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Currently, Ketorami-san and the others are located on the 2nd floor south, which is the new location for the group that moved from the gymnasium.

With Ketorami-san around, it seems that other monsters don’t approach them much, so the members of the gymnasium group, who have no combat experience, can feel relieved. However, having a giant glass spider and a big wolf nearby doesn’t necessarily make them feel completely safe.


As I called for him after using ‘Transfer,’ Ketorami came over with a rustling sound.

[What’s the matter?]

“Well, there’s something I want to ask. About this ‘Share’ skill you gave me.”


…It seems like our conversation is not quite connecting.

Alright, let me recall it again.

I obtained the skill “Share” when Minohara-san caused various troubles.

As I have no combat abilities, I realized that I couldn’t win through conventional means and wanted to gather information. And then, I thought, if I could somehow intercept and listen to what’s going on using Ketorami-san’s keen sense of hearing, it would be quite helpful.

And then, Ketorami-san gently touched my forehead, and a vast amount of information flowed into me. As a result, I somehow acquired the mysterious skill “Share.”

From my perspective, I thought it was highly likely that Ketorami-san did something to me.

However, it turns out that Ketorami-san has no knowledge of it.

[Listen, you collapsed before finalizing the contract with me. Got it?]

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

[Then I happened to feel like it and made a contract with you. Therefore, at that point, the pass was a one-way street from me to you. Do you understand that?]

“Yes, I understand, I’m sorry.”

[And you know that with the pass going through, you can sense the other person’s feelings and such, right? So I just tried to change the one-way pass from you to me, allowing you to use my senses. Otherwise, the contract wouldn’t have been established at all!]

…I see. If it wasn’t for my mistake, I wouldn’t have needed to resort to ‘Share’ at that time.

“Um, so, how can I change the one-way pass into a two-way pass?”

[Huh? Just cram in all your monsters there all at once, and it should go through.]

Ketorami-san’s straightforwardness is quite impressive. Despite everything, my internet connection seems to be holding up well. It’s a wonder it didn’t break down like a clogged artery. Well, I can’t say for sure it didn’t break down, though.

[Anyway, you probably learned about that ‘Share’ thing at that time, right?]

“So, you mean you don’t know what kind of skill ‘Share’ is?”

[Like I would know anything about that.]

Though I had heard that Ketorami-san was knowledgeable, I guess there are things even they don’t know.

…So, ‘Share’ would mean that I learned it by having a massive amount of information poured into the one-way pass. But the way I’m currently using it and the likely original use, which would involve smooth coordination with the maid dolls, seem quite different from each other.

…Yeah, this might be a matter for the Goddess book…

Oh, speaking of the Goddess book, I remember now. I received a technique to suppress the cause, didn’t I?… Right, that technique was supposed to be combined with ‘Share’…

…I still think ‘Share’ is strange. It feels like too much is being achieved with just this one skill. I should really start thinking about it more seriously.

Now, the cause is floating on the dining table, so I should go back there.

Oh, before that, since I have the chance, I’ll get some threads from Glida. Tomorrow, I’ll make another net.

I came back with plenty of threads. With these, I can make a lot of nets!

Now, when I got back, the potion-making team was busy discussing something, and the others seemed to be consulting with Senpai.

“What are you guys up to?”

As I glanced at the conversation between Senpai and the others, I noticed they were drawing a lot of blueprints.

“…Traps? Are you planning some traps?”

Kadomi-kun tilted his head while looking at the blueprints.

“Yeah, I’m thinking if we set up nets from the ceiling, it might be more versatile to make them drop into pits with nets placed at the bottom. Even if it becomes a one-time surprise attack, it has some advantages.”

“It does provide some movement restrictions. By the way, Maito, how many of those nets you made are available?”


“Can you make a few more?”

“Sure, how many?”

“Well, why not remove all the floors at once?”

“No, in that case, we could also consider using the hanging ceiling method…”

…The blueprints were for the throne room, and they were discussing what traps to set up there.

This is getting exciting!

It’s a digression, but I absolutely love this kind of thing. Like, dropping a bucket on someone’s head, and when they come running angrily, leading them into a pool of sulfuric acid… hehehehe.

“Oh, how about adding a mechanism that pushes the walls out like pistons and drops them into the holes? It would make it harder to evade.”

“Well, if they have a certain level of physical ability, they might just kick off the walls to avoid it.”

“…You guys are really something else, aren’t you?”

Indeed, the unusual physical abilities of us isekai people are a challenge. There are some like me and Senpai who are average, but most of us have abilities beyond human standards. So, setting too many traps might reveal our hand, and the enemy won’t fall for the same trap twice.

