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In the outer room, Xiao Ting muttered to herself as she stood up, only to find that there’s another person in front of her. And this person still had dull eyes.

She looked and found that the person in front of her was Jiu Wangye. Xiao Ting reached out her white tender hand and waved it before his eyes.

Wangye, why do you look so dumb?”

Jiu Wangye looked like he woke up from a dream and unconsciously looked down.

Xiao Ting also noticed the difference and followed his gaze. She saw something at the feet of Jiu Wangye, uh.

Are those pants?

Through the gap, one could even see the thin ‘legs’ under Jiu Wangye‘s blue robe.

Xiao Ting was stunned at this moment as she couldn’t figure out what it meant for a while.

Wangye, why did you run out without putting on your pants?”


Xiao Ting was still in the middle of questioning, but before she finished her words, she felt a burst of wind, and her whole body was in the air. She was pushed back with quite the speed and finally fell to the ground.

Falling amidst countless dust and falling flowers.

Hong Shao was guarding outside the doors conscientiously when she heard a ‘plop’ from inside. She stretched her head and glanced inside, instantly becoming dumbfounded and running over at the fastest speed.

It turned out that her master was thrown out by wangye!

Wangfei, are you okay?” Hong Shao quickly helped her up. Xiao Ting had thick skin and didn’t feel anything. She patted the dirt on her body and muttered: “So unreasonable, ah. He’s not wearing pants but still walks around. Why is he blaming me?”

Hong Shao glanced inside, “Wangfei, why don’t we go back first and wait until wangye feels better.”

Xiao Ting pursed her mouth, “I don’t want to. It’s not this consort’s fault, so I will wait for him here.”

She got up and sat on the stone bench in the courtyard, looking inside with shining eyes.

Even though Jiu Wangye was in the inner room, he could hear very far, so the conversation between Xiao Ting and Hong Shao couldn’t be hidden from his ears.

Thinking of a certain person’s trick that looked like ‘throwing myself into your arms for a hug’ but instead made him a rouge hooligan in the blink of an eye.

He really, really thought that kick was too light.

It wasn’t until the Fifth Young Master came and invited them to have breakfast together that Jiu Wangye walked out of his room.

His clothes were neat and tidy. With that blue robe, that handsome face, and that indifferent temperament, no matter how you look at it, he’s still that famous Jiu Wangye.

Fifth Young Master was dressed in white with an extremely bright smile and a pair of quiet eyes that are clearer than amber.

One young man looked reckless and elegant, while the other young man looked calm and detached.

Xiao Ting, between these two poetic men, showed a proper foodie image which froze one and just glanced at by the other.

Fifth Young Master’s eyes were smiling as he moved his chopsticks first, but in the end, he could only raise his head to watch her eat.

The more he watched, the happier he became and the smile on his face became even more obvious.

Jiu Wangye was sitting straight and moving his chopsticks slowly, which fits his image of being an immortal as if no other man was looking at his wife.

When Xiao Ting was eating, she wouldn’t care about anything, so she didn’t notice the weird atmosphere on the table.

Fifth Young Master suddenly said, “Ninth Uncle, she’s not good enough for you, please divorce her!”

The sudden voice finally called Xiao Ting from the colorful dishes.

She raised her eyes, looking suspiciously for the direction of that voice.

“Who? Who’s talking?”

Ninth Uncle, this title is not something anyone can call.

“Me.” The Fifth Young Master waved his hand, showing brilliant white teeth, and smiling very charmingly.

Xiao Ting raised her hand and threw a chopstick over, hitting Fifth Young Master’s head, and pushing it into his sideburns, as she meant to comb his head with a chopstick.

“You shut up.”

Xiao Ting took the handkerchief handed by Hong Shao, wiped her greasy mouth indelicately, and then looked at Jiu Wangye with a flattering smile, then said: “That, wangye, what happened yesterday, this consort will explain to you.”

Then, in the reception hall, she explained while dancing with her arms and legs and with a very rich expression.

“You don’t know but some people didn’t want him to go home. Someone even chased and almost killed him. This guy simply had bad luck.”

“But you also know, eating at someone else’s house, you should also treat them. This miss was given a meal, so I had to help him escape. I wanted to part ways after that but was seen by that bastard YuChi XinHan. He must have given you some pillow talk, so I had to take him back to explain to you.”

“Huh? Did you call wangye Ninth Uncle just now?”

Xiao Ting had no coherency and explained the events of yesterday in a messy logic. It was only then that she remembered.

At this moment, Fifth Young Master was feeling wronged. Blinking his big eyes to pretend to be pitiful, he pointed to the chopsticks on his head with red eyes.

In an instant, Xiao Ting’s maternal brilliance flourished, as she hurriedly ran over, pulled the chopsticks off his head, patted the table, and said: “It turns out that you’re also this consort’s nephew!”

“But which king’s son are you? Why hasn’t this consort seen you in the Palace?”

“Are you married? You look so good. Unlike the beauties everywhere, how could they be as good-looking as you? Let me tell you, don’t find a woman next time, since they don’t have your prosperous beauty. Wouldn’t they lose out just by looking at you?”

