RTBAS 072: Didn’t the Master Just Have to Eat and Sleep, then Sleep and Eat?

RTBAS 071: Jiu Wangfei's Gift Giving Rules
RTBAS 073: Exit Through The Back Door

However, the following words were even more excessive, “I am the master, shouldn’t I just eat and sleep, then sleep and eat every day?”

“How can I do this kind of embroidery?”

It sounded weird, but Lu You and the others knew that their master had never regarded them as subordinates.

Lu You was helpless and after seriously giving Xiao Ting a political lesson, Xiao Ting took the opportunity to skip class, and finally had Hong Shao go find the other kid.

Seeing that persuasion didn’t work, she resorted to threats, so Chu Yun agreed to accompany Xiao Ting to buy gifts for Jiu Wangye.

In the Treasure Hall, a group of two big and two small walked on the first floor. After two turns, they hadn’t chosen anything.

Or rather, Xiao Ting felt that it was okay, but Chu Yun wasn’t satisfied.

Or that Chu Yun thought it’s okay, but Xiao Ting felt it’s too expensive.

In short, an hour passed. Even after the two masters competed, the winner hasn’t yet been determined.

Finally, Hong Shao pulled Xiao Xin aside, let him pick, and ignored the other two.

Xiao Xin fancied a folding fan. What’s rare was that both Xiao Ting and Chu Yun liked it, but when they asked about the price, Xiao Ting tried to leave with Xiao Xin in her arms.

What a joke, the hell with that fifty taels of silver.

Is that made of gold?

It’s just a paper fan. As for what’s painted on it, she wasn’t interested.

Therefore, even after the shopkeeper introduced it for a long time and both Xiao Xin and Chu Yun were moved, Xiao Ting didn’t buy it.

“I’ll buy it.”

At this moment, an elegant man walked over. He was in his twenties and had a spring-like smile on his face. His eyes were very sincere and cordial.

As soon as the shopkeeper heard that someone wanted to buy it, he immediately greeted him with a smile. He didn’t want to sell it to Xiao Ting and the others.

If it wasn’t for her identity, how could he spend so much time with her?

According to rumors, this Sixth Miss Xiao is very generous, and she never asked twice for the price before buying. Did she become so stingy after marrying into the Jiu Wangfu and becoming a wangfei?

Could it be that Jiu Wangye was very poor?

“This young master, do you want to buy this folding fan?”

The man threw fifty taels of silver in his hands, not even looking at the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper’s brows loosened and he immediately said: “Please wait, I will wrap it up for you.”

Chu Yun was still there talking to Xiao Ting, “How poor are you that you can’t even bear fifty taels?”

“Fifty taels can buy a lot of things, why buy that broken fan?”

The shopkeeper who walked over with the broken fan had a smile on his face and ignored her while saying in his heart: Sure enough, you’ll become poor after marrying someone!

He’d always check out the customer’s valuables so he thought they’re a big customer.

After spending so much time, it turned out to be nothing. Fortunately, this customer bought it, so he didn’t waste his thoughts.

“Noble sir, this is your thing, please keep it.”

The shopkeeper smiled and passed it over.

Who would have thought this man wouldn’t pick it up and instead said: “This noble one wants to oblige this beauty. Since this miss likes it, give it to that girl!”

After saying that, he turned and left.

Leaving behind the petrified shopkeeper.

Xiao Yun still reacted quickly and said: “This noble sir, please stay.”

She was small but acted like a small adult. After seriously greeting him, she then tilted her face back and seriously said: “May I ask if this noble sir knew her?”

The man smiled and shook his head, “I don’t.”

“Then, since there’s no merit received, we can’t collect this thing. Also, she’s already married, so please call her Madam, thank you!”

There were other guests in the Treasure Hall, so they naturally recognized Xiao Ting. Seeing that a man gave her a gift, they all wanted to watch a good show.

But they still admired Chu Yun’s action.

“It’s okay. I never take back the things this noble one gave out.” The man’s gaze skipped Chu Yun and looked behind her, then revealed a smile.

Chu Yun looked back and found that while she was refusing the gift, Xiao Ting directly took the box from the shopkeeper’s hand and was happily admiring it.

Next to her, Hong Shao and Xiao Xin were persuading her not to accept gifts from strangers.

Xiao Ting looked at them suspiciously, “He wants to give it to me, and I didn’t ask him for it.”

“Sister, he won’t give it to you without expecting anything!”

The man looked at Xiao Ting with a smile, “It’s fine as long as miss likes it.”

Chu Yun’s face was black as if splashed by ink. Stepping forward, she grabbed the folding fan from Xiao Ting’s hand, threw it into the box, and then glared at her.

She turned to the man again, held the box high, then said, “If she likes it, her husband will buy it for her. Please don’t worry about it and take your gift back!”

The man shook his head and was interrupted by Chu Yun just as he was about to say something.

“I still have something to say. If you continue courting her, that’s called adultery. We don’t know each other, so let’s say our goodbyes.”

Seeing that the man couldn’t reply, Chu Yun threw the box on the counter, took Xiao Ting’s hand, and walked out.

Xiao Xin took her other hand, fearing that she would go grab the box again.

Out of the Treasure Hall, Chu Yun threw her hand away and then walked forward angrily.

Xiao Ting was dumbfounded, “Who messed with her that she’d walk so fast?”

Hong Shao was speechless. Who else but you?

