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RTBAS 077: Heaven And Earth Courting Disaster Woman
RTBAS 079: Picked Up A Maid

Xiao Ting rubbed her ass and stood up while cursing, “Damn it, this miss didn’t do anything wrong, why push me down?”

Jiu Wangye looked speechless.

He went crazy just now, right? How could he have felt concerned?

Is this the type of woman he likes?

How can that be?

“Aren’t you the one messing around in your sleep?”

When Jiu Wangye spoke, Xiao Ting came back to her senses and remembered where she was.

Wangye, are you finished? This consort has something to ask you!”

Xiao Ting walked toward the volumes of books while rubbing her butt.

After taking the time to look at the piles of volumes on the table beside Jiu Wangye, she just glanced at it and lost interest.

Frick, she didn’t understand.

There’s a bunch of words as if written by a ghost.

Jiu Wangye put down the things in his hands, leaned back, and pointed to the chair before saying, “Sit.”

At this moment, Xiao Ting was standing next to Jiu Wangye. Because of her looking down at the table, they were very close to each other, so when she heard those words, she pursed her lips.

“What do you want to ask?”

Seeing him with a business attitude, Xiao Ting secretly rolled her eyes since she had never seen him like that.

When talking to girls, it should be like Fifth Young Master. How could there be such a person?

There are no ups and downs at all.

“Naturally, it’s about Aunt’s matters. You didn’t let me enter the Palace yesterday, so how did it go?” When she mentioned this incident, she became angry. If it weren’t for Jiu Wangye stopping her, she wouldn’t have met Fifth Young Master and then ate his food. In the end, it didn’t seem to matter.

Benwang has already told the Emperor that this one will be responsible for it to the end. Prepare for these two days. The day after tomorrow will be the Emperor’s birthday.”

You’ll be responsible for it to the end?

Did he just say that he wants her to prepare for the Emperor’s birthday?

“What do I have to prepare?” Does this have anything to do with her?

Jiu Wangye took a deep breath and looked at her ignorant eyes. It shouldn’t be a pretense, so he had to explain it to her.

“Naturally, it’s regarding the gift to the Emperor. Didn’t anyone in the Xiao fu teach you?”

In any case, his Jiu Wangfu is also a place with a reputation, and his consort’s family background is not that bad.

The Old Madam Xiao is also a knowledgeable person. Even if this Sixth Miss was muddleheaded before, she’d still be married to his Jiu Wangfu, so they should have mentioned it, right?

Jiu Wangye couldn’t figure it out.

Xiao Ting couldn’t figure it out even more, “My mother died early.” So no one cares.

Is this reason okay?

When Jiu Wangye heard her answer, he became speechless again. Then, should a child without a mother understand nothing?

Is that right?

Did his wangfei mean this?

“Forget it, benwang will leave it to Uncle Mu to handle this matter.”

Xiao Ting ohh’ed, then remembered that Jiu Wangye had just sent her away with just one sentence, so she continued to ask: “No, no. I’m asking about the progress of Aunt Guifei’s case. Is that Li-mama a bad person?”

“Also, the Empress is the real murderer, isn’t she? Isn’t she?”

Jiu Wangye was speechless, wondering what this kid was talking about.

“Li-mama went out of the Palace to visit relatives, and I heard that she passed away.”

“What?” Xiao Ting jumped up when she heard those words, “Dead? Then dying at this time when she wasn’t supposed to die must be a problem.”

Jiu Wangye nodded in agreement, “XinHan is already checking it out, and there’ll be results the day after tomorrow.”

“So, it’s not a clue that this miss will find with my ability. This would upset Zhao Hua.” Xiao Ting muttered softly when she heard that.

Seeing that she had nothing more to ask, Xiao Ting got up, yawned, and walked out.

Hong Shao, who had been guarding outside, greeted her and said, “Wangfei, young prince Yun and the young master Xiao are back.”

The listless Xiao Ting heard that and immediately gained vitality. With glittering eyes, “Little cutie and darling Xiao Shi are back? Go, go and look.”

Chu Yun and Xiao Xin started to study outside recently. Because Jiu Wangfu was being rebuilt and the facilities in the Mansion aren’t complete, Jiu Wangye let them go to the Imperial School.

