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Not long after, the satiated Xiao Ting looked around while under the suspicious gaze of the black-clothed woman.

Xiao Ting smoothed the ground a bit, then laid down and began to sleep.

The moon gradually slanted westward, and the black-clothed woman looked at her gradually sleeping back. She quietly approached only to find her sleeping soundly, not reacting at all.

The woman in black was thinking, this Jiu Wangfei was truly different. The hero saving the beauty scenario she arranged didn’t gain her trust, so is there any chance of approaching her in the future?

Forget it, save her life first.

This is the back mountain of Hanshan Temple. There aren’t many people here on normal days, but there are many wild animals.

The woman in black sat not far away, quietly listening to the surrounding environment while thinking about her mission.


At this time, Jiu Wangfu was brightly lit. The Empress had already returned to the Palace, and Jiu Wangye was sitting in the main seat. YuChi XinHan told what happened then the nearby Housekeeper Mu asked, “Does wangye want to send someone to find wangfei?”

Jiu Wangye thought for a moment before waving his hand and saying: “No, you go and rest!”

The two little ones were hiding behind the screen. Hearing these words, they rushed out. With tears on his face, Xiao Xin knelt on the ground, and solemnly kowtowed to Jiu Wangye, then said, “Wangye, Xiao Xin begs you to save my sister. My sister was kidnapped by bad guys, and no one can save her except you.”

Chu Yun also ran over and shook his arm, “Father, she’s your wangfei no matter what. Wouldn’t it be sad if she got abducted by another man? Even if it’s for the sake of your face, you should get her back before you leave her.”

Fearing that others would misunderstand that Chu Yun cared about Xiao Ting, Chu Yun added the last sentence.

On the side, YuChi XinHan wanted to laugh but didn’t dare, so he could only endure.

“Uncle Mu, take the two of them down to rest.” After Jiu Wangye said that, he got up and began to leave without a word of explanation. Xiao Xin tearfully looked at his back, a little displeased, “No matter what you say, sister is still your wangfei.”

“She also saved your life. Just think about how bad your body was before. It was my sister who saved you. Where’s your conscience for treating her like this?”

“Xiao Shi, don’t talk nonsense, Father is not such a person.”

Chu Yun didn’t expect that Xiao Xin, who had always been understanding in front of her, would say such harsh words, and would even say it to her father. You must know that Xiao Xin almost didn’t dare talk to Jiu Wangye on normal days because he’s a little afraid of him, but at this moment, his fearlessness shocked her.

She was also afraid that her father would punish him, so she quickly stepped forward to stop Xiao Xin.

“If he’s not such a person, he shouldn’t have done this. You don’t care about my sister at all. You’re the same as him. Your status is noble that we can’t afford it. If you don’t look for sister, I’ll go by myself.”

After that, Xiao Xin got up and ran out. Lu You chased after him for a long time, but couldn’t stop him. She could only watch as Xiao Xin run out of Jiu Wangfu.

Regarding such a serious accusation, Jiu Wangye didn’t show any emotions, but looked back at YuChi XinHan and said, “Just following him is fine.”

“Hey, this young master is truly pitiful to go around and find a little devil in the middle of the night.” YuChi XinHan sighed then went out.

Chu Yun carefully looked at her father’s face, and then stepped back. But when she walked halfway, she didn’t return to the hall but chased after YuChi XinHan to the gate.

“Little heir son, why did you come out?” YuChi XinHan looked at her in surprise. Chu Yun snorted coldly, “Don’t tell my father. I’m not worried about Xiao Shi, just take me with you.”

“Not worried about Xiao Shi? Then, are you worried about your little mother consort?”

“Hmph, who’s worried about her?” Little heir son Chu didn’t deny how he called Xiao Ting this time, and just snorted coldly, “Lead the way.”


In the main hall of Jiu Wangfu, all was quiet. Housekeeper Mu stepped forward and poured a cup of tea for Jiu Wangye, then handed it to him and kindly said, “Wangye, it’s getting late, it’s time to rest.”

Jiu Wangye leaned on the chair without raising his head and faintly asked, “Uncle Mu, did I do something wrong?”

Housekeeper Mu smiled very kindly and comforted, “Wangye must have his reason for doing this and this old servant believes that you’ll also guarantee the wangfei’s safety. As for the little master of the Xiao family, please don’t worry about it. He and wangfei have always had a very good relationship.”

Others couldn’t see it, but Housekeeper Mu, who had watched Jiu Wangye grow up, understood that Jiu Wangye still has some worries at the moment, so he could only comfort him, instead of talking back and blaming him with the others.

“Don’t worry, heaven helps the worthy, so wangfei will return safely.”

“This servant talked too much. Since wangfei willingly left with Cheng YunYi, she must have a way to save her life, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“So you understand, Uncle Mu.”

Jiu Wangye knew Housekeeper Mu’s qualifications. At this moment, only he understood what he meant at that time.

He already knew from YuChi XinHan’s statement that Xiao Ting deliberately followed Cheng YunYi, which meant she’s unwilling to return to the wangfu. One was to avoid the Empress Dowager’s invitation and the other was probably related to him.

