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RTBAS 018: Bride Returning Home
RTBAS 020: Seventh Aunt's Solitary Care (1)

Xiao Ting nonchalantly said, “The Prince entered the palace because of something, so I came back with Hong Shao today.”

Imperial Uncle thought for a while, then said, “it’s indeed time to go back today. By the way, your grandmother is back, so go and greet her!”

Xiao Ting searched for the old woman through the original ownder’s memories, but couldn’t remember.

She finally drew a conclusion.

The old woman didn’t like her.

But her cheap father was a filial son, so she had to give him some face.

And so, with a mentality of dying early meant escaping early, she rushed into the place where the old lady lived.

Before entering the doors, she heard a lot of people chattering inside.

“So it’s the Sixth Miss who came back. Come in quickly.” Third Aunt found Xiao Ting first and came over to pull her.

Although the original owner was arrogant and mischievous outside, she was still quite well-behaved in the mansion. At least when facing the old lady, she was well-behaved.

And so, Xiao Ting followed the original owner’s way and stepped forward to bow to the old lady, “This Granddaughter has seen Grandmother. Wishing Grandmother didn’t have a hard time on the road.”

The old lady was over 50 years old, not too old but also not too young. She had a nightmare the other day, and when she woke up, she went back to the house to see. The old man had already passed away. The Imperial Uncle couldn’t dissuade her and had to send someone from Jiangnan to protect her.

This journey took a few months and it’s only now that she returned.

At Xiao Ting’s greeting, she never thought that the old lady would snort and say: “Speaking of which, this old lady still had to salute you, Ninth Princess.”

Although she said this, she was still sitting still and didn’t mean to greet her at all.

Xiao Ting thing was dumbfounded. What’s with this situation?

The voices of the few people sitting around instantly stopped. They dared not say anything.

The old lady snorted again, fully expressing her dissatisfaction and said: “The master is gone, and this Xiao Mansion is becoming more and more unruly. Before the elder sister could marry, the younger sister had already married first. Why kind of etiquette is this?”

Saying so, she slammed the tea cup on the table, making a heavy noise and some tea splashed out which happened to fall on Xiao Ting’s body.

Today, she was wearing a light yellow gauze skirt without any embroidery. It was picked by Hong Shao. She said it looked more elegant, so that the other misses in the mansion wouldn’t say anything.

When the tea stains splashed out, it happened to be on her chest area. It was so conspicuous and extremely embarrassing.

No one dared say anything. Xiao Ting was about to argue with her when the voice of the Fourth Miss, Xiao Mei, came from outside.

“Grandmother just came back, why are you so angry? Why can’t you care about your body?”

Xiao Mei, as her name suggested, looked very charming. Among the eight daughters of the Xiao family, she’s the one who resembled Xiao Gufei the most. Logically speaking, Xiao Gufei should like her the most.

But no one understood why Xiao Gufei liked Xiao Ting, a niece who looked so far apart from her and had an incomparable temperament.

If the others didn’t understand, then Xiao Mei wouldn’t.

She was loved by everyone, but that aunt wouldn’t like her, so even though she was the elder sister, she always had to bow to Xiao Ting.

For example, she hadn’t even turned 15 when the sister she had always looked down on got married.

Grandmother always prefers her and doesn’t like Xiao Ting, but when this Xiao Ting was in the house, Grandfather always guarded her and with her father’s preference over her and an aunt who loved her, Xiao Mei couldn’t move her.

Now that grandfather had passed away, and with father also afraid of grandmother, she wanted to see…

“So it’s Mei’er, come over and let grandma take a look at you. Has my poor granddaughter been wronged during this period of time? Just say it and grandma will avenge you!”

Like flipping a book, the old lady changed expressions from a strict mother-in-law to a loving mother-in-law.

Her face changed instantly as she looked at Xiao Mei with a smile.

When Xiao Mei walked over, there was a gust of perfumed smell. Xiao Ting pinched her nose, enduring the scent that made her want to die.

“With Grandmother’s love, this granddaughter is fine no matter how wronged she is.”

Xiao Ting tilted her head and took two deep breaths, only four words in her heart!

Putting on an act!

Then her mind began to wander. She’s going to see Seventh Aunt later since she didn’t know how sick she was. Seeing that she’ll soon die, it must be very serious.

If Xiao Shi knew, he might cry.

Also, regarding the vines she planted a few days ago, she didn’t know if it’s still alive. If it’s alive, she’d move it to the Ninth Prince Mansion. Anyway, if it’s planted here, it might die soon.

Her thoughts moved wildly, so didn’t know what the old lady and Xiao Mei were talking about. The old lady then asked her something.

“Your sister greeted you, didn’t you hear it?”


The room was quiet for a while.

“Xiao Ting…”

Xiao Ting instantly regained her senses, “What? Is it time to eat?”

The aunts sitting around covered their mouths as they chuckled. Someone whispered: “Sixth Miss is now a Princess, but she hasn’t changed her temperament.”

The old lady’s face turned dark, and she slammed on the table, “Eat, eat, eating all the time. What else can you do?”

Xiao Ting thought for a while then said, “Replying to grandmother, eating and drinking is the most important thing in life. Other things can be done by the servants, so this granddaughter didn’t have to do it!”

She’s confident that she’s right, but the old lady was so angry that she wanted to vomit three liters of blood.

In fact, Xiao Ting was right. These days, she had a maidservant for everything. What else should she do?

But when the old lady heard this, it sounded like she’s showing off her marriage to the prince.

“Do you think that once you’re married to the Ninth Prince, you can ignore this old lady?”

Seeing that the old lady was angry, Xiao Ting finally realized that she said something wrong again.

So, she thought about it, then felt that she still had to remind the old woman.

“Well, Grandmother, the Empress Dowager was also as angry as you are the day before yesterday. In the end, she fainted because of health problems. She also blamed this granddaughter and arrested this granddaughter. Don’t follow her. If you faint, this granddaughter might be blamed again…”

RTBAS 018: Bride Returning Home
RTBAS 020: Seventh Aunt's Solitary Care (1)

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