragged the person up and then casually tugged.

The valuable sable fur coat immediately flew away. Liu Dan didn’t wear armor, but he had a protective vest on his chest. A corner of it appeared from the close-fitting cotton robe and the hardness and reflection almost made Meng Qi think it was silver.

Liu Dan panicked, but he didn’t show it on his face.

Since this person wasn’t the former State Teacher Meng Qi, he naturally had nothing to fear. He would never frown if he was tortured to extract a confession or something.

Although Liu Dan led an army, he was, strictly speaking, still a miscellaneous general. He didn’t have any tiger seals at all, so he was naturally not afraid of falling into the hands of others. He’s not JinYiWei either, so he wouldn’t do shameless things for the Emperor. Moreover, he has some secrets in his hands so he’s not afraid of being searched.

As for the secrets he knew——

There are indeed a few things, such as Pingzhou’s defense plan, the handle on Pingzhou government officials, and many things about the inner court in the Great Capital XianYang’s Imperial Palace. General Liu felt that the person in front of him must have something to do with the former State Teacher Meng. He decided to exchange the secrets he knew with the other party, but he had no chance to speak.

General Liu watched as the other party removed his breastplate.

Meng Qi sighed disappointedly and threw it away.

A fish patterned sachet hung on the left side of the belt but it only contained spices and no money.

The jade pendant of a crouching tiger on the right side of the belt was made of very good material and full of color with the carvings also lifelike. Meng Qi only glanced at it and recognized that it was made by the Imperial Court.

Meng Qi didn’t bother to look for it anymore as he pinched Liu Dan’s neck with one hand and threatened: “Aren’t you rich? Take out money to redeem your life!”


“Don’t understand?”

Of course not. General Liu looked incredulous and didn’t understand why the other party asked for money.

Meng Qi said to the struggling cavalry: “If you don’t have any money, this lake is your burial place!”

“I have money and the General’s money with me!” A soldier hurriedly said.

After speaking with difficulty, he took out a bulging purse. Meng Qi opened it and saw it filled with gold and silver, so he contentedly stuffed it in his arms and walked away.

Everyone: “…”

If he killed all of them, he can still find the purse!

So why did the other party catch the General and threaten them?

At this time, someone asked in a low voice: “General…actually, the most valuable thing here is the horses, right?”

High-quality Mongolian horses have a price but no market, and ordinary Mongolian horses can sell for at least a hundred taels of gold. The money bag just now was only filled with scattered gold and silver, and wouldn’t even add up to twelve taels!

Liu Dan and the others felt like they fell into a mist at this unknown mystery.

Mo Li, who was in the woods, was also thinking hard. He didn’t know about any longevity pill, but changing from old age to a young appearance was as simple as eating and drinking for him.

Who is this man who claims to be Meng Qi?

He even has a hobby of raising elixirs…

Mo Li looked at Meng Qi who came back, his eyes full of inquiry.

Fish 024: People's Homes Are Over There
Fish 026: Unknown Life Span

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