Therefore, Xiao Ting, being alone, ran out yesterday.

At this moment, hearing that the two little dolls finally came back, she immediately put down her troubles to greet them.

That’s right. For Xiao Ting, investigating the case was too annoying.

Her brain is not enough.

Therefore, no matter how anxious she was, she could only wait for news from Jiu Wangye.

“Sister…” Xiao Xin, who was still very far away, had sharp eyes and pedaled his short legs to run over.

Xiao Ting knelt, reached out her hand to catch him, and hugged Xiao Xin.

“Have you studied hard recently?”

Xiao Xin said proudly: “Of course, Xiao Shi studied hard, and the teacher praised me for my writings today!”

“Really?” Xiao Ting walked forward and stroked the top of his head with a smile. Xiao Xin shed a lot of blood after falling down that day.

“Of course.” When Chu Yun approached, Xiao Xin broke free to get down, “Sister, Xiao Yun is also very good. The teacher praised him too.”

After hearing this, Xiao Ting looked at Chu Yun with a playful expression and said: “Little dearest, one day is like three autumns. You haven’t seen your mother for a few days and haven’t kissed me yet, why are you still making that face?”

“Come, give me a smile.” Xiao Ting said, squatted down, and used the index finger of her right hand to pick up Chu Yun’s chin like a playboy molesting a girl from a good family.

Chu Yun snorted coldly, shook her hand away, and said: “This prince is going to greet father. You get out of the way.”

Hong Shao, who was standing by the side, stepped forward and said: “Wangfei, how come this servant thought that the little prince’s attitude towards you is so much better!”

“Is it?”

Time flew by, and today was the Emperor’s birthday. Kings* from all over the Empire can enter the Imperial Capital, and there were a lot of meetings. With a lot of people in the Capital all of a sudden, the weather seemed hotter.

(T/N: The Kings mentioned here are the Wangs. Basically, they’re the Emperor’s male relatives bestowed with a Wang title and scattered throughout the Empire. FYI, “wang” literally means king.)

Xiao Ting took her two little friends to sit on the top floor of Qingfeng Mingyue Tower and began to appreciate the crowds.

“Sister, who is that? She looks so beautiful!”

There’s a rule in the Empire that all kings who enter the Capital by decree are not allowed to enter before that time. Instead, they would stay in a wangfu outside the city. The Emperor’s birthday was from tonight to tomorrow morning, so they’re not allowed to enter the city at this moment.

Xiao Ting didn’t have much interest in those people, but Xiao Xin was confined in a courtyard of Xiao fu since he was a child, and he had not even been out of the gates. Once out of Xiao fu, he became interested in everything.

While Jiu Wangye was busy with some matters, Xiao Ting couldn’t rest assured when the two little ones want to go out and join in the fun, so she had to follow.

She stretched out her head and looked out. My God, that’s so beautiful.

She saw a soft sedan chair on the street. It’s the kind that could be had a little transparency and the inside was made with nephrite jade. Through the soft gauze covering, the person inside could vaguely be seen.

A woman was sitting inside, lying on her side and occassionally raising the gauze with her hands, revealing that beautiful face.

The domineering posture and the occasional disdain from her eyebrows all showed her noble status.

At a glance, Xiao Ting didn’t like her.

Underneath, the people happily lined up to welcome the passing of the ceremonial team.

“Don’t know.” Xiao Ting retracted her gaze and sat back lazily because all matters would be postponed until after the Emperor’s birthday.

Tao Zhi’s case still hadn’t progressed. She went to the Palace to meet Zhao Hua and the others, but she didn’t get any news, and even Commander Xu couldn’t be found.

This made Xiao Ting very frustrated, so she only knew what Jiu Wangye said.

Frick, he’s hanging my appetite.

No way, while under his roof, she had to bow her head.

Just you wait!

“That’s Rui Wangfu’s Si Yue Junzhu*. I say, you woman, who doesn’t know her, how can you become the mistress of Jiu Wangfu in the future?”

(T/N: Junzhu: Princess of a commandery or Princess of the Third Rank. Usually granted to the daughter of a qinwang. Lit. lady of a prince of the blood. Further explanation at the footnotes.)

