RTBAS 071: Jiu Wangfei’s Gift Giving Rules

RTBAS 070: Weird Bribe
RTBAS 072: Didn't the Master Just Have to Eat and Sleep, then Sleep and Eat?

Jiu Wangye squinted at her thinking, this girl obviously wanted to ask for something.

So this was giving gifts.

She’s saying it’s a gift righteously, but she’s really giving it because it’s useless.

Are you sure this kind of gift-giving won’t kill your popularity?

But in the end, Jiu Wangye nodded calmly and said: “Benwang would like to thank wangfei for her kindness.”

“No need, no need…”

Xiao Ting was just about to continue speaking, when Jiu Wangye continued, “In the past, the people who came to give gifts to benwang always asked for something, and none of them were sincere.”

He stared at her and spoke very seriously, almost making Xiao Ting choke to death from those words.

But she’s thick-skinned, ah. As a result, she could powerfully and stupidly say, “I have something to ask wangye too!” Then she quickly promised, “But I’m also sincere.”

Otherwise, who would give you such valuable things, and still so much? She’s not stupid.

Just look how much this is, ah!

The corner of Jiu Wangye‘s mouth lightly raised, “Oh, then wangfei should take these things back!”

At this time, Xiao Ting got anxious, clutched the jade bottle on the table, and said, “These are all good things and very valuable, you really would want them!”

“Those are all women’s ornaments, what would benwang do with them?” Jiu Wangye willingly accepted her view and replied.

Xiao Ting became even more anxious, “It’s not for you to use, you can sell it for money. Hong Shao said these things are valuable.”

Jiu Wangye now understood that he married a money-grubber.

In the eyes of others, giving gifts to others was from the heart, but in her eyes, it’s all about money.

Benwang is not short of money.”

If Jiu Wangye sold things for money and someone knew, how could he save his face?

Besides, is he short of money?

Xiao Ting was dumbfounded, “If you’re not short of money, then say that earlier. I’ll take these back then.”

She thought he was poor, so she wanted to bribe him.

Jiu Wangye saw Xiao Ting quickly pack those things, then turn around and leave without any reluctance.

He was a little suspicious. Did he guess wrong? Did his little wangfei really think he was poor and just came to help him?

But the next moment, he withdrew this idea.

Because when Xiao Ting just walked out the door with one foot already out, she remembered, aiyo, she had something to ask Jiu Wangye, how could she take these things away?

So, quietly retracting that foot, she backed away step by step. When she retreated to Jiu Wangye’s side, she lowered her head and quickly put those things back.

Then she looked up, revealing what she thought was the sweetest smile, but in fact, it looked horrifying. She looked at Jiu Wangye and copied the way Guifei spoke, seductively saying: “Wangye, this is for you, please accept it.”

Jiu Wangye involuntarily laughed and was really amused.

“Didn’t wangfei take it away?”

Xiao Ting secretly scolded his lack of manners, but still said: “How can I take back what I gave out? This is wangye‘s.” After saying that, she pushed those things forward, and Jiu Wangye stretched out his hands to block it so that it wouldn’t fall.

Wangfei is here not just to see benwang, but also to help benwang, correct?”

Seeing that Xiao Ting’s acting skills were on the verge of collapse, Jiu Wangye took the initiative to speak.

A bright light flashed in Xiao Ting’s eyes, and she walked a few steps closer, making her smile sweeter.

It’s just a bit more sincere this time.

Those eyes shone and her eyelashes fluttered. With every word, she’d blink constantly.

“This consort has a small matter and asks wangye for help.”

Without waiting for Jiu Wangye to ask, she said all the things in her mind.

Jiu Wangye heard it and was in a fog, like hearing an unorganized child say things.

As for her wanting to investigate the case, it’d be nice if she didn’t help.

Unfortunately, he wanted to see what she could do, so he wrote a booklet to the Emperor.

“You mean, Li-mama, who was next to the Empress, stole the corpse of Tao Zhi and cultivated it for many years. Then yesterday, many years later, she threw the body into the lake to scare Xiao Guifei?”

Xiao Ting was dumbfounded. Is that what she meant by what she said this quarter of an hour?

Uh, she really said that, but did she mean it like that?


Jiu Wangye was speechless, “Are you sure that Li-mama did it?”

Xiao Ting was taken aback, then shook her head.

Jiu Wangye got up and approached her with hands behind his back, then looked at her condescendingly, “So, you had benwang speak to the Emperor for you with great fanfare, and you only found this in the end?”

Xiao Ting’s head shrank, not daring to look at him.

“Who said with great enthusiasm yesterday that she wanted to get to the bottom of Guifei’s matter!”

Xiao Ting continued to shrink her neck.

“Did you find out who brought the corpse to the lake?”

“Did you find out who killed Tao Zhi back then?”

After a few questions, Xiao Ting finally blurted out, “I am not a God, why would I know everything? Why else would I need to beg you?”

“Hmph, if you don’t help, then don’t help. What’s so great about you?” After Xiao Ting finished speaking, she waved her hand and turned around.

After that, with a ‘majestic and valiant’ attitude, she left in big strides. Acting tsundere obviously wouldn’t work.

By the window, Housekeeper Mu and a certain guard, continued recording in a small notebook.

“On July 12 of the 26th year of the Renxiao Emperor, wangye laughed once, smiled twice, and fought with wangfei. For the time being, wangye won.”

