RTBAS 095: Do I Look Like A Gentleman?

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After Xiao Ting’s kidnapping, YuChi XinHan didn’t worry but more concerned about Cheng YunYi’s situation.

“Who reported the case that he broke into a private house? Which one did he break into?” A close advisor of the Jiangnan King was accused of breaking into a private house and reported to the guards. Wouldn’t he become a joke if this was known?

The leading officer said, “It’s Rui Wangfu.”

“While this subordinate was waiting for someone, he just jumped over the wall of Rui Wangfu, and there were guards from the wangfu chasing after him.”

Rui Wangfu, hehe, YuChi XinHan showed a playful smile, waved his hand, and said, “Okay, if there’s nothing else, go. This young master will tell Jiu Wangye about this and also explain it to your lord.”

The leading officer and guards clasped their fists and said, “Then, we thank Young Master YuChi.” After speaking, the armored guards turned and left.

YuChi XinHan looked in the direction where Xiao Ting left. He didn’t chase after them. His eyes looked far away uncertainly before he finally turned and left.


At the beginning of the month, the fog was thick.

In the mountains behind the Hanshan Temple outside the Imperial Capital, curls of smoke rose as the fire crackled.

Xiao Ting happily sat by the fire, watching the game grilling on the wooden stand, drool coming out of her mouth. She hadn’t eaten barbecue for a long time!

At this moment, she didn’t look like a hostage, but rather a tourist who came out to enjoy the mountains and rivers to experience life.

Cheng YunYi felt it was strange. How could Xiao Ting, this girl from a big family, show such an expression?

So he asked, “You’re not worrying about your life at all, and you’re still thinking about eating?” For the latter half, he couldn’t figure it out.

Xiao Ting rolled her eyes at him, then returned to the golden barbecue: “Heaven and earth is so big, isn’t it fine to just have a good meal? If I can’t get enough food, what else can I do? Moreover, man’s fate is destined, what’s the use of hurrying it?”

People’s fate is destined. Cheng YunYi repeated her words silently, then said with a smile but not a smile, “But now your fate is in my hands.”

Xiao Ting glared at him and said, “We are mutually benefitting each other, okay? I saved your life and you got rid of YuChi XinHan for me. Now you want to avenge your grievances, is this what a gentleman should do?”

Cheng YunYi sneered, “Do I look like a gentleman?”

Xiao Ting held her chin, looked him up and down, then seriously said, “Yes, you really look like one!”

If Cheng YunYi’s dressing and temperament were placed in the 23rd century, he’d be a gentleman who combined dignity and elegance.

Cheng YunYi choked on her blunt answer, paused slightly while turning the barbecue, then looked at her with some unclear meaning, before finally asking the million-dollar question.

“Why did you marry Chu Li?”

Xiao Ting set her gaze on the barbecue again and said indifferently.

“Are you from Mars? This marriage was decreed by the Emperor himself, can I say no? Besides, Jiu Wangye is very nice, doesn’t care about me, and let me do whatever I want. Where can I find such a good long-term meal ticket?”

Regardless of whether others can understand or not, Xiao Ting said it all.

“Does this miss look silly? Why would I leave such a good marriage? For what reason?”

Xiao Ting’s theory was unacceptable to the people of this time, so Cheng YunYi can’t accept it, and didn’t believe her.

Shaking his head, he no longer dwelled on this topic. However, Xiao Ting didn’t intend to let him go: “I say, why were you being chased by YuChi XinHan and those ordinary guards just now? You were chased by them for so long, did you do it deliberately?”

Cheng YunYi’s gaze paused slightly and under the firelight, his eyes were as deep as the sea, but not shocked. For a moment, Xiao Ting felt that he’s a bit similar to Jiu Wangye, not in appearance, but temperament.

He seemed calm and unpredictable, with the emotions on the surface always false.

“Forget it, if you don’t want to say it, this miss is too lazy to listen. When will the meat be cooked?” She’s starving to death.

“Hehe, didn’t you just come out of Fengxian Restaurant?”

This dumbfounded Xiao Ting. She just went out to have a meal and it’s as if all the big people all over the world knew about it.

Not only the Empress and the others who followed her but also Jiu Wangye which is fine but how could even Cheng YunYi know her whereabouts? Is that even fair?

Are all these people rats?

“Are you surprised that I know?”

“No, just wondering. Is this miss so eye-catching? Why are you all staring at me?”

Xiao Ting was depressed. If this is the case, wouldn’t she have to live like those modern celebrities where everything will be exposed to outsiders?

Seeing her look like she’s in the dark, Cheng YunYi didn’t know whether to believe her, but he’s used to seeing Xiao Ting pretend to be crazy so he didn’t answer her question, but focused on what she said just now.