Xiao Ting was just explaining what happened yesterday to Jiu Wangye, and in the blink of an eye, she sat next to the person in question and began to preach with the tone of an elder.


Jiu Wangye faintly glanced at the two of them, put down his chopsticks, got up, and left. Housekeeper Mu stayed outside and a certain notebook went online: “On July 14, wangye sulked twice and glanced at another man with hostile eyes. En, the relationship with young master YuChi is unknown, need to continue to understand.”

Dark guard: “…” This subordinate’s hands are shaking, and this time, even his legs are shaking.

What relationship with Young Master YuChi is unknown, you think there’s something between the two masters?

He’s dead. Knowing such a cryptic thing, would he really not be killed after this?

The dark guard once again thought that committing suicide would be simpler.

While Xiao Ting was preaching there, Jiu Wangye left and glanced at Housekeeper Mu. Receiving his master’s signal, Housekeeper Mu understood and immediately invited Xiao Ting away.

Wangfei, wangye requests your presence, please.”

Xiao Ting: “Huh? Where’s wangye?”

And you didn’t even notice that there’s such a big light bulb missing in front of you?

Wangye has something to do, so he went to the study. This old servant will lead you there.” Housekeeper Mu smiled. Xiao Ting got up and dropped her new flame for the old one, whispering on the way, “This consort always thinks that you old man had a happy event, ah!”

Wangfei is joking, what happy event would happen to this old servant if he’s old and childless?” Housekeeper Mu led the way.

Xiao Ting was surprised, “Don’t you have any relatives?”

Housekeeper Mu smiled and didn’t answer.

“That’s a shame. Looking at you old man, you must have been handsome when you were young. Not using such a good gene and wasting it, I truly have nothing to say.”

Housekeeper Mu thought that even after living a long time, he sometimes still didn’t understand what his wangfei was talking about.

But it doesn’t matter, as long as wangye can change.

“Otherwise, this consort will help you find a wife!” Xiao Ting suddenly stopped, and Housekeeper Mu, who had walked on the flat road for half his life, almost fell.

Wangfei must be joking. We are here, please go in!”

Xiao Ting looked at the vermillion wooden doors. Why did she feel as if she’d entered the inner courtyards of the Palace?

“This consort will go and see wangye first, and when I have time, I’ll talk to you about finding a wife.” Xiao Ting looked back before striding inside.

Jiu Wangye was sitting there looking at things with a lot of books behind him. Those indifferent eyes skimmed across ten lines as he sat very upright.

As soon as Xiao Ting walked in, Jiu Wangye said, “Wait a moment.”

Then, his eyes drifted away on those volumes.

Xiao Ting looked around and found only a soft couch, so she stretched her waist and sat down with a table next to her. There were various fruits on the table, which looked very delicious.

So, while eating, she wandered around the study, feeling here and there, and then returned to the soft couch after turning around and seeing that Jiu Wangye still didn’t intend to look up.

She changed her sitting posture and ate a bit too much, so Xiao Ting turned to her side. Looking from this angle, she just happened to see Jiu Wangye‘s face.

The eyebrows weren’t the popular sword eyebrows these days, but gentle as if painted.

Looking at those eyes again, the eyeballs are turning quickly, and the eyelashes are very long. Every time he blinked, it would fan out, looking a bit feminine.

But that deep gaze gave people an awe-inspiring coldness.

And that feminine impression disappeared.

Not knowing what he read, his expression became more and more solemn. His iceberg face began to melt, and a crack appeared.

His brows seemed to be twisted. Is there something that’s bothering him?

And that slightly open rosy lips looked tempting…

Looking at it, Xiao Ting’s eyelids began to fight but finally couldn’t beat Duke Zhou’s invitation for a date.

And when Xiao Ting closed her eyes, Jiu Wangye looked up at her, a slight smile curled at the corner of his lips as he lowered his head and became busy again.

When Xiao Ting woke up with a blanket on her body, she rubbed her eyes and took a long time to orient herself.

She saw that Jiu Wangye was still sitting there and seemed like he hadn’t moved. The volumes on the table had decreased, but there’s still a lot.

It’s not over yet.

So she turned over and continued to sleep.

During this time, Jiu Wangye got up and helped cover her up with the blanket while minding her sleepy state. About to turn around, someone suddenly grabbed his arm.

Jiu Wangye struggled and broke free, then blankly stared at her while frowning in displeasure.

Under the window, Housekeeper Mu’s notebook appeared again, “On July 14, wangye frowned three times, and had numerous mood swings. The reason, wangfei.

The dark guard little brother wanted to transfer positions. He didn’t want to follow this old wolf anymore.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t know how he died.

Xiao Ting slept so unsteadily that the way she woke up was too terrifying, which led to weird consequences.



Aiyo, this old lady almost fell to my death.”

Jiu Wangye sat there, stunned, having no time to save this heaven and earth courting disaster woman.

It’s just getting up, why holler something?

Shout this, shout that, did she have to shout so loud? Why jump up from the soft couch in the first place?

You just jumped with your eyes still closed, so who would fall if not you?

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