Chu Yun took the opportunity to scold her, but Xiao Ting was happy about it.

As Hong Shao said, Chu Yun’s view of her has really changed a lot, which is what she wanted to see.

Otherwise, if this bear child was always against her, how could she enjoy life on such a day?

“Yes, yes, yes, little Yun’er is the smartest. This consort is ignorant, so I promise to recognize people well in the future, okay?”

Chu Yun was so angry. Look, look, is this what a Madam should say?

In the end, she could only hmph softly and ignore her.

As for that Si Yue Junzhu or something, Xiao Ting didn’t care.

This time, the Emperor didn’t age in a whole number. Therefore, the birthday banquet didn’t invite people from other countries, but rather the loyal ministers of the Empire, the Kings, and the Princes.

After a while, the street was vacated and there were very few people.

After watching the excitement with the two small ones, Xiao Ting went back to the Mansion to wait.

It wasn’t until night fell that they took a carriage into the Palace under Housekeeper Mu’s arrangement.

There were platforms in the Palace Hall where the Emperor entertained his ministers.

On the opposite side was the lake. At this moment, a huge stage was set up above the lake, surrounded by brightly lit lights and energetic air, looking very beautiful among the thin misty fog.

When Xiao Ting arrived, there were many people under the platforms and stage with everyone sitting in separate rows. Xiao Ting was led by the court lady to where Jiu Wangye should be sitting. Xiao Ting then asked Hong Shao and Lu You to take care of Chu Yun and Xiao Xin before leaving.

There’s no wind tonight, so being next to the lake was very cool. As the cups passed from time to time, the strong smell of wine drifted a long distance.

The Emperor, Empress, and Empress Dowager have not arrived yet, so they relaxed for a while.

Xiao Ting walked out of the noisy place and summoned a court lady to lead her to YaoChi Palace. There’s no helping it, although she had been in and out of the Palace many times, she still couldn’t find her way here.

She heard that Aunt Guifei was performing tonight, so she was going to see her before that.

The court lady knew Xiao Ting and bowed her head before leading the way.

While walking leisurely, she never thought of meeting the group of women across from her.

Xiao Ting had just turned, when she saw a group headed by two women, the Empress and the Empress Dowager.

Behind the Empress and on her right was a girl in a luxurious dress. Her eyebrows seemed lively and with flamboyant vigor, far from the delicate females in this Palace.

It could be seen that the Empress Dowager and the Empress are very happy as these two women have smiles on their faces.

Only when Xiao Ting got closer did she recognize that this girl was the one she had glanced on the street this afternoon, Si Yue Junzhu.

That girl from Rui Wangfu.

At this time, someone next to the Empress Dowager also found Xiao Ting, “Empress Dowager, Jiu Wangfei is in front.”

The Empress Dowager’s eyes went cold as she stopped and looked forward.

Translator’s Note:

Okay, I’ll make this short.

Here’s a quick explanation of the hierarchy. 

Jiu Wangye is a Prince of the First Rank or Prince of the Blood, also called “qinwang”.

Chu Yun is called “shizi” since he’s the heir apparent to a qinwang.

For the female side…

Zhao Hua is a State Princess or Princess of the First Rank, someone born from the Empress.

Princess of the Second Rank are those born from Imperial consorts or concubines.

Now, this new character, Junzhu, is of a Third Rank, so she’s the daughter of a qinwang.

Yeah, reading this, I think I’m going to change Chu Yun’s title to “heir son” instead of “young prince”. Let’s see if it works.


It’s said that one character titles are qinwangs and two-character titles are junwangs. So…

Jiu Wangye and Rui Wangye are “qinwangs”, while Jiangnan Wang is a “junwang”. This is just a conjecture though since the author still called Jiangnan King’s eldest son “shizi” in the next chapters, so that suggests that Jiangnan King is also a “qinwang”.

I really don’t get this complicated hierarchy among the Imperial family and the author might have mixed it up also. Welp, whatever.

RTBAS 077: Heaven And Earth Courting Disaster Woman
RTBAS 079: Picked Up A Maid

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