RTBAS 097: Minister Xie’s Child

RTBAS 096: Are You Human
RTBAS 098: Unfortunately, It's Too Late

It was almost August, the hottest time of the year. Xiao Ting looked at the black-clothed woman as she walked, regretting her original decision and wondering why she wanted to save this person.

She lost her mind, so she showed kindness!

After finally seeing a person, she quickly greeted him and smiled incredibly brightly.


Xie Jingtian looked back and saw this scene.

Although he couldn’t see the woman’s appearance with her back to the light, he felt a familiar enthusiasm in her words.

So he walked over and only then found that the unconscious black-clothed woman that the girl carried.

“Who are you? Why did you appear in the back mountain of Hanshan Temple?”

Xie Jingtian looked at them, a little puzzled.

Xiao Ting rolled her eyes at him and carefully put the black-clothed woman down, then came forward in three or two steps, went in front of him, and slapped his arm.

“I say, are you crazy? Monks should be compassionate, didn’t you see me walking so far with my sister behind my back, tired and half dead!”

“It’s fine if you don’t help, but why interrogate me like a prisoner and ask questions? Did your brain rot?”

Xie Jingtian didn’t expect that he would provoke cursing from the other person just by speaking casually. He didn’t know what to say for a while.

He coughed slightly and asked, “What’s wrong with your sister?”

Speechless, Xiao Ting thought that the guy she met was an idiot, so her anger jumped up, “How would I know? She’s now unconscious and she lost a lot of blood, so she’s probably dying.”

“Oh, then, hurry up and carry her down the mountain!”

“Isn’t that what I said?” Xiao Ting murmured and then walked forward.

Xie Jingtian was dumbfounded. What’s with this situation?

“You, aren’t you going to carry her?”

Xiao Ting blankly looked back and said, “This miss has been carrying her for an hour, so tired that my chest is sticking to my back, and I got cramps in my legs. You carry her, you’re a man, right?”

Should I carry someone for you just because I’m a man?

“M-men and women should keep their distance.” After a while, Xie Jingtian choked out such a sentence.

When she heard this, Xiao Ting didn’t get angry but walked directly in front of him. She wanted to slap him but found that he’s too far away because of his height, so she lifted her little leg and kicked him instead.

“Why don’t I kick you, this idiot, to death? Men and women should be separated, are you even a monk? Monks shouldn’t pay attention to the secular world, regardless of gender, you shouldn’t have that kind of desire, and desire shouldn’t touch you, right?”

What do you mean men and women should be separated in this world?

And for a monk to say that, when had they ever been so particular?

“How on earth did you recite sutras? A monk like you, at first glance, don’t practice enough, so you haven’t taken office, right?”

Xie Jingtian became speechless, what does his chanting sutras have to do with taking office?

“Less chit-chat, if this delayed my sister’s condition, this miss will never forgive you.”

Xie Jingtian swore that he had never seen a woman like this even at his age. Seeing that this girl was only thirteen or fourteen, how can she be so savage?

He didn’t know which family she came from, but to appear near Hanshan Temple, she probably came from the Imperial Capital, but why hasn’t he heard of her?

Half an hour later, Xie Jingtian took Xiao Ting and the black-clothed woman back to Hanshan Temple, settled them down, then invited a monk who has medical skills to come over and treat the black-clothed woman.

After tossing for another quarter of an hour, Xiao Ting relaxed and sat. Squinting at Xie Jingtian, she asked, “Hey, are you a fake monk?”

“This little monk is merely a disciple of this place.” Xie Jingtian retorted. His family forced him to come here to cultivate his spiritual self.

“Oh, is there anything to eat then? I’m hungry.”

Xiao Ting’s thoughts jumped to eating again. She had forgotten the truth and falseness of his monkhood that they’d been discussing.

Xie Jingtian personally went and brought her a vegetarian meal. He originally wanted to say that all the food in the temple was vegetarian and was just casually giving her something to eat. After all, looking at her clothes, she should be a miss from a big family.

Maybe she’s not accustomed to these plain tea and simple food, but he didn’t expect that when Xiao Ting saw it, without a word, she picked up the chopsticks and simply ate. Soon, four plates of side dishes, a few steamed buns, and two bowls of porridge all fell into her stomach.

Xie Jingtian felt that he really met a weird person today. This girl could eat and was so sturdy, but he still didn’t know which family she came from.

“Dare to ask if this girl met a thief?”

Xiao Ting, who ate and drank enough, rubbed her belly and was about to sleep for a while when she heard Xie Jingtian’s question.

“What thief, ah? My sister offended someone, was chased and almost killed, and then cut a few times. It’s nothing serious now, so we’ll leave once she wakes up. Don’t worry, we won’t cause you any trouble!”

Even after being stabbed a few times, being unconscious, and losing too much blood to the point of having a pale face, in the eyes of this girl, it was nothing serious.

Xiao Jingtian didn’t know how to talk to this girl.

So he was about to turn around and leave but didn’t expect to be shouted at again.

“Excuse me, what is this place? How far is it from the capital?”