This is his instinct telling him, but he didn’t know why.

His heart reverberated at hearing the words Xiao Ting said during dinner that evening. At that time, Chu Yun asked her, do you trust my father that much? Xiao Ting almost didn’t hesitate, and directly said, of course, I believe him, he’s my husband, so how could he lie to me? (T/N: Friendly reminder, I think the author or I messed up here. I believe the previous chapters indicate that this conversation happened while they were walking down the street, not at the restaurant. Or maybe Jiu Wangye just happened to be next to them at that time? Who knows?)

Such undisguised trust caused Jiu Wangye‘s heart to move up and down in deep contemplation so that he didn’t go into details with Jiangnan King’s heir son at that time and just agreed directly. Right now, his heart was a little confused.

The reason why Xiao Ting avoided him now was that he is too controlling, or because she really liked being outside, or because he didn’t care about him and just wanted to take this opportunity to escape.

Jiu Wangye didn’t know why he would think so much tonight. He thought about Xiao Ting’s first visit to the Palace, their contract, and their unintentional intimacy.

Wangye, what did you want to do before? This old servant never dared say anything before, after all, you didn’t have much time, so just live whatever life you want to live.”

Housekeeper My narrowed his eyes and said with an emotional tone: “Seeing heir son grow day by day, you marrying another wangfei, and your body recovering, you should think about the future.”

“The future?” Jiu Wangye muttered to himself but didn’t say anything else. Obviously, he hadn’t considered these things at all.

“That’s right. If you don’t like Sixth Miss Xiao, then you can reconcile with her and live your own life again. If you like her, then you should manage your life well. After all, there’s still a long way to go.”

Housekeeper Mu watched Jiu Wangye grow up. He knew his mind very clearly, knew his entanglement and his helplessness.

And as an outsider, he saw more profoundly. He knew one thing clearly, something that even his family’s Jiu Wangye didn’t understand.

That is, wangye likes wangfei.


No matter how busy the outside world is or how worried and tangled others are, it didn’t matter.

Xiao Ting, who had been dreamless all night, was still sleeping soundly even as the plain morning sunlight hit her, warm and comfortable.

She rolled over and was about to go back to sleep, but the sun was a bit dazzling. She raised her hand slightly and her consciousness gradually surfaced, only to hear the sounds of fierce fighting.

In a daze, she followed the sound and saw a few figures entangled not far away with some even falling.

“It’s so early in the morning, are you crazy? Who dared fight here when this miss is sleeping?”

While muttering, Xiao Ting sat up, rubbed her eyes, and looked forward. She suddenly realized that, hey, there’s an acquaintance.

One of them was the woman in black who saved her last night. She chased after the woman afterward, but the woman left her behind. She didn’t expect to meet this woman again and in this place.

Seeing the situation, it looks like this woman was being pursued.

Entangled, Xiao Ting didn’t know whether to rush up and repay her life-saving grace, but after looking at the difference in force value, it didn’t seem like she could beat them, so Xiao Ting had to lie down and continue pretending to sleep.

The woman in black has always paid attention to Xiao Ting and even watched her all night, so she naturally knew that she’s awake. What she didn’t expect was that Xiao Ting fell asleep again, making the woman in black a bit dumbfounded.

That place quickly calmed down, so Xiao Ting slowly opened her eyes and looked.

The pursued black-clothed woman knelt on the ground and supported her body with a sword while the others disappeared without a trace.

Did they run away?

Xiao Ting, like a thief, stealthily approached the woman, and looked at her with a little surprise, “Hey, why are you here? Someone chased you here?”

The black-clothed woman ignored her, let alone glanced at her and just coldly snorted, “What’s it to you, go away.”

Faced with incomparable indifference, Xiao Ting quickly lost interest. However, thinking that this person saved her life yesterday, she turned around and squatted down again, looking at the black-clothed woman with several sword wounds on her body.

The woman was dizzy and slightly leaning. Suddenly, Xiao Ting leaned over and pulled the woman’s arm to put it on her shoulders, then dragged the woman forward while asking, “Do you know the fastest way to get out of here? I’ll take you to see a doctor.”

“I don’t need you to help me, let me go.” Although the woman in black has no strength, she still has a cold voice and wouldn’t accept any help.

It’s a pity that though Xiao Ting was hesitating before, she firmly believed that she must pay this life-saving grace at this moment. Otherwise, she’d always be thinking about this person in the future.

“Too late, this miss wants to save you.”

An hour later, the fireball on the horizon got hotter and hotter. Xiao Ting’s throat was about to smoke. While dragging the woman forward, she felt dizzy before finally meeting another person.

“Hey, are you human? Come and help me.”

Xiao Ting shouted at the man dressed as a monk not far away.

Xie Jingtian was doing his usual chores. When he came here to fetch water, he suddenly heard a woman shouting. He looked over and saw a young girl dragging a comatose person and beckoning him.

RTBAS 095: Do I Look Like A Gentleman?
RTBAS 097: Minister Xie's Child

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