ACDWL 002: …town?

ACDWL 001: By The Time I Noticed, I Was Here
ACDWL 003: A Small Variant

The man rode on the creature’s back while holding me up.

I wasn’t stable, so I was fixed to the man’s body with a cloth.

…I’m sort of like in a baby sling.

(Are you kidding me!? This position…)

I know it can’t be helped since my body’s too young.

…I can’t even reach the reins.

I was wondering if there’s any problem with using one hand, but after thinking about something for a moment, I was moved to a position where we hugged each other, and it became like this.

I have no power to protect myself before I could understand the language.

A world with a sword might be less secure than Japan.

I had better be quiet here.

My future is literally in the hands of this guy.

Whether he will take care of me, or just give me up in the future, all will be determined by him.

If someone sells me like this and make me a slave, I have no future.

I don’t think I can work as a child in a world where I can’t even understand the language.

“*****? *******.”

Though he knew I couldn’t understand him, he still talked to me.

I don’t feel any ill intentions from him. Maybe he’s a good person, or he’s just deceiving me…I can’t judge.

I wish he’s a good man that’d care about me until I grew up.

After all, the language barrier is big.

(Just why, do I look like this…)

What did I do to deserve this?

It’s only been about 3 months since I entered University, but today, I skipped lectures and slept in.

…is that wrong?

Or is this too real situation just a dream?

(I, can I even go home?)

Is there a guarantee that I can go back?

Do I have to live in such a world where I know nothing?

The everyday life I was spending wasn’t the best.

Still, it seemed like losing the days where I fought and laughed with my family and friends was more damaging than I expected.

Tears flowed unknowingly.

Once it overflowed, it wouldn’t stop so easily──

“********!? **********?”

The man noticed that I was crying and said something, but I couldn’t stop sobbing.

The confused man patted my back for a while to calm me down.

“***. ********.”

He hugged me with one arm and was saying something.

I shedding tears like that── but before I knew it, I grew tired from crying and fell asleep.



Somehow, it was noisy, so I woke up.

“******! **********.”


It looked like the man was talking to someone.

(…I don’t think it was a dream.)

Even when I woke up, I’m still in a world where I don’t understand anything.

“********. ****.”


They should be talking about something.


When I yawned, the man’s gaze was directed at me.


My head was stroked.

As expected, he seemed like a good person.

“*********? *******.”

The guy who was talking to the man said something.

I didn’t know what he said and just thought he’s saying something to the man.


However, he seemed to be talking to me as my hair was pulled.

“******! **********!!”

I knew the man was angry with him.

I tried to pull my hair out of his hand, but it didn’t go well.

Then, the man pulled him away by violently bending his finger in the wrong direction.


I then properly looked at the man who screamed in pain──


I was stunned.

He was a handsome guy who’s a little younger than the man.

What’s on his head was…something that looked like red rabbit ears.

Red hair and yellow eyes that drooped a little.

Even though he’s taller and wider than the man, he has rabbit ears…

It should be correct for a normal Japanese to think he’s “gross”.


That person raised an angry voice towards me.

Probably because I had a very disgusted face.

(Are beast ears standard equipment in this world? If so, I should be a stranger to these guys.)

Is there a “person” like me here?

“******. ********. ****.”

“*******? ****?”

“**********. ********.”

“****!? ***************?”

The two were talking about something.

Rabbit ears guy seemed to be surprised at something.

I’m sure it’s from the man describing how we met.

(Language acquisition is the highest priority.)

Communication is impossible unless I remember some simple words.

When I was listening to the conversation between them, I noticed that the same words were used many times.

Perhaps…their names?

“**. **?”

When rabbit ears was talking to cat ears, I said the word he said the most and they looked at me.

(Huh? Did I pronounce it wrong?)


(Huh? It’s somewhat different?)

Even when I said it again, I feel like it’s different from how rabbit ears pronounced it.


(Huh? It became more different…?)

Rabbit ears, can you say it again?



For some reason, they both started laughing.

Cat ears is also stroking my head.

I knew I was laughed at because I couldn’t pronounce it well.

“How rude! Even though you can’t speak my language!”

I reached out and hit the cheek near the chin, which was barely reachable.

Even after receiving it, cat ears still laughed.

Even when I punched the abdomen, it didn’t seem to have any impact on his abdominal muscles.

While I was sulking, rabbit ears stroked my head.


I slapped that hand.



He laughed and said something, but I ignored it.

While riding on the horse-wolf hybrid creature, we moved slowly.

When I looked around, hoping to spot something familiar, there’s only cat ears guy.

Rabbit ears were walking beside us.

I don’t know where we’re headed, but is rabbit ears heading to the same place?

Many people around us have a tail and animal ears. Even those that don’t seem to have scales.

Is this a world where there are only beast people, like the characters in a game?

I was already here before I knew it. Can I still go back to my original world?

I don’t even know how I came here, so I have no way of going back.


When we stopped at a certain place, cat ears removed the cloth fixing me to his body.

Apparently, he had something to do here.

The fact that rabbit ears is looking over here meant that he’s probably waiting for cat ears.

(What should I do?)

Even though I had such a question, I was picked up by cat ears and I knew he’s going to take me with him.

We went inside the building.

I’m still held by cat ears.

Rabbit ears also followed from behind.

(Where is this?)

There’s a lot of people.

Moreover, I could see them staring.

I don’t know if they’re looking at me, or if cat ears is famous, or for another reason.


“********. ******.”



Those people talked to cat ears and rabbit ears.

Perhaps cat ears is a really famous person?

It looked like the people around him were in awe.

Even that rabbit ears…

Even without us, it seemed like rabbit ears might also be in a great position.

Judging by the atmosphere, rabbit ears didn’t look that great though.

Maybe he’s “someone that doesn’t look like his appearance”.


(Somehow, the atmosphere is heavy.)

Is it because everyone has a weapon?

There are swords and clubs. It seemed to be different depending on the individual…

Is this a world where battles are frequent?

Is there even a recognition of a “country”?

As expected, not knowing anything is bad.

I have to learn the language, but is it possible to get a teacher?

ACDWL 001: By The Time I Noticed, I Was Here
ACDWL 003: A Small Variant

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