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[Do you know how to secure a life?]

…uhm, uhm, this is a different world, so somehow, I can imagine only a bit because it’s far from the common sense of our world…

“Take it out and store it? Since it’s used as collateral, if the temple wants to do something, it’d be bad if they can’t do something right away, right?”

[Correct. The temple takes out the life vessel of the hero and keeps it in the temple. …by the way, no matter how much your body is hurt, since you have no life vessel, you won’t die. …hero sounds good when you hear about immortality, but you’ll just become a lifeless puppet.]

O-ou. R-right. In other words…that is…a zombie, right?

…now I feel a little sympathy for Fukuyama-kun.

Or rather, if that’s the case, we should never let Suzumoto make such a contract.

I feel that Hariu will do something about it in the event of an emergency, but I have to hurry here as well.

“How many heroes are there? We only met one.”

[Hm, I don’t know that. Because the temple is very secretive, it’s unlikely that such information will leak to the outside.]

Yeah, then there are almost no ways to stop the heroes. We don’t know who they are and how long they’ve been there.

“The heroes are moving to get rid of the cause, right? That means the heroes knew the location of the cause…”

[I can’t say anything about that. Some are known to the temple, others are not. But, at least, you can see from the temple that it exists.]

…in other words, if the temple didn’t know, then the heroes wouldn’t also. I wonder if the heroes can know the position of the cause.

“What is the cause in the first place?”

[It’d be faster to actually see it. You can even see it right away.]

It should mean it’s on that floating island. Yeah, maybe I should go see there, yup. …hn? Huh?

“Uhm, does Alive Grimore-san know the location of the cause?”

[I can only predict. …and that your companion was in the temple.]

…by all means, I would like you to tell me your predictions on where the cause might be, even if you tell us places we don’t know, that’s also fine.

“Yeah. There’s only one person on the outside, but another person is hiding in the shadow of that person, so it’s fine to call them two people.”

[Hm, that’s wise. It’d be troublesome if they were separated. …hmm, just to make sure, your goal is to return all otherworlders who have been summoned to this world to your original world. Is that right?]

“Yeah. Everyone…ah, I think it’s okay for those who want to stay.”

After all, this is a different world. It wouldn’t be strange if some dreamed of it. Such a person…I think it’s okay to stay in this world. Yup. Well…I want to go home together if possible.

[I see. …hmm, so you want them to have the right to make decisions. Then…at least for now, it’d be wise not to be hostile to the temple. If anyone has already been made a hero, then the temple has a hostage. Therefore, never let the temple know your wish. If a hostage has no value as a hostage, they wouldn’t be treated as one.]

Ahh, yeah, that’s true.

I see…so the heroes are those we have to stop, but also must be protected. This is tricky.

[…and if. If…you’re hostile to the temple, you have to do it with the intention of thoroughly crushing it. It’s a pain, right? Because the temple had been putting on airs these days. …if you want to crush the temple, come talk to me since I’ll give you my full support, okay? …but even so, it’d be better to withdraw without making waves now. Otherwise, your companion might be taken hostage.]

Hmm, I think it agrees with me.

“What kind of excuse can I make to naturally withdraw without making a contract?”

[That’s a difficult problem. …hmm, I’ll ask just in case, have you ever thought of cooperating with the temple?]

“Yeah. I’ve never thought of that.”

That’s right. Various things are too black. I think everyone has the same opinion.

I mean, we’re doing this because of the temple, so I don’t want to cooperate!

[Okay, that’s a good reply. …if so, the rest will either don’t care or be hostile. Then, isn’t it okay to go back without saying anything? Can’t you just do that?]

…erm. Yeah. …that’s right. Come to think of it, we could do that.

Right, right, absolutely right. Hariu can come out of Suzumoto’s shadow and have Minamo look at the surroundings, then I could see it and make a [Transfer]. Yes.

Now that Suzumoto is alone, it should be possible for Hariu to pop out and take Minamo out.

But since we decided to withdraw, we can do more things.

Right now, the only way we can take control of the unknown time limit was to tell all the heroes about this and eliminate the cause ourselves or wait for the temple to perform the ritual. Rather, these two are the only things we can do.

And so, since the latter is [hard to do], I’d like to do the former if possible. However, what will happen in that case? We’d end up doing another difficult task of finding all the heroes whose numbers are unknown.

But if we knew the number of heroes, the story changes a little. At least, it’d be easier than looking for who knows how many heroes.

This book didn’t seem to know the current number, current movements, or current position of the heroes, so I’d like it if Suzumoto can ask.

…well, safety first. If we decide to infiltrate, I think it’s better to be ready.

“Yeah, thank you. I’ll come again.”

[Umu. Be very careful.]

For the time being, I have to contact Hariu.


“Ah, welcome back.”

“I’m back! For the time being, let’s do a strategic retreat. If Minamo can see the scenery outside, then I can [Transfer].”

When I said that, everyone had an indescribable face. I-isn’t it good, I said we’re withdrawing!

“…I’m annoyed that’s the only thing we can do.”

“It can’t be helped, Suzumoto and Hariu’s safety is the first priority.”

