Maid Chapter 085

Maid Chapter 084

I finished changing clothes and stopped being a transparent person.

As expected, it’s very strange to become transparent, so I calmed down when I turned back. Phew.

“What happened to that?”

I can imagine. Fukuyama-kun probably signed a hero contract, so it’s not strange that he’s in the temple.

“No, it was normal until we…I mean, when Suzumoto was being guided to the guest room, that came from the other side. Before that, Suzumoto said [I’m not sure, but by the time I noticed, I was already in the temple. I thought I was alone.] but then that suddenly appeared and said [Ah! Why are you here!]. That’s how that conversation began… It was amazing… While we were waiting for Maito-san, Suzumoto didn’t let him talk as much as possible with that machine gun talk…”

I-I see, thank you for your hard work…

“He still can’t read the air, huh?”


“That might be so, but the people in the temple are also troubled, maybe.”

…if he was normal, Fukuyama-kun would look like an honor student with a nice face.

He’s also popular with the teachers who didn’t know the actual situation. Even though our Club Advisor described him as a “romantic in a bad way”.

If I was picked up by such a guy, I’d be surprised at how low the contents are compared to what I expected from such an appearance.

…I mean, I didn’t even know he had that kind of contents until I came to this world. Yup. Humans can’t understand ‘that’.

Yeah, but then, he was able to become a hero which made him easy to handle.

Maybe for Fukuyama-kun, he’d believe any words that are convenient for him.

…oh, the exhausted faces of the temple people seemed to appear in front of me. Thank you for your hard work, temple people. But give up.

“W-well, I’ll give you all the information I got at the temple for the time being. Hey, Suzumoto, wake up, wake up.”

Naa…good morning. I feel tired.”

Yeah, thank you for your hard work.

“Erm…first of all, Maito-san.”


“Can you hand over my memory to President?”

…is that fine?

“I don’t know what’s going on, so I went through the shadows of the temple. If you show it to President, he can probably make a map.”

Hoho, that’s great. There’s a big difference between having a map and not having a map when it comes to being hostile to the temple.

Then it’s better to hurry, so with [Share], I handed Hariu’s memory to President.

U-uooo…I’m sick of this…it’s very painful to get people’s memories. President looked pained as well, but I feel like he’s also happy at being able to make a map of the enemy territory. Stop, we haven’t decided if we’re going to be hostile yet!

“I’m writing a map, so please listen to Suzumoto and Hariu first.”

President started drawing a map, so let’s leave him alone and listen to Suzumoto’s story.


“I don’t really understand what happened, so I’ll start from the beginning… When I and Hariu headed to the floating island in the center of the lake, I suddenly lost power and crashed. Then, I was caught in the water and fell into the waterfall, and the place I fell was the temple courtyard. …President will make a map so I’ll omit the structure.”

Is the courtyard as large as the waterfall? It’s quite a beautiful building if we weren’t hostile to each other. No, besides that, it’s at the level of a castle which is too large for a temple.

“I fell there and immediately hid behind the waterfall in the courtyard and had a meeting with Hariu…Hariu walked across the temple shadows and got a rough idea of the terrain. That’s when I finally realized that this is the temple.”

I wonder if there’s a cave behind the waterfall. Treasure chests might have fallen there. …right?

“It’d be better to lessen the damage, so I asked Hariu to hide in my shadow and left the courtyard alone. When I walked around like that, a temple knight found me and then escorted me to…I think to a priest. Anyway, I was taken to that place.”

Ah, as expected, the temple has knights.

“Seems like there’s a big priest on top of that priest, but was absent today, so the priest would handle it on his behalf for the time being. And so, I haven’t seen the top people but what they said was simple. That priest said they’ll contract me as a hero in exchange for saving this world that’s about to perish. Well, you know, the template.”

Ah, as expected?

“Around that time, you contacted Hariu. When Hariu is in my shadow, I can communicate with him, so I heard that [it’s best to do nothing]…that’s why I pretended to be ill…and then that happened.”

…that, somehow, Suzumoto gritted his teeth when mentioning that word. I turned to Hariu, thinking that he’d supplement.

“No, Suzumoto was amazing. He’s like an expert gigolo.”

…OH. No, no, Suzumoto certainly looks good, but do the people in the temple have that kind of taste?

“The priest I spoke to is a woman.”

Ah, I see. Ahh, that surprised me. Yeah, sorry. I imagined the priest as a man… you know, like the Catholic priests…

“That time, it’s like a samurai walking by and being thrown flirtatious glances-“

“Stop it! Don’t say bad things! I didn’t mean that!”

…well, I can imagine. Suzumoto didn’t have the courage to aim for that kind of thing, so he isn’t that skillful. Just that, just that…I wonder what happened next if what Hariu said is true…

It might be a good idea to make us look good, seeing as the results are okay.

