RTBAS 070: Weird Bribe

RTBAS 071: Jiu Wangfei's Gift Giving Rules

T/N: I’m changing Commander Xu’s name into Xu Zhi, which is more accurate. I mistranslated it before. Well, what do you expect from an MTL?

Xiao Ting got up, looked back at the ice coffin, then walked out of the blue circle of fire. She raised her hand, and the fire gradually rose. Finally, all the black bugs turned into ashes.

The fire fell. Everything in the prison was the same, only the cloud of black ashes and the pool of black water the only witness to the magic just now.

“Let’s go. She died long ago, but someone processed the corpse, making it full of bugs. Then they closed the seven orifices: the mouth, nose, eyes, and ears, so it looked fresh.” Xiao Ting clapped her hands and spoke casually.

The three of them walked out of the prison. Zhao Hua came back to her senses when she saw the sun, then said, “Ting’er, what did you do just now?”

“Also, also, how can your fingers catch fire?” She asked, getting more and more excited.

“What are those bugs?” Commander Xu also turned into a curious baby, no longer cold.

Xiao Ting was speechless, only then remembering her current identity.

In the end, she had to pull out a far-fetched reason, “It’s just a magic trick, just like how you know martial arts, but it’s of little value and very useless.”

“So, ah, who did you learn that from? I also want to learn.” Zhao Hua was a little surprised and excited.

Xiao Ting: “Naturally my master!” What else could she say?

“Where is he now? Let him teach me, okay?” Zhao Hua took Xiao Ting’s arm and stared at her with watery eyes, begging.

Xiao Ting could only continue to make up lies, “Master, that old man is used to idle and go around. I haven’t seen him for a long time.”

Her master had been dead for many years, and the person died like a snuffed lamp. Where would she go find her master?

“Then teach me.”

Xiao Ting was speechless. Can this be taught overnight?

Also, isn’t this thing related to a person’s constitution?

However, she responded vaguely and then diverted Princess Zhao Hua.

Commander Xu followed them all the time, listening quietly and without asking any more questions.

When the three of them entered the palace, Xiao Ting warned the two of them not to tell anyone about her affairs, or she’d break their friendship.

Zhao Hua nodded repeatedly. Xu Zhi thought for a moment, then nodded solemnly at Xiao Ting’s pretend vicious look.

“Then, according to my investigation just now, there are some results. Those who raised corpses with insects must not be ordinary people. I’ll think about which concubine in this Palace had such a person around them.”

Sitting in a pavilion, the three of them didn’t rush to see Xiao Guifei and the Emperor, so they began to analyze their conclusions.

Zhao Hua blinked and shook her head blankly.

Xiao Ting looked at Commander Xu and Xu Zhi seriously said: “This one had only been in office for a year, so this one is unclear.”

Xiao Ting was speechless: “Zhao Hua, you deal with those women all day, don’t you know this?”

Princess Zhao Hua was despised, so she was dissatisfied and said: “Does this Princess look like a meddlesome person? But someone definitely knew.”


After a while, a teenager appeared in front of them, dressed in plain clothes and flat shoes, looking too mediocre in the Palace which was really strange.

Commander Xu stepped forward and held his fist to courteously salute him, “This one has met Fourth Prince.”

It was the Fourth Prince who had met Xiao Ting.

The Fourth Prince raised his hand to signal him to get up with an innocent smile on his face. Although he’s not very old, he has a princely style, and his manner was very calm, but his clothes were a bit shabby.

“I’ve seen Ninth Aunt.”

Compared with Zhao Hua, the Fourth Prince was still a very normal person.

At this time, the called out Xiao Ting was dumbfounded. Zhao Hua hid her mouth and smirked, “Ting’er, should I call you Ninth Aunt too? Hahaha…”

Xiao Ting was speechless. It’s obvious that everyone was the same age, so why did listening to this made her seem like a forty or fifty-year-old aunt.

He’s obviously much older.

“Roll.” Xiao Ting kicked Zhao Hua, then looked at the Fourth Prince and said: “Let’s talk like friends among peers. That sounded very awkward, ah!”

“The courtesy cannot be abandoned.” The Fourth Prince still had that unmoved by force or persuasion expression.

Xiao Ting was angry, “I’m obviously not as old as you, and if you call me Ninth Aunt again, our friendship is over!”

Fourth Prince: I have no friendship with you at all!

But seeing that Xiao Ting was really angry, the Fourth Prince had to smile.

Speaking of business affairs, the Fourth Prince went silent for a moment before saying: “There’s really such a person.”

“Who? Where?” Zhao Hua asked him curiously. She used to hear her Fourth Brother talk about some old things. She thought he knew a lot before he was kicked out, and unexpectedly, he really knew.

“There’s Li-mama next to Mother Empress, remember?” The Fourth Prince looked at Zhao Hua. She nodded, then opened her eyes wide and said: “Don’t tell me Mother Empress was behind this?”

The Fourth Prince hurriedly stepped forward and covered her mouth, saying, “Don’t you know what this place is? Be quiet.”

Standing in place, Xu Zhi’s expression also changed drastically, saying: “Your Royal Highness, you can’t say anything like this. If you had other people listen, even this one would find it unbearable!”

Zhao Hua slapped Fourth Prince’s hands, “This Princess has a sense of measure, besides, there are no outsiders here.”

