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SS 26: Mission Complete
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I don’t want you to think, I want me to think

Since it’s an artificial intelligence teaching, Feng Lianzhu only needs to log into Feng Yuansi’s account, enter the teaching system, and start learning. There’s no time limit.

After saying goodbye to Teacher Jenny and logging out of his uncle account, Feng Lianzhu looked at his nephew’s starnet device, cheered himself up, and silently recalled the “Basic Teaching of Interstellar Common Language” that he had memorized frantically in the past few days. He hoped that he could understand the teaching content of the artificial intelligence teacher.

The memory that the game company had set for Feng Lianzhu was quite good. In fact, he had completely memorized “Basic Teaching”, just that his application was not very good. He often stuttered so his self-confidence was not very good.

After all, he’s a game boss born for battle. No game company would design a character who’d study hard and improve every day. Learning was actually against Feng Lianzhu’s basic setting. For him, he wanted to play in the ring more than going to primary school. After all, the staff in the ring were so friendly and amiable, while Teacher Jenny’s eyes always made him feel like sitting on pins and needles.

Summoning up the courage, he logged in to Feng Yuansi’s account, and Feng Lianzhu entered a state of learning.

A mechanical voice came: “Hello, I am No. 1167 Artificial Intelligence Teaching System. The school has entered your test paper into the system, and 1167 will provide one-to-one tutoring based on the results. Please choose the image, voice, and character of the teacher you like.”

There were various options below——

Sound: Soft male voice, soft female voice, sexy male voice, sexy female voice, tough male voice, tough female voice, neutral voice, and so on.

Gender: Male, female, nonhuman, inanimate, and others. Nonhumans are divided into cute pets and domineering class.

Character: Strict teaching type, encouraging praise type, cold and ruthless type, persuasive type, hypocritical type, and others.

There were dozens of options for each feature, dazzling Feng Lianzhu.

After awakening his consciousness, all the options made by Feng Lianzhu were simple yes or no. He had never seen so many varieties, and Feng Lianzhu didn’t know what he liked.

He knew that he liked the Bamboo Valley and plants, he liked the fragrance of grass and trees, but that’s not suited for the profession of “teacher”. In fact, so far, Feng Lianzhu’s view of “people” was very thin.

The “people” in the game are players and opposed Feng Lianzhu, who was virtual and would be resurrected when he died. They regarded Feng Lianzhu as a paper man and Feng Lianzhu didn’t care about the players, having a relationship of nothing more than killing and being killed.

Atavists were the target of the mission, and taking care of them was Feng Lianzhu’s responsibility. Dog 16 and Dolphin 66 were the “people” who helped Feng Lianzhu make the task easier. There was Mouse 223 who admired Feng Lianzhu but he had long forgotten about Mouse 223 and there was no “impression” left in his memory. For Feng Lianzhu, the atavists seemed more like a problem that needed to be overcome like in an exercise book. Dog 16, Dolphin 66, and the others were relatively easy questions.

Interstellar Pirates and Imperial Army were invaders, enemies, money bags, and emergency strategic supplies.

The underground arena didn’t even care about feelings and was just a place to make money. The only thing he’s grateful for is the Clown who helped Feng Lianzhu make an extra 1 million star coins which was related to money.

The most important thing was Pang Kirates. They’re bound together by the system and need to support each other. Feng Lianzhu would not use the gold coins in the lair because the fat dragon likes them, and he’d also care about whether the fat dragon was doing well in the game. He was worried that if Pang Kirates died in the game, he could not be resurrected.

In addition, Feng Lianzhu didn’t hate the black dragon that ravaged the game and the blue eyes when he connected to Pang Kirates’ brain.

“Could it be that my preference is Kirates Dragons?” Feng Lianzhu pondered.

He rummaged through the options, checking nonhuman, powerful, dragon, male, domineering, and childish. As for the remaining voice, Feng Lianzhu didn’t choose according to the fat dragon since he didn’t like the roar, so he chose the low male voice.

Finally, in his favorite color, Feng Lianzhu chose green without hesitation.

After everything was selected, a huge green-bellied dragon appeared in front of Feng Lianzhu. Eight meters in length with strong limbs, blue eyes, and a book in his hand. He threw the book hard on the desk and said in a low voice: “First class, Imperial Language.”

Feng Lianzhu: “…”

He exudes the fragrance of grass and trees, and on his head is a small blue-purple flower commonly seen in the Bamboo Valley. Now that flower was in a budding state and hadn’t bloomed.

“Please call me Teacher 1167,” the Green Dragon said, “Student Feng asked to study all primary school courses within one month, so we have a very heavy task. Today, you will learn the 78 letters and basic phonetic symbols of the Imperial Language. Five courses, each with only six days, one year of lessons in one day.”

“…okay.” Feng Lianzhu nodded in agreement, the arrangement was reasonable.

With the appearance of the Green Dragon Teacher, the classroom had changed from an ordinary class with a fixed quota of 30 people to a huge empty space. Teacher Green Dragon has an oversized podium, and Feng Lianzhu is on a boss table and a large swivel chair. The desk was full of textbooks and workbooks.

In the teacher’s image, there’s no option of Kirates Dragon, so the Green Dragon was more like the ancient Tyrannosaurus rex with no wings, two strong hind legs, and small front paws. It stood on the podium and flipped through the book with its small paws.

Feng Lianzhu remembered the appearance of the fat dragon in the game. According to the proportion, the front paws were also small, with two small claws. Of course, it just looked small in proportion since looking at the front paws alone, it’s still the size of a 100-story high-rise building.

