RTBAS 018: Bride Returning Home

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The Ninth Prince could see that Xiao Ting really liked Xiao Yun, but he didn’t know if there’s a deadline for her affection.

Maybe since she’s so young that she didn’t understand the meaning of biological and non biological children. Or maybe it’s just because she thought children are interesting.

“Xiao Yun is the only young master of this mansion, and this Prince will never want other children.” He couldn’t afford it.

Xiao Ting nodded and responded indifferently, “I know, it’s because you’re not in good health!”

Ninth Prince: “…” He didn’t mean it like that.

“Regarding Xiao Yun being a girl, I ask that Princess not tell others.”

Although Xiao Ting was curious, since he had said so, she was too embarrassed to ask again and simply nodded.

“Since Sixth Miss has accepted this status, then I’ll bother you to take care of Xiao Yun.”

When talking about this, Ninth Prince looked a bit solemn, “If I’m gone one day, I hope you can treat her kindly.”

Xiao Ting was surprised, “Is your illness so serious that you’ll die soon?”

The Ninth Prince felt that talking to her would really kill him sooner.

Xiao Ting also realized that she couldn’t say the word die, so she covered her mouth and said, “Don’t worry. This place is so rich and powerful, why are you still afraid that it can’t even raise a child?”

If it weren’t for the Xiao Mansion’s wealth and Xiao Ting’s dowry, the Ninth Prince would have thought that this girl was afraid of becoming poor with the way she’s always thinking about money.

“From now on, you will take care of the affairs of this place. This Prince will take care of the housekeeper. In this mansion, except for this Prince’s JingHua Courtyard, you can go and toss all the other places.”

When Xiao Ting heard the word toss, she remembered the original owner’s ‘brilliant deeds’. She nodded this time.

“Are you finished? Can we eat now?”

Xiao Ting touched her belly and blinked at him.

The Ninth Prince hypnotized himself not to watch her unruly actions, then asked: “The Princess can also mention any conditions.”

“I don’t have any.”

Everything was as she wanted it. Also, this cheap husband was so easy to talk to, so her life was happy.

During the meal, Chu Yun knew that Xiao Xin would be staying in the mansion for a few days, so she held an unwilling face all the time.

Xiao Ting changed her attitude towards her in the early morning. She began to feed Xiao Xin. Chu Yun made an air of indifference as she poked the rice grains in her bowl, looking up at the two siblings from time to time.

Really an eyesore!

Hong Shao was next to them. Seeing her lady so indifferent to the young master, she was a little uneasy. Just after the meal, she stepped forward and asked: “Miss, if you do this, the Prince will have opinions.”

“What did I do wrong?” Xiao Ting asked casually, then rushed to lie down on the soft couch, thinking in her heart that with the palace so big and the Prince asking her to toss it, then she’d transform it at will!

But when she looked around, she couldn’t see anything wrong.

“Miss, you only care about the tenth young master during the meal. The little prince next to you was watching helplessly. He was even stunned when you clipped on a vegetable, but didn’t give it to him. Didn’t you see the little prince run out in anger?” Hong Shao understood her lady and knew that she naturally didn’t understand, so she kindly explained.


Xiao Ting gave an indifferent reply then brought a fan next to her and covered her eyes, thinking that she would go inside when it got cold in the afternoon.

As for the two noisy little ones outside, Xiao Ting said that they should play and go wherever they wanted.

Seeing that her miss was going to take a nap, Hong Shao had to leave.

Two days passed quickly. Xiao Ting laid in the courtyard everyday, listening to the two little brats making noise or eating with them. Her life was very comfortable.

Her wish was to live like this forever.

On the third day when she’s supposed to go back home, Xiao Ting was dug out of the bed by Hong Shao early in the morning.

“Princess, it’s time to get up and go home.”

On the other side, Xiao Xin was also pinching Xiao Ting’s nose, calling out to his sister to get up with his milky voice.

Xiao Ting was frustrated by these two people. Finally, she helplessly opened her eyes and stretched before getting up.

She let the others serve her with closed eyes during the whole process. Hong Shao was helpless. She always felt like her miss liked her life very much.

But she had inquired and knew that her miss and the Prince didn’t share the same room at all.

It didn’t matter right now but when the little prince grew up, what could her miss do?

No, she must think of a way to get them together.

Regarding the bride returning home after three days, Xiao Ting threw Xiao Xin out of the carriage. She then asked the butler for the Ninth Prince and he responded that the Ninth Prince had entered the palace, so she only took Hong Shao and prepared to go back.

Seeing the Princess like this, the kindhearted butler quickly stepped forward to explain that the Prince had ordered the gifts for the visit to be prepared. Knowing that the Princess didn’t like sitting in a sedan chair, he set up a carriage.

Faced with the thoughtful approach of her cheap husband, Xiao Ting merely thought that the Ninth Prince was not that bad.

Hearing this, the uncomfortable feeling in Hong Shao’s heart also disappeared.

When they returned to the Xiao Mansion, the Imperial Uncle had been waiting at the door since long ago. He craned his neck and looked forward while behind him were the Madam and several concubines.

Xiao Ting got out of the carriage and Madam Xiao quickly took the gifts away. All the way to the entrance hall, everyone accompanied them and said good things before dispersing.

The Imperial Uncle looked around then asked in a low voice, “Why didn’t the Prince come back with you?”

He had just seen many people look at their house while frowning just now, especially at the carriage. The news that the Ninth Prince didn’t accompany his girl back home must have spread to the various noble houses.

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