RTBAS 038: Seeking Death for Xiao Mei

RTBAS 037: Graceful Imperial Concubine
RTBAS 039: In That Case, Apologize!

Xiao Ting’s reputation was well-known throughout the capital. Naturally, this didn’t mention how virtuous she was.

Even when she became the Jiu wangfei, few people would dare come forward and talk to her.

Xiao Ting was also happy with this. She found her place and sat down, then started eating slowly with the two little ghosts.

She scanned the surroundings at will but didn’t find Jiu wangye, who entered the banquet hall with her. She shrugged and fixed her eyes on the low table.

There was a wide array of delicious food. Xiao Ting rolled her sleeves and started to move. From time to time, she would stuff the two little mouths while nodding, ignoring the weird eyes of everyone around her.

After waiting for almost a quarter of an hour, the Emperor arrived at the scene, and everyone sat back after saluting.

The Empress was a bit old, but she was still very dignified and like all the masters in this time and space, she spoke decently. She got up and said a lot, but according to Xiao Ting’s understanding, she only meant a few things. One, she thought that the Palace is not so lively, so she wanted it to be lively. Two, it’s to choose a concubine for the Third Prince.

Xiao Ting took the time to scan her female relatives among the crowd, and as expected, they were all dressed up like flowers and butterflies.

Their faces were embarrassed and joyous as if they were already married to the Third Prince.

She hadn’t seen what the Third Prince looked like, but these girls already can’t be saved.

Xiao Ting was eating happily when she suddenly raised her head at hearing someone call her name.


Her mouth was full of oil and she had a fruit in her hand, ready to put in her mouth. With her shiny eyes, she looked like a real foodie.

Everyone thought in their hearts: Although the former Sixth Miss was already married and became the Jiu wangfei, her temperament remained the same.

Jiu wangfei, this time, the judges include you.” Someone next to her kindly reminded.

Xiao Ting turned her head and smiled at the other person, internally wondering who this person was.

Hong Shao carefully whispered in her ear: “Wangfei, this is the daughter of High Official Lin’s wife. She had a relationship with us before.”

Nani, what is this one-sided fate?

Soon, Xiao Ting threw the woman aside.

The banquet was very boring. It was nothing more than some women singing, dancing, playing the qin, and painting. She was so bored that she wanted to sleep now that she’s full.

As for scoring, hehe, she would score as many points as the others scored!

“The Fourth Miss from Imperial Uncle’s family, Xiao Mei, appeared below.”

Today’s Xiao Mei had a bright yellow dress wrapped around her good figure. Her light and plain makeup were extremely delicate and her slim figure swayed in the wind.

Coupled with that face that resembled Imperial Concubine Xiao, she won a lot of applause as soon as she lifted her foot and danced gracefully.

She had to say that Xiao Mei sang and danced well.

Especially in the last few notes where her voice really seeped into the bones of some people. Xiao Ting secretly curled her lips at that point.

Nine judges scored nine points in that one round.

When it was Xiao Ting’s turn, everyone was thinking that since they’re from the same family, maybe she’d give a ten.

But when Xiao Mei knew that Xiao Ting was also a judge, her face went dark. At this moment, facing Xiao Ting, she reluctantly saluted her. Although she still kept a smile on her face, her heart burned with hatred.

Xiao Ting showed her a perfect smile, her snow-white teeth flashing.

Raising the jade plaque in her hand, there was a big ‘one’ on it, making everyone not believe their eyes.


Even the Emperor thought Xiao Mei’s dance was very good, but when he saw Xiao Ting’s mark, he was a little dumbfounded.

“You…” The smile on Xiao Mei’s face slipped, and she felt like she could die at this moment.

Imperial Concubine Xiao didn’t expect Xiao Ting to do this, and she was a little unhappy at the moment. After all, this was also a girl from her Xiao family.

“Ting’er, did you take the wrong mark?”

Xiao Ting first smiled happily, and then looked suspiciously at the sign in her hand. Just when everyone thought she’d say she got it wrong, they didn’t expect her to raise the sign higher and innocently say: “It’s the right one!”

“Then why do you only give Fourth Miss Xiao one point?” The Empress felt like gloating as seeing such a scene was really rare.

Originally, the concubine for the Third Prince had already been decided, but she didn’t expect the Emperor to suddenly intervene in this matter, even saying that ten judges would be selected to make it fair.

She knew that Imperial Concubine Xiao must have given this idea, but she was not afraid.

Everything was arranged very well, and even Xiao Mei’s appearance was also within the scope of her plan, but she didn’t expect that Imperial Concubine Xiao had a good candidate, making it so that Xiao Mei was one point better than her favorite.

But that’s not the funny part. She didn’t expect Xiao Ting, someone from the Xiao family, to pull the other down by herself.

Seeing that it was the Empress who spoke, Xiao Ting felt a bit responsive. She still remembered that when she was in the Empress Dowager’s courtyard last time, this woman wouldn’t let go of her. She rolled her eyes secretly in her heart.

“For the Empress, what kind of qualities should the Third Prince’s concubine have?”

RTBAS 037: Graceful Imperial Concubine
RTBAS 039: In That Case, Apologize!

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