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In the main hall, Jiu Wangye‘s gaze was still indifferent as he raised his head and signaled: “Sit down!”

Then he asked faintly: “How can you be with the wangfei?”

Chu TianShu smiled, “It’s just a coincidence.”

Then, he told him everything that happened after Xiao Ting got on his boat by mistake.

Even those misunderstandings were clearly explained.

There’s no sign of the gibberish just now.

“Ninth Uncle, don’t misunderstand wangfei. At that time, I saw the person chasing me appear, so I made this move in desperation.”

Jiu Wangye didn’t say whether he believed it or not, but looked down and said: “Benwang already knows.”

“As for your matter, benwang can’t take care of it. It will be your Emperor Uncle’s birthday in two days. You can live in the Mansion first, and return by yourself when it’s safe!”

“Thank you Ninth Uncle, this nephew humbly receives this invitation.”

Chu TianShu still smiled brightly, as if he was waiting for these words.

Until nightfall, Xiao Ting, who should be changing clothes, didn’t appear in front of them.

But Chu TianShu, who wanted to meet Xiao Ting several times, was sent away by Hong Shao every time.

Don’t be ridiculous. She just inquired from Housekeeper Mu’s side and found that her wangfei and wangye are showing signs of interaction, so all dangerous people and things must be strangled in the cradle.

The man who suddenly appeared had no good intentions at first glance.

In the study, YuChi XinHan’s face was full of smiles as he humbly asked: “Your little wangfei didn’t give you an explanation?”

“You know, when this young master went in, they were hugging each other and was even covered with light gauze. The way they looked at each other was really touching!!”

I don’t believe you’re an immortal, don’t you feel anxious?

Haha, in fact, YuChi XinHan still underestimated Jiu Wangfei. The person in front didn’t feel anxious and even his eyes didn’t change.

As if he was talking nonsense.

Benwang will tell the Emperor that young master YuChi XinHan is ready to start a family.”

Jiu Wangye said this indifferently.

The smiling face on YuChi XinHan instantly turned into a bitter melon face. He waved his hands, again and again, begging for mercy: “I say, A’Li, don’t be like this. It’s just a joke, why take it so seriously?”

Benwang never makes jokes.” Jiu Wangye raised his eyes, the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

Seeing this expression, YuChi XinHan immediately gritted his teeth and said: “Say it, what do you want me to do?”

This was another trick to squeeze him!

Jiu Wangye said in a cool voice, “Li-mama, who’s next to the Empress, went out of the Palace to visit her relatives. It’s said that she died suddenly, so you go take a trip!”

YuChi XinHan stared, “That, isn’t that the case that your little wangfei is investigating? Do you still have to meddle with this kind of trifle?”

Benwang has taken over now. Li-mama‘s hometown is in BinZhou. Go and come back quickly. The day after tomorrow is the Emperor’s birthday, so don’t miss the timing.”

Jiu Wangye spoke very lightly then stopped.

YuChi XinHan wanted to vomit blood. It took a day and a half to go from the Imperial Capital to BinZhou. Back and forth, it’s exactly one day and two nights. He didn’t even have time to catch his breath.

“You, why do you want this young master to be affected by the messy things your woman should take care of? Besides, this young master can’t come back if he doesn’t eat or drink or rest!” YuChi XinHan still made a final struggle.

Benwang believes in you.” Jiu Wangye looked at him with determination, and said: “And I think you’re more useful than a horse.”

This was treating him like an animal.

“If you don’t leave now, you won’t be able to come back in time. You can’t just abandon your public affairs for personal reasons.”

YuChi XinHan’s desire to die was gone. The hell, the one abandoning public affairs for private reasons was obviously this guy, but he still wanted to frame him. He shouldn’t have watched the show if he knew it.

He was so beside himself with joy that he forgot to exercise restraint.

“This young master won’t come back then, you have to plead with the Emperor.”

“Look at the weather.”

What does this have to do with the weather?

After YuChi XinHan left, Jiu Wangye sent someone to call Housekeeper Mu to come in.


“There are no outsiders here, Uncle Mu, sit down and talk!” Jiu Wangye raised his hand to signal him.

Housekeeper Mu sat down under him with a smile and asked, “Wangye called this old servant so late, but is there anything important that this old servant should do?”

Jiu Wangye nodded, “Yes, the man you picked up today, do you know his identity?”

“The fifth son of the Jiangnan King, Chu TianShu.” Housekeeper Mu answered, then continued: “However, it seems that the eldest son, Chu TianKuo, was the one who came to the Capital to attend the Emperor’s birthday banquet on behalf of the Jiangnan King. There was no news that the fifth son would also come.”

“He’s being hunted down, and Cheng YunYi is looking for him.”

Housekeeper Mu was surprised, “Since Cheng YunYi appeared in the Imperial Capital, he must have been ordered by the Jiangnan King. How could he easily show up just to find the fifth son?”

“This is also benwang‘s misgivings.” Jiu Wangye lightly pressed his fingertips on the table, making a uniform sound, not light or heavy, not rushed or slow, very rhythmic.

“This old servant will check it now.”

Housekeeper Mu got up and retreated, but was stopped by Jiu Wangye.

Seeing that he hadn’t spoken for a long time, Housekeeper Mu smiled and said, “The Fifth Young Master asked to see wangfei, but wangfei didn’t see him, so now he’s resting.”

