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ddc3eWith wide eyes, Xiao Ting said, “You know this consort!”

“Did you recognize this consort’s identity and that’s why you saved me?”

“Or did you mean to save this consort for another purpose?”

Xiao Ting came back to her senses and stared at the black-clothed woman with a smile. What a joke, she’s not that naive.

Do these people have no brains? With such a naive and obvious hero saving the beauty scenario, can she not see it?

A single look shows this person has bad intentions.

Xiao Ting didn’t give her face and the woman in black didn’t say a word as she turned around and left.

Too simple.

Xiao Ting looked suspiciously at her back, did she guess wrong? Impossible, ah. What happened just now was too obvious. They planned it, and this woman appeared too timely which made it unbelievable. It’s just that letting her leave like this made her not know what to think.

This is how they showed it on TV dramas. There are too many scenarios like this so this woman must have another motive.

“Isn’t Jiu Wangfei going back?” Xiao Ting heard a familiar voice as soon as she was about to follow.

Seeing the person walking away, YuChi XinHan walked out of the dark and jokingly said, “You are so majestic today. You haven’t played enough in the Palace, so you dare to fight the Empress outside?”

“Are you really not afraid of her punishing you?”

Xiao Ting turned around and saw him. She glared at him and asked, “Didn’t you go to bed already? How come you’re here, but since you’re not sleeping, then go with this miss for a drink.”

For someone like Xiao Ting who doesn’t follow common sense, YuChi XinHan felt that he should be obedient and stay away from her.

This woman was simply a scourge, and she speaks without thinking about her words, so everything was messy. Why did A’Li not want to leave her and just let her be?

“A’Li is very worried about you, so he let me follow you and protect you.” YuChi XinHan bitterly explained.

Xiao Ting glared at him and said: “If you’re supposed to protect me, you should have been here before now. You couldn’t even help this miss, aren’t you ashamed to say you’ll protect me? I think you’re in the same group as them, hmph, this miss is in a bad mood now, so don’t mess with me.”

There might be a wolf in front but a sick tiger in the back, so Xiao Ting secretly followed the black-clothed woman until they walked far away and the woman turned her head and asked coldly, “Why are you following me?”

Xiao Ting stopped and kept a ten-foot distance from her, “This consort just wants to see who you are. Shouldn’t I repay my savior?”

Jiu Wangfei‘s repayment, this humble woman can’t afford it, please go back!”

Saying so, the black-clothed woman turned around and left. This time, she used some footwork. With a few flashes, she threw Xiao Ting off her trail. Xiao Ting looked at the disappearing figure not far away, feeling a little discouraged.

An annoying voice appeared behind her once again.

“Since that person ignored you, why are you chasing after them? The Empress is waiting for you in Jiu Wangfu. Are you justifying not seeing her with this?”

YuChi XinHan appeared and continued: “Furthermore, she was ordered by the Empress Dowager to invite you into the Palace for questioning.”

Xiao Ting stared, “So what? This consort never wants to enter the Palace anymore. It’s just a place for quarrel. This consort has an accident every time, so this consort wants to live a few more years. Moreover, wangye explicitly said that without his company, this consort doesn’t need to go anywhere, especially the Palace.”

Xiao Ting finished speaking in one breath. Suddenly, her eyes flashed and she remembered something, “Hey, why are you here and know that something happened to me?”

“Is it a coincidence?” Xiao Ting only reacted at this moment. YuChi XinHan should be at Jiu Wangfu at this moment. Why is he following her?

Is it?

She thought of a terrible fact, is it possible that Jiu Wangye is also with him?

YuChi XinHan saw her face change and gloated a little, “Isn’t it too late for you to find that out now? Also, A’Li heard what you said, word for word.”

“So, where did you and Jiu Wangye hear me talking?” Xiao Ting still held that last glimmer of hope, although that hope was very slim.

YuChi XinHan looked at her amusedly and said: “When you were at Fengxian Restaurant, we were right next to you. He also asked me to protect you. By the way, he said that you can now go back to Jiu Wangfu. He’ll go back later and enter the Palace with you.”

“What? I won’t go back.” Xiao Ting’s head shook like a rattle, and her face changed instantly. She didn’t want to go back because she’d be treated as a joke. Jiu Wangye explicitly forbade her from going out of the house. In the end, she ran out after they finished talking.

Moreover, when she said bad things about the other person, it was even righteously heard by the person involved. At this moment, it’s strange that she hasn’t been cleaned up yet.

“That’s up to you. Do you follow me, or do I carry you?” YuChi XinHan had a headache, but it’s rare to see Xiao Ting’s suffocated expression, so he threatened her.

The sky was already dark. Xiao Ting compared their strengths and finally had to curse YuChi XinHan. She obediently followed behind him and slowly walked towards Jiu Wangfu.