“You’re right. Those people are not my opponents at all. The reason why I let them chase me was to meet you, and then…”

“Then kidnap me?” Xiao Ting felt that her brain cells were too developed, but after seeing Cheng YunYi nod, she immediately stood up, somewhat astonished. In fact, Cheng YunYi already had this idea of kidnapping Xiao Ting from the very beginning.

“I say, did you go crazy? Why do so many people want me to die? The Empress found me not pleasing to the eye, the Empress Dowager found me not pleasing to the eye. What the hell, even that third miss from Duke An’s household looked unpleasantly at me. Hmph, even that Rui Wang‘s heir son’s consort and that SiYue Junzhu. I tell you, these women don’t like me and I can still understand that since this miss is more beautiful than them. They’re just envious of me, but you, a man, don’t see me pleasing to the eye also? Did I rob your loved one?”


Xiao Ting’s lengthy talk made Cheng YunYi a bit uncomfortable for a while. After some time, he realized that this girl’s crazy talk was truly not superficial.

No wonder the Empress Dowager got so angry that she vomited blood, and the Empress wanted nothing to do with her.

Now, it seemed that she’s really pretending to be crazy and stupid.

He stopped his carefree smile, and became very formal, before asking, “I took you out just to ask you one thing.”

Xiao Ting finished speaking and then stopped, “Say it, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll tell you because I also have a secret.”

Cheng YunYi was speechless once again, but he hurriedly got to the topic, “Where did you get the map that you gave the Emperor?”

“Huh?” Xiao Ting was a little surprised, “How do you know about that? Only the Imperial family knew this, and you weren’t in the Palace that time.”

When Cheng YunYi saw her pretending to be crazy and stupid again, his tone became tough, “I’m afraid that Jiu Wangfei hadn’t figured out the current situation. At this moment, you are a fish, I am a swordsman, so to not waste each other’s time, you’d best answer what I asked you. Otherwise, I don’t mind my threat to YuChi XinHan just now become real.”

Xiao Ting listened to him and finally understood what he meant. It turned out that he’s really threatening her.

“Alright, alright. You people always don’t speak directly. It’s a waste of this miss’ brain cells.”

Xiao Ting complained first then said: “I know what you mean. Okay, let me tell you since it’s not a secret. I saved a woman wearing black clothes in the Palace. The map looked like some kind of treasure map, so I took it with me. Who knew that, aiya, I really have good luck since it saved my Aunt’s life. Well, seems like good people will always be rewarded. I saved her life and she saved my Aunt’s life, so the two of us owe nothing to each other.”

Cheng YunYi felt that chatting with Xiao Ting would really drive him crazy, so he ignored her redundant answers and continued asking.

“Then do you know who that woman in black is? Who sent her?”

Xiao Ting curled her lips, “How would I know anyone who’s wearing black clothes and have high martial arts? If it weren’t for her injury, I won’t be her opponent and would have become a ghost already. How would I dare threaten her and ask who she is? Isn’t that looking for death?”

Xiao Ting despised his IQ. Just now, she thought that Cheng YunYi was a smart person, but now she thought he’s also a fool.

“I say, I already answered your question, so can we eat?”

Cheng YunYi looked into her eyes and finally chose to believe Xiao Ting.

“I can’t send you back, so you can figure that out by yourself. Let’s part ways here.”

After speaking, he got up and left.

Speechless, Xiao Ting shouted behind him, “Hey, where are you going so late?”

Cheng YunYi’s figure gradually melted into the darkness.

“Where is this place?”

Xiao Ting wondered. In this empty place, she received no answer as her voice echoed.

“Just leaving this miss here, hey, I’m talking to you, don’t leave!”

Unfortunately, no matter how loud she was, Cheng YunYi didn’t reply.

Heaven and earth was so big, and she’s the only one sitting by the fire, enjoying the cool breeze and watching the fragrant bird meat by the fire exuding a hint of fragrance.

Xiao Ting looked left and right. After confirming that Cheng YunYi left she rolled up her sleeves, took the barbecue from the wooden stand without saying anything, tore it apart, and ate it.

She looked very happy and didn’t worry about being alone because of her unclear situation.

While still muttering, “Ai, since I came to this time and place, I haven’t eaten such delicious food for a long time. It’s better outside, so I shouldn’t go back!”

Jiu Wangfu had nothing good and I have to take care of everything all day long. All the women in the Palace are abnormal and always find trouble with me, truly annoying!”

Seeing Xiao Ting sit there alone, not meaning to leave at all and even eating happily, the black-clothed woman in the dark couldn’t understand.

If it’s an ordinary woman, wouldn’t they be worried at this moment? No matter how bad it is, shouldn’t she hurry up and find a way down the mountain to leave this place?

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