And so, a gift wasn’t bought in the end. Xiao Ting was a little discouraged and she was still muttering when she returned to the Mansion, “I blame you all. This is just great. Even if the gift wasn’t bought, the meat on the mouth is also lost. I wasted such a long time.”

Listening to her still grumbling, Xiao Xin felt embarrassed.

“Sister, we don’t know that person, how do you know if he’s good or bad?”

Xiao Ting waved her hand indifferently and said, “What’s the matter? Anyway, the gift is for wangye, so let wangye check it out! If he’s kind, he should be a friend. If he’s bad then when he got the gift, he’s the one who suffers, not us, right?”

At this moment, Xiao Xin no longer worried about his sister but worried about Jiu Wangye.

Is it really okay to marry his sister?

“Wangfei, you can’t accept gifts from other men when you’re married.” The reliable Hong Shao directly said it.

Xiao Xin agreed.

Xiao Ting bit her lip and asked, “Is that so? Then I can only accept gifts from wangye? What about the others?”

“It’s not that you can’t accept, it’s just that you can’t accept gifts from other men.” Hong Shao explained seriously.

Xiao Ting bit her lip. Is there a difference between men’s and women’s gifts?

Well, in the 23rd century, men and women are equal. Even after marriage, they have their own freedom. The people here are so troublesome.

“But, wangye had never given me a gift!”

Xiao Ting became angrier and angrier, “Why did this consort have to give him a gift? Hmph, don’t wanna.”

Hong Shao took Xiao Xin out, feeling that she needed some quiet.

Her master seemed angry at not receiving any gifts.

And while they were talking about gifts here, Jiu Wangye was listening to the report.

“You said that Cheng YunYi appeared in Treasure Hall?” Jiu Wangye was a little surprised, not expecting Cheng YunYi to appear openly on the street.

YuChi XinHan also hurried back after receiving a report from his subordinates.

“Furthermore, he has met with wangfei and the young prince. He even gave wangfei a gift, but the young prince rejected him.”

“Gift?” This surprised Jiu Wangye. This Sixth Miss Xiao really didn’t stop for a moment. She was still playing in his place an hour ago and then ran out to buy gifts after a while.

YuChi XinHan hadn’t replied yet when Ah’San and Ah’Si came to report. After telling them to come in, they told him what happened just now.

Without any personal feelings involved.

Jiu Wangye didn’t speak after listening.

But YuChi XinHan had a smile as he said, “You said that wangfei was going to choose a gift for wangye?”

The two nodded.

“Not even willing to spend fifty taels. In the end, Cheng YunYi gave it to her, and she accepted.”

The two continued to nod their heads. Although they were embarrassed to say this in front of Jiu Wangye, it was the truth.

Wangfei said…” Ah’San thought about Xiao Ting’s remarks after coming back.

“What else did wangfei say?”

Ah’San glanced at Jiu Wangye and based on the principle that nothing should be hidden from the master, he said: “Wangfei said that no matter whether the person is kind or bad, the gift is for wangye, so let wangye check it out. If he’s kind, then he should make friends. If he’s bad and received the gift, that was wangye’s problem, not hers.”

At the end of the conversation, Ah’San bit the bullet and finished it.

Obviously, they didn’t agree with Xiao Ting’s philosophy.

YuChi XinHan didn’t know what to say anymore and laughed uproariously. Then he walked over and patted his friend on the shoulder, gave him a ‘hope you good luck’ look, then walked away.

“You go down first!”

After Ah’San and Ah’Si retreated, Jiu Wangye sat in the room alone and began to meditate.

He didn’t wonder why Cheng YunYi approached Xiao Ting, nor did he wonder if there’s any problem with Xiao Ting’s words.

Instead, he remembered something that Ah’Si said unintentionally just now.

He said, wangfei said that you never gave her a gift.

These words bothered Jiu Wangye.

Xiao Ting had always adhered to the concept of lying down instead of sitting and sitting instead of standing. At this moment after dinner, she was lying on the soft couch.

Looking at the starry sky outside the window.

Beautiful things are beautiful but something was missing.


Suddenly, Hong Shao’s voice came from outside, and Xiao Ting sat up agitatedly. Jiu Wangye? What’s he doing here?

Mama mia, Xiao Ting finally remembered why she wanted to give Jiu Wangye a gift.

Isn’t it because she wanted to ask for something?

As a result, when Jiu Wangye came in, he saw Xiao Ting with an annoyed face.


When Xiao Ting heard that cough, she immediately returned to her senses. Then she thought about everything and finally decided to let Jiu Wangye agree to her request no matter what.

However, Xiao Ting hadn’t spoken yet when Jiu Wangye walked up to her and put a box on the table, saying: “When XinHan went to Jiangnan, he bought this object. Benwang has no use for it, so this is for you!”

“If you don’t like it, just throw it away. You don’t have to tell benwang.”

After saying this, Jiu Wangye left.

Coming and going like the wind…

Xiao Ting hadn’t reacted yet when he left.

Xiao Ting slowly opened the box on the table and there’s a folding fan lying inside, “Huh? Why is this so familiar?”

At this time, Hong Shao came in and saw what Xiao Ting was holding at a glance, then asked: “Wangfei, did wangye buy this specifically for you?”

RTBAS 071: Jiu Wangfei's Gift Giving Rules
RTBAS 073: Exit Through The Back Door

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