That’s why our traps need to be one-shot deals.

We’ll set up the ambush when all the enemies are gathered in this room. At that moment, I’ll use my secret technique to remove the cause and significantly weaken them. During that opening, I want to capture them all with the specially prepared nets and threads to block their teleportation.

For now, the main ideas are to either break the floor to drop them into the net for ‘Teleportation’ suppression or to drop the nets from the ceiling to catch them.

“Setting them up from the beginning would be more efficient, I think…”

…Yes, that’s right. We want them to fall into the trap without realizing it’s a trap.

So, I wanted to use threads treated with ‘Teleportation’ suppression, but instead of obvious traps like nets, I thought about using tapestries or carpets with the treated threads.

“I’ll handle it.”

Making threads with seismic gel… Can I do that?

Now, back to the main issue. The cause. Of course, I’ve informed everyone about it. It’s a burden on everyone, and it’s not suitable for training, but I hope they’ll understand.

So, I’ll try to establish ‘Share’ with this floating light and gain a means to control it.

I start by headbutting the palm-sized sphere, and then I tried ‘Share’.

…Nothing happened.

Wait, did I really do it? Did I ‘Share’ with it?

I try headbutting it a few more times, but still, nothing happened. It didn’t even take me to the familiar mysterious ‘Shared’ space.

What is this? I distinctly remember that the Goddess Book said, “When you ‘Share’ with the cause, you’ll gain a way to control it!”

…And then, as I panicked on my own…

“Hey, Maito, did you do something to the cause?”

Suzumoto reacted.

“I don’t think anything happened, but did something happen?”

“Probably. The intensity of its power seems to have decreased.”


When I carefully observed it, the cause was originally in a color that was hard to discern, so it’s challenging to tell, but… the color has faded?

“Wait, sorry, did the color change?”

As I asked Kadomi, who was looking at the blueprints with a puzzled expression, he stared at the cause and said, “Yeah, it looks… paler.”

Yeah, right… Is this alright?

“By the way, Kadomi, did the overall feeling of the cause change?”

“Well… not really.”

…I see.


“It changed.”


“Well, I don’t think anything particular changed.”

So, it did change.

“What do you think, Hariu?”

“I feel like… it’s lighter.”

“Then that’s it. We managed to control it.”

“Ah, seriously? Amazing!”

“What did you do?”

“I shared with it through the ‘Share’ skill and managed to control its power output.”

“Is that really okay?”

“I think it’s fine. At least we can control it now. We can turn off its power whenever we want.”

“Great job, Maito!”

“Yeah, you did it!”

I’m glad they’re praising me, but to be honest, I’m not entirely sure if this is the best solution. It seems we can control its power output, but I don’t know what other effects it might have. I guess we’ll find out as we continue our investigation.

“Anyway, with this, we should be able to proceed with the plan to capture the culprit. Let’s get everyone ready and set up the traps in the throne room.”

“Roger that!”


As everyone got to work, I can’t help but feel a mixture of excitement and anxiety. We’re moving forward, step by step, to save the members of the choir club and uncover the truth behind this mysterious world.

…Yeah. Well, I understand the reason behind it. And probably, it’s reducing the burden on me too. Maybe.

“Now then, boys, you have a room over there, so sleep there.”

As I looked in the direction Senpai pointed, I noticed another door had appeared. When did that happen?

“By the way, Maito, you’ll be sleeping in my room. Aren’t you jealous? Be envious! …Anyway, Maito, it’s time to get some rest for your skin, isn’t it?”

The current time was 10 PM, still relatively early for a maid.

“I have one more thing to take care of tonight. I’ll be back in a bit, so please go ahead and sleep.”

Yes. This was something I should have done yesterday evening.

…It’s the preparations for the temple.

I can imagine the scale of this operation to overthrow the country, even as someone like me.

Considering the scale of this operation, it’s not entirely certain that the Temple… or rather, the Heroes, won’t be involved. If we can manage to collect the Heroes as well, the situation would become much easier. However, currently, the Heroes are ones we have the least information about, so it’s crucial to get the Temple to release all of the Heroes for the sake of overturning the underwater city.

Apart from that, it might be a good idea to check on how the Temple and Arianne-san are moving.

So, I changed into the magic equipment, wearing the armor over the new maid outfit.

“So, Suzumoto.”

“…No, sorry. I’ll pass. It shouldn’t be a problem even if I don’t go, right?”

…And that’s how Suzumoto ended up staying behind for some reason.

I wonder why… Maybe he’s worried about catching a cold?

Well, the Temple shouldn’t be too dangerous, and with Hariu comfortably hiding in my shadow, I should be fine.

Alright then, I’m off.

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