The shadow guard wanted to burst into tears, can you not call him next time?

Seeing that her master carried those things back and came back angry, Hong Shao knew what happened without asking.

Wangfei, you’re back so soon.” Hong Shao went up to take the baggage and asked her curiously with a smile that she couldn’t hide.

Xiao Ting angrily entered the room, kicked her shoes off one by one, then threw herself directly on the soft couch, muttering under her breath: “This miss begged him in such a lowly manner, and was teased by him. Hmph, what’s so great about him?”

“He also said that I did nothing. Don’t beg me when you have problems, otherwise, hmph hmph…”

Hong Shao smiled and persuaded: “Please don’t be angry. It’s also right for wangye to be angry.”

“What? Why is he angry? He even looked down on what this miss gave him.”

After saying that, she kicked the baggage again. That appearance of panting in rage looked very tsundere.

Hong Shao hurriedly said: “Wangfei, you have good intentions, but if you give wangye these, how could wangye find these rare?”

“But didn’t I ask you if these are valuable? You said it’s very valuable!” Xiao Ting was puzzled.

Hong Shao was speechless, “Then, how did you tell wangye?”

Xiao Ting was angry and said what happened just now.

After listening, Hong Shao didn’t speak for a long time.

Her master is getting more and more…

Should she reason with her? Forget it.

“If it weren’t for Zhao Hua saying that he’s great, this miss wouldn’t beg him, hmph!”

Hong Shao suddenly said, “Wangfei, did wangye refuse you?”

Xiao Ting thought. That’s true, Jiu Wangye just laughed at her and didn’t say that he wouldn’t help her.

“Uh, I was too impulsive!” So, Xiao Ting realized afterward that he hadn’t said anything about it yet when she left.

Wangfei, let’s try another gift, okay?” Hong Shao gave her an idea.

Xiao Ting bit her lip and thought for a long time. Finally discouraged, “Since he didn’t want any valuables, what can I give him?”

The master and servant were trying their best to think when Xiao Xin’s voice came from outside.

“Is sister there?”

When Xiao Ting heard that the little darling was coming, her spirit revived immediately.

“Sister, are you busy?”

“No!” Xiao Ting motioned for Xiao Xin to come over, “Come, come, little sweetie, come over and let sister look at the wound on your head.”

Xiao Xin was a little embarrassed and as he approached Xiao Ting. He lowered his head to show her and said: “I’ll be more careful next time so that I won’t fall again.”

“It’s okay. It’s normal for boys to fall and fight, so they grow up healthy.” Xiao Ting said casually.

Hong Shao next to her had become accustomed to it, but Lu You felt that her master had become more and more unreasonable.

Wangfei, what’s the matter with you?” Lu You glared at Hong Shao, picked up the black baggage on the ground, opened it to take a look, then put it back in the cabinet to the side.

She also picked up Xiao Ting’s shoes and put them below the soft couch.

Hong Shao stuck out her tongue. She hadn’t had the time to clean up yet!

Among the two girls around Xiao Ting, Hong Shao was more lively, and there’s also a lot of trouble when doing things.

Lu You was calm and have the aura of a head maid, so the original owner used her very much and she basically took care of LiuLi Pavilion’s affairs.

Because the original owner often ran out.

Xiao Ting liked to lie in the house and be a rice weevil, so fearing that she couldn’t bear Lu You’s preaching, she sent her to Xiao Xin’s side.

Now feeling Lu You’s stare, Xiao Ting and Hong Shao looked at each other, both seeing a guilty conscience in the other’s eyes.

In the end, Hong Xiao told the matter to Lu You.

After Lu You listened, she was stunned and finally gave her master an idea.

“Why don’t wangfei embroider a handkerchief for wangye!”

Xiao Ting: “He doesn’t even want those. Would he like that? How much is it worth?”

The two maids: “…”

Did their miss always act like this? Didn’t she always treat money like dirt??

Besides, how can giving gifts between husband and wife be directly measured by money!

Lu You made a decision, “Just give an embroidered handkerchief. Wangye will definitely like it.” There’s one thing she didn’t say. Even if he didn’t like it, it’s better than that bunch of things.

Don’t know who came up with it, but bringing a bunch of decorations and women’s ornaments to wangye, it’d be strange if wangye liked it.

“Okay!” Finally, Xiao Ting reluctantly accepted, then turned around and laid on the soft couch, starting to tease Xiao Xin.

Wangfei, what pattern would you like to embroider?”

Doing what she said, Hong Shao quickly brought the embroidery samples for Xiao Ting to see. Xiao Ting stared at it for a while, and just when the two girls thought she would point out one of them, the person spoke.

“Why are all of them so complicated? When would I finish embroidering them?”

Lu You: “Wangfei, it’ll be done in three or four days.”

Xiao Ting immediately jumped out, “What, three or four days? That’s too long. Forget it.”

“You haven’t learned it, so embroidering was naturally slow.” Hong Shao chimed in next.

“Ah? Aren’t you the one embroidering it? Why me?”

Hong Shao and Lu You wanted to faint. Did their wangfei want them to embroider the things that she personally wanted to give to wangye?

Only their master could think of this.

RTBAS 070: Weird Bribe
RTBAS 072: Didn't the Master Just Have to Eat and Sleep, then Sleep and Eat?

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