Jiu Wangye clasped his fingers lightly, then tapped it again, the frequency a little uncertain.

Seeing that he still didn’t speak, Housekeeper Mu bowed and retreated.

Jiu Wangye was sitting on the chair with a cold expression.

He didn’t see what happened today, but when YuChi XinHan talked about it, he had an unpleasant mood stuck in his chest.

This was also the reason why he ended the dialogue with YuChi XinHan as quickly as possible.

A gust of wind blew in from the window, and a piece of paper was lifted off the table, revealing the contract underneath.

The four rules above were the agreement that Chu Yun made for him and Xiao Ting.

His eyes were fixed on the words Xiao Ting, and her phantom appeared in front of him.

Either wantonly laughing, or pretending to be vicious, in the end, there’d only be a pair of intelligent eyes flickering in his mind.

No matter how much the wind blows, it didn’t disperse this feeling.

After a good night’s dream, Xiao Ting stretched her waist and woke up from her sleep, ready to start a beautiful day.

After washing up, Xiao Ting had just left the doors when she saw the Fifth Young Master walking towards her with a bright smile. With a white robe on, he looked purer.

Along with that neat blinding mouthful of white teeth.

Ya, I forgot about you yesterday.” After some confusion, Xiao Ting finally remembered this deity.

“It’s okay.”

The two got closer, and Xiao Ting asked, “Wangye asked you to stay?”

The Fifth Young Master nodded and smiled brighter.

But before he could greet her, the woman in front of him passed by like a gust of wind.

When he looked back, he could only see the edges of the lake-green skirt disappearing in the corner.

Hong Shao greeted the Fifth Young Master, and then said: “Young Master, please go back!”

After that, she also raised her skirt and followed while gritting her teeth.

She had heard about what happened yesterday. Although wangye didn’t say anything, Hong Shao was still worried all night.

She swore in her heart that from now on, she would always follow her master.

No way, what if she made too much trouble?

It didn’t stop even for a moment. At this time, she deeply realized that there’s a problem with the name given by the old master to her wangfei.

Xiao Ting went to the side courtyard where Jiu Wangye lived. This wasn’t Jiu Wangfu so no two ferocious big men were standing at the gates. She hid by the door, sticking out a small head in, wanting to see the wind direction first.

She had planned it well. When she came back yesterday, she pulled Fifth Young Master to explain it clearly. Unexpectedly, that bastard ruined her wishful thinking as soon as he spoke. Damn, making her run away.

But what should be said is clear. The most important thing was that Jiu Wangye went to investigate Tao Zhi’s case for her, and she didn’t know how it progressed.

She wanted to ask: If this miss didn’t figure it out after trying my best, are you the right person for the job?

The two servants who came out from the inner room with their things stopped when they saw Xiao Ting and was about to bow.

Xiao Ting put a finger to her lips, then waved at them, motioning them to come out.

There are only men around Jiu Wangye, no women, and the only people who served him rarely entered his room.

It’s said that he didn’t like getting too close to people.

“How is wangye?”

The two looked at each other. How do they answer this?

“Replying to wangfei, this servant doesn’t know.”

“Why don’t you know?” Xiao Ting stared, not believing it.

The two plopped down and knelt on the ground, “Wangfei, forgive me, this servant truly doesn’t know.”

The other one added, “Wangye always had one expression. This servant is dull and can’t see any changes.”

Only then did Xiao Ting remember the extraordinary features of her cheap husband, so she had to sulk herself and let the two of them go back.

She took a few deep breaths and as a result, she forgot to breathe out and coughed repeatedly.

Hong Shao arrived, patted her on the back, and said: “Wangfei, what are you doing here? Didn’t you want to see wangye?”

“Hush, be quiet, can’t you see this consort is looking at which way the wind is blowing?” Xiao Ting raised her hand and knocked on her smooth forehead.

“Which way the wind is blowing?” Hong Shao raised her head and glanced at the horizon. After yesterday’s drizzle, today was a clear sky and cloudless, “but no matter how this servant looks, there’s no wind today?”

There was a big ‘囧’ on Xiao Ting’s face.

How could she tell this innocent child?

“Shut up, this consort will go in, you guard here.” En, all wangfei should say that.

Sure enough, Hong Shao stayed in place, welcoming the morning sun.

At the window of the main room, Jiu Wangye caught this scene and turned toward the inner room.

Xiao Ting lifted the curtain and looked inside. Huh? No one.

Is he in the inner room?

And so, she bent over like a cat and walked inside like a thief. Before she reached halfway there, Jiu Wangye made a sound.

“Who’s outside?”

The voice was neither high nor low, but for Xiao Ting, who had a guilty conscience, it was like thunder.

Frightened, she made a wrong step and tripped her right foot with her left foot.


Xiao Ting didn’t control her body well, so she pitched forward. Against gravity, she frantically grabbed anything.

Just then, Jiu Wangye came out around the screen. Before he could react, he felt a flower fall in front of him and then felt his legs go cold.

His pants were pulled down.

Xiao Ting finally fell, feeling like a dog that chewed on mud, with her elbows especially in pain.

“Damn it, this old lady almost fell to my death.” She got up while rubbing her arms.

RTBAS 075: Picked Up Another One
RTBAS 077: Heaven And Earth Courting Disaster Woman

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