RTBAS 014: Collusion

RTBAS 013: Meet the Fourth Prince
RTBAS 015: Escape From The Palace

The two girls rushed toward each other and made a scene. The smile on the corners of the Fourth Prince’s mouth finally relaxed, revealing a bright look.

His eyes were also clearer.

After the two finally had enough making trouble, Zhao Hua remembered, “By the way, Ting’er, didn’t you marry Ninth Uncle yesterday? Why are you in the palace?”

Xiao Ting said indifferently: “The Prince brought me to the palace.”

Speaking of this, Zhao Hua looked unhappy, “This is terrible. You’re a generation higher than me. Then, does that mean I should call you Ninth Aunt?”

Yah?” Xiao Ting froze then laughed loudly. She teased: “Come on, my good nieve, call me Aunt and I’ll listen, wahahaha…”

But the Fourth Prince sitting on the ground frowned slightly and suddenly said, “You’re the one the guards wanted to arrest just now.”

“What the hell did you do? Those are the people around Imperial Grandmother’s Ci’An Palace.”


Seeing that the incident had been revealed, Xiao Ting had to finish the conversation.

Spreading her hands, she said: “The Empress Dowager is not in good health and died. You can’t blame me for this.”

Zhao Hua covered her mouth while the Fourth Prince became speechless then said, “Imperial Grandmother is fine.”

“Right, right. If something happens to Imperial Grandmother, the bell in the palace should have rung long ago.”

“What?” Xiao Ting stood up abruptly and asked in surprise: “If the old lady is okay, why did she find someone to arrest me everywhere so that I have no place to hide? Geez, scaring me to death…”

After saying that, she patted her small chest, seemingly relieved.

Seeing her so careless, Zhao Hua said cautiously: “That, what exactly did you do?”

Xiao Ting was instantly discouraged, “I don’t know either.”

She didn’t know that after her first meeting with the Empress Dowager, it would be such a headache.

“Or, I’ll send you out of the palace!” The innocent princess suggested an idea.

Xiao Ting was immediately hooked.

“No.” Looking at the innocent smiles of the two girls, the Fourth Prince’s face sank then said: “Not to mention that all four doors are definitely blocked at the moment, even if you really go out, you still have your father’s family, and you might even hurt Imperial Concubine Xiao’s position. There’s also Ninth Prince…”

“What about it?” Xiao Ting’s brain capacity was not enough. This, what’s with this mess?

What would happen to her aunt?

“Fourth Brother, what should Ting’er do?” Zhao Hua looked at the fourth prince hopefully.

The Fourth Prince thought for a while, got up, then said, “For now, this is the only way to do it.”

With that, he tore the clothes on his body even more…

Then their little heads got together as they whispered…

“You haven’t found her yet? Aijia doesn’t believe it. Can she change into a butterfly and fly out of the palace? Find her! Keep looking for aijia!”

“Mother, please quiet your anger, take care of your phoenix body!” The Empress soothed for a while.

At this moment, the guards just walked past the dilapidated courtyard when they heard someone calling for help.

They pushed the door open and rushed in.

They then saw three little people with disheveled hair and messy clothes rush over with tears and blood on their faces.

Someone recognized two of them with their sharp eyes.

It turned out to be Fourth Prince and Princess Zhao Hua. As for the other one, nobody cared.

In the Ci’An Palace, the Empress Dowager sat on a phoenix carved seat, the Emperor sat next to her, followed by the Empress, and Imperial Concubine Xiao, who twisted her ankle.

Several criminals were kneeling beneath them. It was the Fourth Prince, Zhao Hua, and Xiao Ting.

“Imperial Grandmother, this grandson’s words are true and dare not deceive in the slightest.” The Fourth Prince replied while knocking his head on the ground.

The clothes on his body were tattered, and Princess Zhao Hua also affirmed, “Imperial Grandmother, it’s all thanks to Xiao Ting. If she didn’t appear suddenly, that person might have killed us.”

There was silence in the palace for a long while, and no one corrected her address to Xiao Ting. The Empress Dowager looked at the Empress. The Empress nodded then asked, “Did you clearly see who held you?”

Zhao Hua blinked a pair of horrified and tear-filled eyes, then said: “Replying to mother’s words, his face was covered so that this child couldn’t see it.”

“Then why is he holding you?”

Zhao Hua was very favored in the palace, so she still spoke this time, “he just said to let us lead the way.”

“Lead the way? Where?” Now, even the Emperor was interested.

B-BiShuiXuan (green jade water pavilion).” When Zhao Hua said this, her voice had some tension.

This was what Xiao Ting told her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t know that there’s such a place in the palace. That place was very deserted and shouldn’t harm anyone.

They never thought that several people in the upper seat stood up as soon as she said this. The Emperor immediately excused himself from the Empress Dowager. Along with his hurried footsteps, the people left behind were confused.

The three parties, including Xiao Ting, were even more surprised.

“Mother, the Emperor will go and deal with it, so don’t worry!” The Empress helped the Empress Dowager sit down again, her comforting words clear.

The Empress Dowager seemed to have been excited by this incident. She sighed long after hearing the Empress’ words, then said: “Unexpectedly, after so many years, someone still remembers her.”

“Mother, do you want the children to retreat?” Xiao GuiFei said.

As soon as the Empress Dowager was about to nod, she heard the Empress say: “Little sister said it well.”

“Someone come and call for the imperial doctor and give Zhao Hua and the Fourth Prince treatment for their injury. Ninth Princess should go back first. Once everything in the palace became clear, there’ll be rewards and punishments.”

RTBAS 013: Meet the Fourth Prince
RTBAS 015: Escape From The Palace

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  1. Omg; two troublemaker princesses + one prince turn a small problem into one hell of trouble XDD Hhahahaha 😂😂 Now the higher ups think there is some kind of conspiracy going on

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