RTBAS 015: Escape From The Palace

RTBAS 014: Collusion
RTBAS 016: Forgot The Prince Still In The Palace

The Empress said this with skill, and silenced the Imperial Concubine who wanted to intercede.

Xiao Ting made a fuss in Ci’An Palace, so she should be punished!

But she also saved the Fourth Prince and Princess Zhao Hua, so she must be rewarded.

Now that something happened in the palace, it’s natural to resolve the major issue first before discussing this.

Concubine Xiao couldn’t speak, but Zhao Hua didn’t care, “Mother, why do you want to lock up Xiao Ting? She saved this princess and Fourth Brother. That’s a great achievement.”

“Stop this nonsense. She committed a crime and contradicted your Empress Grandmother, shouldn’t she be punished?”

Zhao Hua’s voice was crisp as she said: “Empress Grandmother, didn’t this child often confront you? But you said that this grandchild has an honest temperament, unlike some people with bad intentions who say one thing in their mouths but have another in their hearts. So, this grandchild thought that Xiao Ting didn’t deliberately contradict you. Please, just forgive her this time!”

While saying so, she glanced at Yun LanZhi standing on the side.

“Furthermore, look at your grandchild’s injury. If she didn’t take a knife for your grandchild, this princess might not have the chance to make you laugh again. Can you look at your grandchild’s face and let her go?”

Once Zhao Hua said so, she kneeled down and moved forward. Kneeling in front of the Empress Dowager, she pulled on her sleeves and acted like a small child.

Coupled with those pitiful and hopeful little eyes, she was too lovely.

“Empress Dowager has calmed down and Xiao Ting also knows her fault. This is the first time she came to see you, so she’s nervous and didn’t know what to say. However, Xiao Ting is absolutely innocent. It wasn’t Xiao Ting’s intention to frighten the Empress Dowager.”

At this moment, her posture was extremely low. Kneeling there and with the sleeves torn off, her jade arm was exposed. There was a wound that wasn’t shallow or deep, and the blood had solidified but it still looked like it’s oozing.

The Empress Dowager looked over and seeing her so humble, even not thinking of treating her wounds, she raised a hand and said, “It’s fine, all of you leave!”

“But Mother Empress…” The Empress was about to speak.

But a cry came from outside, telling them that the Ninth Prince suddenly fainted. Zhao Hua immediately said, “Empress Grandmother, let Xiao Ting go see Ninth Prince Uncle!”

Receiving a positive answer, Zhao Hua took Xiao Ting and ran out, ignoring the Empress’ green face while cursing her daughter from being two-faced.

After leaving the Ci’An Palace, the three breathed a sigh of relief, “Is that Bishuixuan special?”

The Fourth Prince and Zhao Hua both shook their heads, “If you didn’t tell us that there’s such a place in the palace, we wouldn’t know!”

Xiao Ting didn’t bother to care about what’s going on right now, since it’s best to leave the palace first.

As for the maid who came to inform that the Ninth Prince fainted, Xiao Ting had long forgotten about it.

She walked out of the palace without stopping then went straight back to the Ninth Prince’s Palace. As soon as she was about to take a breather, the butler came to report that her brother was here.

In the hall, Chu Yun and Xiao Xin were arguing.

“My sister is the best woman in the world.”

“She is the most hated woman in the world.”

“The best.”

“The most annoying.”

“You’re the only one who hates her.”

“You, you people of the Xiao family are all nasty ghosts.”

“Your Chu family is a family of ghosts, one is more rude than the other.”

“What are you talking about? Our Chu family is part of the royal family and the master of this empire. If you dare say that we’re rude, I could arrest you and put you in jail.”

“You use your power for personal gain and deceive others. I have to tell my sister not to marry into your family.”

“Hmph, who cares about that stinky woman, just take her already.” The little tsundere prince was a bit unconvinced.

“We’ll leave. Being so rude, you deserve to have no mother.”

After Xiao Xin said this, he felt guilty.

The little prince immediately jumped over him. The two were about the same age and height, but Xiao Xin was directly thrown to the ground, shocking everyone as they hurried forward to help.

“Go away for this prince. Whoever dares to help, this prince will sell them.”

Chu Yun threatened the servants then grabbed Xiao Xin’s face with her hands.

Although Xiao Xin usually had a good temperament, he’s not afraid of a fight. The two fought each other and rolled on the ground.

The crowd was so anxious that they all hurriedly saluted when Xiao Ting appeared. They felt it’d be fine now that the master came.

Xiao Ting took one glance when she came in, then drank the tea on the table, and lifted her foot out of the hall.

The servants were dumbfounded. This, is she gone like this?

Even saying nothing.

Uh, the Princess seemed to have heard everyone’s inner voice as she left some words while walking away.

“Just do what you’re doing. No one is allowed to be nosy.”

As a result, everyone worked absent-mindedly while looking at the two little milk dolls inside, for fear that something would happen and they’d be unable to explain it to the master.

When Xiao Ting returned to her LanYue Pavilion, she saw Huang Shao waiting there. She got along with this girl for a while. She felt that this girl was very nice and thoughtful, so she left her in Xiao Mansion.

Unexpectedly, her Daddy actually sent the girl here.

“This slave servant has seen the princess. What might have happened?”

Xiao Ting signaled that she’s okay, wiped the “bloodstains” on her body and revealed only shallow wounds, which had already closed.

Seeing the people around, Hong Shao didn’t ask much.

“This is the dowry that the master asked this servant to bring. This slave servant had already counted it for you and classified it. The master said you should see if something’s missing, and he will ask the Madam again.”

RTBAS 014: Collusion
RTBAS 016: Forgot The Prince Still In The Palace

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