RTBAS 020: Seventh Aunt’s Solitary Care (1)

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Xiao Ting blinked her eyes full of innocence and kindly reminded the old lady while counting on her fingers.

“Sixth sister, what are you talking about?”

Xiao Mei’s eyes flashed lightly as she glared at Xiao Ting, her tone still indescribably charming.

Xiao Ting shrugged indifferently, then softly muttered, “I’m telling the truth!”

After seeing the old lady gasp in anger, she quickly lowered her brows and smoothly said: “If grandmother has nothing else, this granddaughter will leave first. Let the Fourth Sister accompany you to talk and calm down.”

Finished, she hurriedly left.

Xiao Ting went all the way back to the courtyard where she lived before, but saw Hong Shao just waiting outside anxiously. She turned her head and said something to some people from time to time, looking very emotional and angry.

What happened again?

Seeing Xiao Ting appear, Hong Shao rushed over and angrily said: “Miss, Fourth Miss is too much.”

Her eyes turned red even before she spoke, which Xiao Ting found funny. While knocking on her forehead, she looked at the servants behind. Those people subconsciously backed away.

“What’s wrong to make you look so pitiful?”

Hong Shao sniffed then swallowed her grievances. She said: “Miss, they deceived you. You only got married for a few days, but the Fourth Miss actually took up your courtyard and I don’t know where she threw your things away. This servant had asked them for the reason, but they wouldn’t let this slave servant in.”


Xiao Ting patted her on the shoulder and walked over. How could these people dare to stop her? They all stepped back, but still spoke boldly, “Sixth Miss, please forgive us. These are all orders from the Madam and we could only follow the order.”

Xiao Ting didn’t speak and just kept walking. She did see some changes along the way, but it was in a good direction, which was acceptable.

She happily admired the entire courtyard. Then she entered the main house and touched here and there before finally sitting down on the main seat. She then said: “Not bad. It seems like I have to thank Fourth Sister. For me, it’s indeed a lot pleasing to make the courtyard so beautiful.”

Everyone was dumbfounded. What did Sixth Miss mean?

Fourth Miss worked so hard to clean up this courtyard for herself, so how did it become the Sixth Miss’?

Xiao Ting didn’t care about them, and only asked Hong Shao to find a piece of clothing. Just now, she was implicated by the old lady’s anger and had tea stains on the chest area of her clothing, which was very obvious.

Fortunately, Xiao Mei hadn’t thrown away her things, so she changed into a lake-green dress, which made her feel much more comfortable.

Suddenly, she thought of something and asked: “Why didn’t I see Lu You?”

Being stared at by the Sixth Miss, the maid guarding the house hurriedly stood up and replied, “Replying to Sixth Miss, Lu You went to Zhuangzi.”

“What? Lu You was fine when I left. In less that two days, how could she go to Zhuanzi?”

Lu You and Hong Shao were both girls who served Xiao Ting. In comparison, Hong Shao was quick-tempered, while Lu You was calmer and less emotional. When Xiao Ting got married, she felt like since Lu You and Hong Shao’s family lived here, she should let them stay here.

She never thought that after only a few days, Lu You was sent out.

Generally speaking, a maid serving the master wouldn’t be directly punished to Zhuangzi unless they made a serious mistake.

“What happened?” Xiao Ting asked with a smile on her face.

The maid knelt down, “Lu You ran into the Fourth Miss, and the Madam ordered her to be sent to the village outskirts.”

Xiao Ting raised her foot and walked out, “Hong Shao, let’s go.”

The two went all the way to the front yard, found the housekeeper, and asked about the matter. The housekeeper was recruited by the old man, so he was extremely affectionate to Xiao Ting. Hearing her question, he sighed, and slowly explained.

Speaking of the Imperial Uncle’s mansion, before Miss Xiao became a Gufei, it’s a big family at best, and the things inside were naturally muddled. However, since Miss Xiao became a respected concubine, it naturally became different.

In previous years, the Imperial Concubine loved Xiao Ting and Xiao Ting seldom cared about the affairs of the mansion, so she knew almost nothing about it. She only knew that those who treated her well cared and loved her.

When she’s still in the house, of course, everything was the best, but now that she’s married, it’s another matter.

Just like this time. When she just got married and had a foot out the door, the Fourth Miss pestered to have her courtyard and the Madam wordlessly let the servants follow her daughter’s wishes.

Since Hong Shao took the tenth young master to leave, there’s still another maid in the courtyard, who naturally wanted to stop them, so there was a conflict.

“Why did Lu You hit Fourth Sister?” Xiao Ting mentioned this matter. Lu You had always been calm, so even if this happened, she would tidy up her own things at most, so that no one could touch it, then look for the Imperial Uncle or decide on her own.

It shouldn’t have been dangerous for her.

“This old slave knows. It seems that when the Fourth Miss fell and broke a jar, she became angry and quarreled a few words with the Fourth Miss, then she was hit by the Madam…”

“Did you just say that Lu You was beaten?”

The butler nodded, “Ai, that kid had always been smart since she was a child, so I didn’t think that she would be so impulsive this time…”

“Do you know which Zhuangzi Lu You went to?”

The housekeeper naturally knew. Xiao Ting gave a jade pendant to Hong Shao, then said, “Go pick a few people to go and get Lu You back.”

Hong Shao took the pendant and left.

The old housekeeper was a little worried, “Miss, did you ask for the old madam’s permission?”

Xiao Ting pouted, “Do you think grandmother will agree?”

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