RTBAS 013: Meet the Fourth Prince

RTBAS 012: Get Into Trouble
RTBAS 014: Collusion

This incident naturally shocked Imperial Concubine Xiao.

The charming Xiao-niangniang was dancing gracefully at this moment, but once she heard the news, she made a wrong step and twisted her foot.

The YaoChi (jade lake in mount Kunlun) Palace was also in an uproar. The imperial doctors just came out of Ci’An Palace, but before they could return to the medicine hall, they were stopped again and were led to the YaoChi Palace.

When the emperor heard that his beloved concubine twisted her foot, he wished to fly over immediately. He managed to lift his butt but then sat back with a cry from the Empress.

Indeed, this involved the Empress Dowager, so he couldn’t be in a hurry.

At the same time, Imperial Concubine Xiao was lying on the soft couch, waiting anxiously, and letting a trusted maid find Xiao Ting.

The Empress Dowager, Empress, Xiao Gufei, and Ninth Prince sent people out to find Xiao Ting.

At this moment, the person mentioned was standing leisurely and enjoying the flowers in the imperial garden.

When she saw the little palace maids picking the flowers about to bloom, she asked, “What do you want this for?”

The palace maids looked at her luxurious dress and hair combed in a married woman’s hairstyle. Although they didn’t know the woman’s identity, one of them immediately responded: “Madam, this servant is picking flowers to make into incense.”

“It turned out there’s such a purpose, then let me help you!”

The palace maids didn’t dare agree, but Xiao Ting didn’t care. Looking at the clothes on her body, she took off her coat and hung it on the tree. She then rolled her sleeves and started doing it.

The palace maids were shocked and trembled. They didn’t know where she came from, but they didn’t dare talk too much.

Not long after, there were hurried footsteps behind them, then someone shouted, “Hurry up and find the Ninth Princess. Otherwise, be careful of your life.”

Xiao Ting’s body stiffened. Your mom, they were looking for her.

At that moment, she stopped picking the flowers and slipped to the other side after crossing the rockery.

“You guys, have you seen the Ninth Princess?”

Someone came to ask those palace maids, and everyone said they’d never seen her before. However, someone spotted Xiao Ting’s coat with sharp eyes.

“Commander, this is what the Ninth Princess was wearing.”

The several palace maids were shocked. They didn’t expect that the innocent madam they just met was actually the Imperial City’s famous little witch.

Before the person could ask for it, the commander had already ordered.

“Quickly retrieve it.”

Xiao Ting muttered. Could the matter be that big? Did the Empress Dowager die, so the Emperor was looking for her for revenge?

Shaking her head, Xiao Ting found that many people were looking for her all the way, which felt terrible.

It shouldn’t be possible to leave the palace.

It’s better to hide for now.

Not long after, she followed all those people and watched them inspect a quiet courtyard before ducking in.

The moment she closed the door, she looked at the courtyard but was stunned. The overgrown weeds didn’t look like it’s part of the palace.

As soon as she walked inside, she heard two people talking.

“Fourth Brother, why did you sneak in here again. If Imperial Father knew, you would be punished again.”

A dissatisfied girl’s voice persuaded.

“If you’re afraid of punishment, just stay away from me.” The young man’s voice was cold, full of resentment and anger.

“Fourth Brother…”

When the girl’s voice filled with grievance reached her ears, Xiao Ting had already seen the two people in front of her.

“Fourth Prince, Zhao Hua is doing this for your own good. Even if you don’t appreciate it, if you still complain like this, you have a problem…”

The sudden voice surprised the two people.

The Fourth Prince was surprised, but Zhao Hua was happy.

“Xiao Ting, why are you here?”

Princess Zhao Hua and Xiao Ting knew each other. The two girls were about the same age and had the same temperament. Princess Zhao Hua was the little overlord in the palace, and when they first met, they refused to accept anyone above them. They fought and finally became friends.

Xiao Ting liked this princess’ temperament very much, so even if she wasn’t the original owner, she still wanted to speak on her behalf.

Xiao Ting stepped forward, looked at her, then said, “It’s fine if people don’t accept your affection. Even if they’re good for nothing, you just have to follow them and go for it!”

Zhao Hua blushed in embarrassment. She held her hand and said, “Fourth Brother is also very pitiful.”

The Fourth Prince’s face went cold, “I don’t need your sympathy, just go away.”

“Get lost, your sister.” Xiao Ting couldn’t take relatives bullying each other. For her, relatives were the most precious.

“You, you dare scold this Prince?”

The Fourth Prince was shocked, but Zhao Hua merely covered her face since she couldn’t bear to look.

“You are the one scolding. Returning to the prince, you think you have a standing in this palace, ah? You’re so petty. It seems like you didn’t learn well. For you to pose and have this resentment, did Zhao Hua owe you?”


With that, Xiao Ting picked up the cushion next to her and smashed it to the Fourth Prince’s, Xiao Jun’s, face.

The Fourth Prince resisted and also grabbed things to throw at her. Zhao Hua persuaded them to stop. After a while, the dilapidated palace returned to calm.

Their clothes were a bit messy. The Fourth Prince was especially pitiful. His belt was torn off, his clothes hung loosely on his body, his hair messed up into a chicken coop, and there was a bruise on his forehead.

Zhao Hua also had a messy hair bun, while Xiao Ting remained the same, but she sat on the dusty ground indifferently. They looked at each other, then laughed.

Zhao Hua said: “Fourth Brother, you laughed, you laughed.”

Zhao Hua was the same age as Xiao Ting and the Fourth Prince. Hearing that, the Fourth Prince’s face became stiff as if he wanted to laugh but couldn’t. Xiao Ting glanced at Xiao Hua, “Don’t laugh. When the Fourth Prince laughs, it’s worth money, but when you laugh, it’s terrible.”

Wah, Ting’er, you’re too much. I fight with you.”

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RTBAS 014: Collusion

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