Then she looked at the Fourth prince, “If Fourth Brother hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have said it casually!”

Zhao Hua’s temperament in the Palace was also a little witch, but Empress Dowager loves her very much, so sometimes, it’s difficult to keep her mouth close. However, after all, in this Palace, everyone lived in the Emperor’s favor.

Not only the concubines, but also the princes and princesses.

Zhao Hua dared say such things, but in front of the Empress Dowager and the Empress, it’d be treated like a joke.

But Commander Xu and the Fourth Prince are different.

One was a minister, and the other was not favored by the Emperor.

“Why are you so nervous? Is this really related to the Empress?”

The two men stopped Zhao Hua, so Xiao Ting spoke up again.

For the first time, Xu Zhi felt like he’s on a pirate ship.

He regretted it. Even if he was demoted to the garrison of the Imperial Capital, it would be better than being with these two crazy women where he might die unjustly at any time.

The Fourth Prince was also speechless for a long time.

Fortunately, there was no one else here. He stopped mentioning the matter and said: “Li-mama is an old servant in the Palace. She hasn’t married in all her life. She used to be next to the Empress Dowager and was said to be her personal maid. After several years, she came under Mother Empress. It’s been more than ten years, but she once used an odd method to save Imperial Grandmother.”

Xiao Ting looked at him in surprise. This Li-mama first followed the Empress Dowager, then followed the Empress, even saving the Empress Dowager. She served the noblest women of two generations in this Palace. Who the hell is she?

“Is the experience of this Li-mama so wonderful?”

The Fourth Prince chuckled, “No one who can live to such an age in this Palace has no story!”

Compared to Princess Zhao Hua, the Fourth Prince obviously experienced extraordinary things. However, Xiao Ting’s attention turned back again.

“Then, do you know how Li-mama rescued the Empress Dowager?”

The Fourth Prince shook his head, “Back when we were young, we only heard that Imperial Grandmother had a weird illness for a while, and she kept yelling that there was a ghost in the Palace, so the doctors were at a loss. Finally, it was Li-mama who accompanied her. Months later, Imperial Grandmother returned to normal.

“There are very few who knew this, and I just overheard it.”

Xiao Ting’s mind was confused, “How can I check this?”

What palace maid beside the Empress? What bugs? Isn’t she only suitable for listening to stories?

Why are there so many things that she felt a ball of thread in her mind, and couldn’t find any reasoning for it?

Zhao Hua covered her mouth and chuckled, “I don’t know who just vowed that she’d find the truth of the matter about her Aunt Guifei.”

Xiao Ting: “…” Is that her?

Did she say that?

Impossible, how could she do such a troublesome thing?

It turns out that she really can’t.

“It’s time for lunch, I’ll go home first.”

After instructing Xu Zhi to continue to investigate, Xiao Ting left the Palace.

After returning to the Mansion, Hong Shao was waiting for her with a table of good dishes and soup. Xiao Ting threw everything behind her and talked about it after becoming full.

Xiao Xin was fine. The two children then began to read and no one played with Xiao Ting anymore.

And so, she spent a long time in the house alone. For some reason, she pulled out her many treasures from the cabinet and stared at them.

Hong Shao saw her depressed back and knew her master was upset about something seeing how she squatted on the ground in a daze.

She stepped forward and asked: “Wangfei, what are you doing?”

Xiao Ting said without turning her head: “Bribing people!”

Hong Shao was confused, “Then who do you want to bribe?”

She wanted to see whoever dared accept bribes from her wangfei, and she must tell wangye.

As a result, Xiao Ting turned to look at her, and said: “Do you think he will help me if I take these things to wangye?”

Hong Shao: “…”

“So, wangfei, are you trying to bribe wangye?”

Xiao Ting nodded solemnly, “But I don’t know what he likes. How much should I give?”

“This jade bottle is useless, so I can give it to him!”

“And this horse, it’s so ugly and useless, so I’ll give it to him.”

Hong Shao stood by, watching her master quickly fill up a bag, then stand up contentedly.

“This sincerity should be enough!”

Speechless, Hong Shao watched Xiao Ting go out. In fact, she wanted to say, wangfei, just tell wangye if you have something, aren’t you a couple?

Besides, are you sure those things are sincere?

Wouldn’t that irritate wangye to death instead?

In his courtyard, Jiu Wangye was dumbfounded for a moment. After watching Xiao Ting unpack the so-called treasures that she took out, he wanted to poke a hole in this girl’s head.

To see if the structure was the same as that of ordinary people.

Xiao Ting, who didn’t know what’s on Jiu Wangye‘s mind, was happily putting everything on the table.

“Then, these are all from me, showing my sincerity!”

Jiu Wangye first picked up the jade bottle and looked at it a few times. Well, the object was good, but what about it?

Isn’t this used by girls for flower arrangements?

There’s also this unicorn, which was not only available to new brides, but also meant to be worshiped.

Next, this is a golden hairpin, right? What would he do with this?

Is this the woman’s farewell gift to him?

Is this how it is?

Looking at the many things on the table, they’re all things used by women. In other words, it’s useless to him.

Jiu Wangye took a deep breath and finally spoke, “You’re giving these to benwang?”

Xiao Ting smiled happily and said: “Yeah, it’s useless for this consort, so I’m dedicating it to wangye.”

RTBAS 071: Jiu Wangfei's Gift Giving Rules

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