RTBAS 037: Graceful Imperial Concubine

RTBAS 036: Unreliable Master*
RTBAS 038: Seeking Death for Xiao Mei

Outside the Palace were exquisite glazed tiles, while the inside was richly ornamented.

Luxurious wealth was not enough to describe everything Xiao Ting was seeing.

However, it could also be seen that the Emperor was indeed very affectionate to the Imperial Concubine.

“Ting’er is here, come and sit down.”

This was the second time Xiao Ting had seen the Imperial Concubine.

She just sat there quietly, but with a wave of her hand, people could feel that she’s aloof and cannot be disobeyed, but with charm and passion. That charisma was irresistible.

It’s a charm that could move people with her bright distinctive features. She’s that kind of woman.

Xiao Ting looked around and was surprised to find that several girls from the Xiao family were present, including the old lady.

“Ting’er saw Aunt, and wish Aunt will always be young and beautiful!”

Xiao Ting bowed in a casual manner and then ran to the Imperial Concubine at a fast speed.

“The name of Jiu wangfei is really big to let this Imperial Concubine wait for so long.”

The few girls who came from the Xiao family saw that Xiao Ting was so favored by the noble concubine. Although they were unwilling, they were helpless.

Xiao Ting curled her lips. Here they are. Afraid even the old lady wouldn’t dare speak up.

“Ah, there are still people here. Ting’er only saw Imperial Concubine Aunt just now!”

After Xiao Ting finished speaking, she stood up and went to the old lady. She respectfully saluted: “Ting’er has seen Grandmother, hoping Grandmother is well!”

“I’ve seen elder sisters and younger sisters.”

Without waiting for the others to reply, the Imperial Concubine stood up: “Oh, it’s different now that Ting’er is the Jiu wangfei, but you’re so thoughtful to pay your respects. It shows that Jiu wangye is much better than your father at teaching you manners.”

Xiao Ting stomped her feet, and said in anguish: “Aunt, does this mean Ting’er is disrespectful before?”

“Oh, is your Aunt’s little padded jacket angry?” Imperial Concubine Xiao teased her.

At this time, the Palace servants came to report that the Summer Lotus Banquet had already started, and the Empress invited the Imperial Concubine over.

“Then let’s go over now, mother.” The Imperial Concubine waved, gesturing the old woman to go in front. How could the old lady dare be arrogant? She walked directly behind and let the Imperial Concubine go ahead.

Xiao Ting accompanied the Imperial Concubine, ignoring the jealous eyes behind her.

“Aunt, I heard that the Emperor is choosing a concubine for the Third Prince at this banquet, but is that so?”

Imperial Concubine Xiao walked in front of her gracefully, while the court ladies followed her with umbrellas.

The old lady was on the left with Xiao Ting on the right. The other girls of the Xiao family were behind them along with many Palace servants following mightily.

Imperial Concubine Xiao glared at her and said, “Everyone in the capital knows all these things, but you’re still asking at this point?”

Xiao Ting expressed her innocence, “Aunt, Ting’er is already married, so why should I care about this kind of thing! If Jiu wangye know about it, I’m afraid just a mention of it would make it looked like Ting’er is looking forward to his early death!”

“Pei, pei, pei, slap!” The Imperial Concubine glared at her again, her phoenix eyes flashing with a strange glint: “This is the Palace and you don’t even know when to stop speaking.”

Xiao Ting spat out her little tongue and didn’t dare respond, but she was thinking in her heart, isn’t that the truth? Besides, the reason her Aunt married her to Jiu wangye was not that she wanted to find a backer for Xiao Ting as everyone in the Imperial Capital speculated.

He wouldn’t care anyway. On the day her Dad came to her, Jiu wangye didn’t even care what she and her Dad talked about, even more so now.

While thinking about it this way, Xiao Ting saw a group of men approaching from a distance, including her husband, Jiu wangye.

In front of the group of majestic and handsome men, Jiu wangye was dressed plainly, walked calmly, and looked calm and undisturbed. There’s nothing outstanding in his attire, but even so, he’s like a star holding the moon and impossible to ignore.

When those plain brows looked over, just how attractive were they?

Xiao Ting just thought that since she knew this person, he’s a little handsome.

If it was known to others that Jiu wangye, who appeared indifferent and immortal, could only bear the word ‘handsome’ in Xiao Ting’s eyes, afraid they would be so angry that she’d be beaten and scolded for having no eyes.

In this era, male and female segregation was not very strict, so neither side avoided the other.

The men casually saluted, and with the Imperial Concubine’s group, they walked all the way to the banquet.

At the banquet, Xiao Ting didn’t follow Imperial Concubine Xiao again.

Hong Shao glanced at the two little children in the crowd.

Wangfei, it’s the young prince and the young master.”

Xiao Ting looked in the direction Hong Shao pointed at, and when she saw it, it turned out to be the two beansprouts.

“Why are you here?” Xiao Ting walked over there quickly and hugged the little prince before asking.

Xiao Xin was a little dissatisfied. She only embraced Chu Yun and didn’t hold him, so he pulled the corner of her clothes and said aggrievedly: “Wangye brought us here.”

“What did he take you for?” For such a small child, do they even know what a banquet is?

“Wait a bit and don’t run around. Just follow me. Have you heard, where there are many people, there are many right and wrong happening.”

When Hong Shao heard what Xiao Ting was seriously teaching the two children, she was a little curious about when her wangfei became so sensible. Before this, where did her liveliness go?

RTBAS 036: Unreliable Master*
RTBAS 038: Seeking Death for Xiao Mei

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