On the street leading to Jiu Wangfu, a group of people suddenly appeared, chasing after a white-clothed man. Xiao Ting felt it’s a little strange. This place is just under the Emperor’s feet and it wasn’t even time for curfew, but these people openly chased after someone, which is too outrageous!

Moreover, with YuChi XinHan here, she guessed that the Emperor will know about it tomorrow. They truly monitored the Imperial Capital well.

Xiao Ting hadn’t finished being happy when the white-clothed man suddenly came to her side. Xiao Ting was a bit dumbfounded, but before she could blink, that person had already reached out his hands.

Her arm was grabbed, and a cold long sword was across her delicate neck making her shiver while YuChi XinHan stood not three feet away, quietly looking at the man in white.

Xiao Ting couldn’t see who was behind her, only smelling the faint odor of wine on him. Could this be a drunkard?

MF! If an alcoholic drank too much and held her hostage, no matter her status, he could just slash her with the sword and that would end her life in this era.

Xiao Ting was still thinking when she heard a cold sneer from YuChi XinHan opposite her. He said, “Cheng YunYi, this young master wants to see where you’re going this time.”

The one being chased was Cheng YunYi, who had two fated meetings with Xiao Ting and also the close advisor of the Jiangnan King.

Xiao Ting felt an unusual fate with this man. She and this man have met only twice, the first time was when he took the initiative to give her a folding fan but was rejected by heir son Chu, and the second time was on the river. Hmph, at that time, Cheng YunYi was following the fifth son of the Jiangnan King.

What Xiao Ting didn’t expect was that YuChi XinHan also knew Cheng YunYi, so who is this man?

To mobilize YuChi XinHan, the leader of the dark guards beside the Emperor, even if Xiao Ting didn’t deliberately ask, she also knew some things.

Jiu Wangye is not as idle as the world imagined. He hid behind the scenes and secretly did some things for the Emperor.

Since YuChi XinHan was chasing Cheng YunYi, Jiu Wangye must have the same idea, but as the Jiu Wangfei, would she still live under the hands of this demon?

“We meet again!” Cheng YunYi didn’t treat Xiao Ting as an enemy but greeted her cheerfully. However, the chilly feeling on her neck made Xiao Ting feel that she’s being held hostage, and she couldn’t even turn her head.

She could only calm down, “Yes, what a coincidence, as the saying goes: Under the moonless night and high winds was the perfect time for murder and arson, Young Master Cheng shouldn’t be trying to kill this miss?”

“Sixth Miss Xiao, everyone likes you, who would want to kill you?” Cheng YunYi played along.

“Just that you have to suffer some sins, so I have to trouble Jiu Wangfei on the next journey.”

Cheng YunYi whispered in Xiao Ting’s ear, but when this scene fell into YuChi XinHan’s eyes, it looked so ambiguous that he had to wonder if Xiao Ting knew Cheng YunYi?

No one can blame him for imagining what relationship they had. In his position, he must be vigilant towards anyone, not to mention the people around him.

After hearing this, Xiao Ting knew that Cheng YunYi wouldn’t do anything to her, so she agreed very simply, “It’s just that you have to hold the sword securely to not hurt this miss. You should run while protecting this miss, otherwise, this miss won’t follow you!”

After Xiao Ting hmphed coldly, she looked at YuChi XinHan.

“Hey, YuChi XinHan, why won’t you save this consort? Didn’t you see this person holding this consort hostage?”

YuChi XinHan’s peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly and she said with a smile, “Wangfei, don’t worry, he won’t hurt you. Isn’t that right, Young Master Cheng?”

“If Chief YuChi said so, consider it like so. Let this young master go, otherwise, Jiu Wangfei‘s head is still in my hands, so that’s another story.”

Although Cheng YunYi already said that he won’t hurt her, Xiao Ting couldn’t believe what he said after hearing these words, and said in a low voice, “I say, don’t mess around. YuChi XinHan won’t let you hurt me, so he will definitely let you go.”

Cheng YunYi smiled softly in her ear, always feeling that this girl’s innocence was a bit weird.

Anyone who heard what he said just now knew that he’s only threatening YuChi XinHan. Only this girl would take it seriously, thinking that he really wanted to hurt her.

“Okay, then follow me obediently.” After Cheng YunYi said that, he held Xiao Ting with one hand and put the sword across Xiao Ting’s neck with the other, then slowly drew back and gradually blended into the darkness. YuChi XinHan watched them leave, then looked at the chasing officers and soldiers behind him to ask, “Whose subordinate are you? Why are you here?”

“Replying to Young Master YuChi, someone reported this man breaking into a private house. We arrived and saw him jumping out the wall, so we chased after him. It turned out that he’s also wanted by Young Master YuChi. If we knew this, our lord will deploy more guards to assist you.”

The leader came out to reply. He obviously knew YuChi XinHan and explained the whole story clearly. YuChi XinHan was speechless and asked him doubtfully.

RTBAS 093: Jumping Out The Window To Escape
RTBAS 095: Do I Look Like A Gentleman?

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