Xiao Ting, now full of food and drink, had dull brain cells but occassionally had a flash of inspiration, so she finally remembered something. She got kidnapped by Cheng YunYi yesterday, so the people in Jiu Wangfu should have received the news by now, so why did no one come out to look for her?

And will her daddy know?

Will Xiao Shi worry about her?

And did her cheap husband send someone to look for her? If she didn’t go back, he’d probably look pleased.

“This is Hanshan Temple. If you want to go to the Imperial Capital, it’d be an hour by carriage.”

Xie Jingtian told the truth.

“This…, I see, you can go down now.”

Xie Jingtian became speechless again. Looking at this girl’s style, she should be a girl from a wealthy family, so she mustn’t be an ordinary person.

“If this girl needs help, I’ll come to find little monk again!”

Xiao Ting waved her hand to him, her eyes almost close together. When she woke up, her head was a little dizzy.

There was the faint sound of something smashing.

She opened her eyes in a daze and saw that the black-clothed woman was struggling to get up from the bed. The woman’s elbow touched the medicine bowl next to the bed, breaking it into pieces. Due to an unstable center of gravity, the black-clothed woman fell on the floor.

“Hey hey, I say, why are you always like this? This miss finally rescued you, so why won’t you cherish yourself?”

Xiao Ting hurried forward to help her but was thrown back by the woman.

“I said you didn’t need to save me.”

Why is this person so contrary?

She wanted to be left alone, so she left her alone long ago, but they have fate with each other, so what can she do?

Anyone else wouldn’t care so much, but with how thick Sixth Miss Xiao’s face is, the more people reject her, the more excited she was.

“Yes, you didn’t want me to save you, but did I want to save you? Right, since you’re awake, can we go now? Where do you live? I’ll take you back, okay?”

The black-clothed woman didn’t move as soon as she heard that. A bit stunned, she no longer refused the support, and said in a cold voice, “I have no home.”

“No home? Then where do you usually live?”

Xiao Ting was just asking casually, but the black-clothed woman’s gaze became sharp.

It’s a pity that Xiao Ting was shorter than her and didn’t notice her expression at all. She continued, “Otherwise, you can go home with me. My house is big. You already know I’m Jiu Wangfei, and there are many courtyards in Jiu Wangfu. However, in return for taking you in, why don’t you stay by my side and protect me?”

“Protect you?”

The black-clothed woman didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. She had worked hard to design that hero saving the beauty scenario, but it’s useless. However, this time, she was rescued and even very kindly offered to be taken in. How did the plot reach this point?

“Correct. I think your martial arts is good. If you have nowhere to go, just follow me back to Jiu Wangfu. You’ll be with me wherever I go in the future. Help me when others bully me and if someone hits me, hit them back. En, don’t be afraid of the powerful and of worldly affairs. Oh, right, I can pay you wages.”

The black-clothed woman’s thoughts flew away, quickly processing Xiao Ting’s words and looking for pros and cons.

“How is it, do you agree? After this, I won’t offer again.”

Xiao Ting continued to dupe her. She understood that the reason she’s always bullied was that she’s not good at martial arts. Let her practice? Quit joking.

These ancient martial arts can’t be learned overnight, so she’d better take a bodyguard.

The black-clothed woman looked at her very clear gaze with no lies in it. She felt a ripple in her heart, so she asked: “Why choose me? The experts in Jiu Wangfu are like clouds, how can you be afraid that no one will protect you?”

Xiao Ting curled her lips and indifferently said, “If I tell you that the reason why I want you to be by my side was that we had fate and think you’re a good person, would you laugh at me?”

The black-clothed woman said in her heart, it’s not quite nonsense, but it’s still nonsense.

Not waiting for the other person’s reply, Xiao Ting didn’t care and muttered, “Even I find it incredible. I always feel like I’ve seen you somewhere. En, I seem to owe you, so did we know each other in the last life?”

Although it looked like she’s talking to the other person, in fact, Xiao Ting was only talking to herself. When she helped the woman walk out, the two had just walked out the door when they met the approaching Xie Jingtian.

His face was like Guan Yu, and the gray monk’s robe didn’t conceal his scholarly atmosphere.

There are a few exquisite side dishes and millet porridge in the tray on his hand, and he was about to walk into the room.

“You, are you leaving now?”

Xiao Ting was shorter than them, and said with a smile while looking up, “That’s right, thank you for saving my sister. Right, where can I rent a carriage here? I’m going to the Capital.”

Xie Jingtian looked at the sky and said, “It’s already this hour, where can you find any carriages? This little monk thinks that if you’re not in a hurry, you should leave early tomorrow morning!”

“No, I didn’t tell my family when I came out, so they’d be worried by now. Besides, my sister was injured and she must go to the capital to find a better doctor.”

Xiao Ting’s lie smoothly left her lips.

“Then, eat a meal before leaving.”

Xiao Ting had to think about it for a second, but her hand was faster than her thoughts, so she took the tray from Xie Jingtian’s hand and said, “Thanks, we’ll eat while walking!”

Then she helped the black-clothed woman and continued walking outside.

RTBAS 096: Are You Human
RTBAS 098: Unfortunately, It's Too Late

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