Yeah, then maybe I should contact Hariu. Activate [Communication] bracelet.


[Ah, Maito-san? Uhm, it’s become quite annoying. What should I do?]

…what happened.

[Somehow, when Suzumoto was on the way to the guest room…he met that.]

…I quickly understood what ‘that’ is. If you look at ‘that’, you’d be disgusted. Yeah, I don’t like ‘that’ either.

“Uhm, I’m going to be a transparent person right now, so it is okay to [Transfer] there and come back quickly?”

[Yeah, that’s fine, but…ah…I wonder if you can [Transfer] while in the shadows…]

Ahh, then I don’t have to make Hariu come out. Yup. Should I try it? Yeah.

“Then I’ll go over there, so please say something to Suzumoto.”

[Yeah, come as soon as possible…]

Sounds like Hariu is tired, which is unusual…


…I didn’t want to do it if possible, but my turn came unexpectedly early, becoming a transparent human that is.

I didn’t really want to do this because I had to be naked, but…it can’t be helped this time.

“I’m going for a while, so I’ll be removing my equipment.”

I took off my clothes for the time being. Taking it off while [Disguising] is a waste of time.

Everyone, after a moment of panic, turned around and ran away. Other than President.

…yeah, should I call him a gentleman? I mean…when making diluted sulfuric acid, he dared to pour concentrated sulfuric acid into the water without hesitation.

“I guess President won’t run away.”

If this guy moved, I feel like it’d be the end of the world.

“Since Maito-san just started taking off your clothes unguardedly here, there’s no need to run away.”

Yeah, this guy is truly a servant of rationalism. That’s good, that’s good.

After removing the apron and head equipment, my whole body became transparent. After that, if I remove all my clothes, I’ll be a transparent human being.

“Okay, then I’m going. [Transfer].”

“Take care. And be careful.”


When I moved to a place where Minamo can see, it looked like a corridor of a building made of marble.

Suzumoto was in front of me while Hariu is already out and behind him. And they’re surrounded by knights in white armor and cloak. I’m sure these people are the knights of the temple.

And then, and then…yeah. Why must you come out at this timing?

Fukuyama-kun was among the knights. Also known as ‘that’.

Yup. No need to say anything. I already know Suzumoto is in trouble. Every time this guy comes out, it’ll definitely become annoying!

“And that’s why you’re here!”

“And I’m asking who you are. Did we meet somewhere? I don’t remember at all. Maybe you’re-“

“Suzumoto, is [Transfer] fine?”

When I whispered in Suzumoto’s ear so that the other people won’t hear, his eyes moved a little, but he kept talking so that he wasn’t suspicious.

“-you’re…that? Is it a delusional habit? Ahh, you don’t have to say it.”

As expected, this is amazing. Yup. This guy just keeps talking…if you let Fukuyama-kun speak poorly, the setting would be all messed up. This guy should be lying down and hiding like Hariu.

“If it’s fine, hold my hand back. I’ll sing [Lullaby] and then [Transfer]. Just wait like this and stay where you are.”

After saying that, I put my hand on Suzumoto’s left hand and he grasped it with slight force. Yeah, it’s okay since my hands won’t break even if he put a lot of strength into it.

By the way, if I sing [Lullaby] here and then retreated, they’d get the impression that Suzumoto left regardless of their intentions.

Whatever, let’s sing for the time being. Yes.

“…delusional habits are generally useless no matter what you say. I’m sure you’re the same, endlessly telling stories that I don’t understand from a while ago…”

“Listen to people! So I…what is that? A song…? Huh, sleepy…”

…for the time being, all these people should go to bed.

…Fukuyama-kun, of course, as well as the knights and Suzumoto. Yeah, it can’t be helped. He can’t even cover his ears.

Then I grabbed Suzumoto and Hariu, who came out from somewhere, and [Transfer].

…listen to people, this should be our line…


“Welcome back. Suzumoto is…sleeping, huh.”

“Well, I sang [Lullaby].”

If you ask me, would anyone fall asleep without any resistance? If that’s the case, aren’t I the strongest? Let’s ask next time.

Because it’s cold, I returned to the Lab and wore my clothes. As usual, I can’t wear the innerwear by myself, so I had Tokoyo and Sakura’s help.

“…Maito-san, seriously, I don’t know what to do if you start putting on clothes in front of me even though you’re transparent.”

R-really? Is that so? I don’t care if I change clothes in front of you since I’m transparent. Can’t you see that President isn’t moving?

But please forgive me for changing clothes without warning. It’s cold.

“Ehh, sorry. If you’re that anxious, just turn the other way.”

“President, President, why is President okay, ne~

“I don’t care since I’m just looking at fabric products.”

As expected of President! He’s not shaking.

…still…I didn’t wear my underwear until I wore the long pannier.

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  1. I’m not sure about the president being a “gentleman”. Sounds more like Maito meant “bold” or “fearless” instead.

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    1. Yeah! He should get beat up, kidnapped, left to die, locked in a room to starve to death, and lectured on how it’s his fault that he doesn’t realize how “heroic” his attackers are for putting him through it, but it’s not likely even that will snap him out of his self-righteous delusions.

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