“Then the priest let the knights guide him to the guest room, and on the way, he had a head-on collision with that thing walking with the knights. Well, Suzumoto did his best with his machine gun talk.”

“I seemed to have said this many times, but let me say it again…I’m tired.”

O-ou. Thank you for your hard work.


Then, next, I conveyed what I heard from [Alive Grimoire]-san. This is omitted.

“…that means, they’d take my life (physical) if I inadvertently signed a contract?”

Yeah, that’s right. In this world, seems like you can take away life (physical) from people.

I’ve actually seen it, and it seems like Hagasaki and Suzumoto had an idea about it, while the others are tilting their necks. Yeah, well, I have seen it, life (physical).

“Does that mean that there’s a cause on the floating island in the middle of the lake?”

That’s also a concern. Yup.

“I’m curious if only Maito-san can get close to it…but either way, it seems like there’s no choice but to build a bridge for Maito-san to go there.”

Right? That’s true. I can’t fly. If I fall the wrong way, I’d probably die by the time I reached the temple.

“But what should we do to prevent the temple from performing the ritual? I don’t think we can do anything to the temple itself, so what now?”

…that’s right. If we don’t do something, we won’t know when the time limit will come. If they’re still recruiting heroes, it’s okay for now, but…


“I’m done. Here’s the map. I put down what I saw as much as possible.”

While we’re talking, President quickly completed the map.

Ohh, it’s beautiful. Amazing, you can see at a glance that the accuracy is high.

“Now then, we have a map. Since we’re being hostile anyway, I think it’s better if we decide the timing and be in an advantageous position. With all that said, let’s attack.”

…as expected of President! You work quickly!


Looking at the map, it seemed like the temple is quite symmetrical. In that case, the higher their position, the more they’re in the middle, maybe. There’s a tower like that on the map.

“Then we’re really going to attack? As far as I could see, those knights seemed relatively strong.”

Suzumoto said they look strong, so I don’t feel like winning! Yup!

“No, it’s foolish to attack from the front. Isn’t it best if we only touch the top dogs?”

Well, if we manage the top people in a clear vertical society like the temple, there won’t be a ritual.

“In that case, I’ll leave it to Ninja Hariu… Hariu, is that fine with you?”

“Hn? Well, we have no choice, right? Ahaha, being an assassin was my previous job.”

That’s right. Or rather, he can somehow manage if he just hides in the shadows and comes back.

“Well, there’s no guarantee that the top is weak. If we messed up, it’s not good to just have Hariu.”

And President’s concern was also valid. I wonder if the top is called a high priest. That means he can at least use magic, right? After all, he’s the one who’d take life (physical) from the heroes. Probably.

“If I may, since we’re already hitting the enemy’s home base. …how about a declaration of war?”

What’s with that cool theme?


“First of all, we need to see what the cause is. It’s troublesome to use something we don’t know.”

“Wait, a declaration of war…ahh, I understand that kind of thing. …in other words, since we’re in the position of protecting the cause, the temple and the heroes will have to confront us.”

…ahhhh. Yeah, that’s right. The temple is trying to use the heroes to erase the cause. Then, if we protect the cause, it will mess up the temple and delay the ritual.

In the first place, it’s bad for this world, but not so for us.

Then, there’s no need to erase the cause and there’s also no problem in protecting it.

Well, I can’t say anything since we don’t know what the cause looks like.

“Then, we have to go to that floating island, right?”

“I wonder if it’s because of the cause that I suddenly lost power, ahh, I just feel it’s like that. If so, that floating island is interfering with skill or correction…ahh, so Maito-san is the right person for the job.”

“If you think about what that book said, that’s right. Maito didn’t have any corrections.”

…I see. If I think about what [Alive Grimoire] said along with Suzumot and Hariu’s experience…that floating island and the cause will…probably remove corrections as you get closer.


“Then, let’s have lunch first before going to see it. We also have to think about countermeasures… President.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I’ll ask you. What are you going to do once you know what the cause is?”

“As I said earlier, it’s a declaration of war. There are many ways to declare war, so I’ll omit it…are you wondering why? Well, first is to find the cause, then to be in a position to protect the cause, and…you know, to have more impact.”

Impact, huh.

…this, coming from President who scatters poisons?

Ah, no, it’s a joke.

“The temple doesn’t only have the heroes, so it’s best if the strength of the temple itself is gradually divided. At first, it’s fine if we just interfere with the temple, but in the end, it’s a problem if we don’t reach their top. Also, if they thought we’re not in conflict with the heroes, they’ll be used as hostages. And there’s that, too…”

President had a big smile when saying his next words.

“If the other side is the heroes, then…how about calling ourselves the Demon King?”

Maid Chapter 084

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