Teacher Green Dragon’s claws were much smaller and could still flip books.

“Bang!” Seeing that Feng Lianzhu was distracted, Teacher Green Dragon knocked on the podium, “Classmate Feng, your study task is very heavy, don’t be hopeful and don’t fantasize, look at me, listen to me.”

Very domineering.

Feng Lianzhu didn’t realize that he was smiling when he saw Teacher Green Dragon knocking on the podium with its little claws. He sat upright in the classroom, listening to Teacher Green Dragon correct his pronunciation word by word.

After introducing all the letters and phonetic symbols in two hours, Teacher Green Dragon said: “Give you two hours to copy the letters and phonetic symbols 200 times to deepen your memory. In two hours, you will take the test for dictation.”

Feng Lianzhu glanced at all the letters and said: “I think…”

“I don’t want you to think, I want me to think!” Teacher Green Dragon interrupted Feng Lianzhu’s words, patting the table as he talked.

Holding a stack of virtual A4 paper and carbon pens, it dragged its heavy hind legs and long tail to Feng Lianzhu, put the pen and paper on his table, and said in a low voice: “Copy it 200 times, I’ll keep an eye on you, don’t be lazy.”

After saying that, a pair of vertical pupils stared at Feng Lianzhu, the huge body, and nonhuman eyes giving people great pressure.

Feng Lianzhu was unmoved and didn’t pick up the pen to copy. He looked into Teacher Green Dragon’s eyes and said: “I feel like I’ve memorized it and don’t need to transcribe it.”

Teacher Green Dragon’s big eyes froze, blinked a few times, then said in shock: “Impossible! 78 letters, 106 phonetic symbols, it’s only been two hours, how can you remember it without transcribing? I don’t believe it!”

His big head shook like a rattle, and he covered the two holes in his ears with his front claws: “I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it.”

Feng Lianzhu: “…”

This is…being childish.

It’s quite similar to how the fat dragon rolled on the gold coins and said “I won’t spend money, I won’t spend money, I won’t spend money”.

When Teacher Green Dragon shook his big head, Feng Lianzhu picked up the pen, reversed the textbook, and ignored Teacher Green Dragon’s “not listening not listening” tirade. In any case, the voice was not loud, and he concentrated on writing the letters and phonetic symbols silently.

He wasn’t used to using a hard pen at first but after writing a few words, he became familiar with it, and the letters became better and better.

When he finished writing, Teacher Green Dragon was still in “not listening” mode. Was he going to say that for the full two hours?

Feng Lianzhu flashed the paper full of words in front of Teacher Green Dragon’s eyes and said: “Look clearly, write from memory.”

Teacher Green Dragon stopped saying “not listening” and glanced at Feng Lianzhu. After reading it carefully, he said: “Ding, 100 points, all correct.”

Artificial intelligence has an automatic grading program. When students answer the questions, they would automatically judge the paper. Even if Feng Lianzhu didn’t complete the homework, he could still pass the exam but the homework was to consolidate the knowledge after all. Once the knowledge is mastered, there’s no need for homework.

“Okay, let’s move on to the next stage of teaching.” Teacher Green Dragon returned to the podium, “Then let’s talk about words, dialogue, and basic grammar. According to Classmate Feng’s memory, you have to recite 100 words today.”

When Feng Lianzhu easily memorized 100 words again, Teacher Green Dragon became a little irritable. This was his character setting so he took out a set of practice questions and said: “Do this, the whole thing.”

Students have one more chance to change the teacher’s image within three days of selection. This was a system that stimulated students’ scoring of teachers, so the students had the right to choose their favorite teachers.

When Feng Lianzhu first saw the Green Dragon, he planned to change teachers three days later. Moreover, after six hours of teaching, the teacher could no longer teach.

Primary school students can’t be taught more than six hours a day. Even if Feng Lianzhu was an adult, the school still strictly abides by this system. Six hours later, Feng Lianzhu had not finished the workbook when the school bell rang, and the sound of “school is over, school is over” rang from the classroom.

“No!” Teacher Green Dragon said, “I conducted a mental power test on the student and his mental power reached A level. You can study for more than 12 hours. Listen to me, I have the final say! I want to readjust the teaching plan. You can complete the primary school course in half a month.”

Feng Lianzhu: “…”

Is Teacher Green Dragon a little too similar to his impression of Pang Kirates?

The domineering Teacher Green Dragon ignored the school bell and pressured Feng Lianzhu to recite the Imperial Language for 12 hours continuously. In one day, Feng Lianzhu learned all the grammar of the Imperial Language and memorized 500 words. After class, Teacher Green Dragon asked him to recite 10 sheets of text and write 5 compositions.

Feng Lianzhu: “…”

Truly a heavy class.

Studying from 9 am to 9 pm, there’s still so much homework, the average student definitely can’t bear it. Even Feng Lianzhu felt that he was starting to lose aura after the eighth hour. Fortunately, after reaching level 60, his spiritual energy was abundant, and he could withstand this loss.

“Tomorrow, we will still learn the Imperial Language,” Teacher Green Dragon instructed, “According to the current progress, you can study all the Imperial language courses in primary school in two days, so we’ll practice conversation and writing tomorrow.”

Feng Lianzhu thanked Teacher Green Dragon and while dizzy, he quit Feng Yuansi’s account.

It stood to reason that simply copying data to memory would not cause dizziness, but why did he become dizzy from the knowledge?

Could it be that the fat dragon’s brain was dizzy?

Feng Lianzhu felt that it was quite interesting to use the fat dragon’s brain to receive lessons from Teacher Green Dragon,

While he thought that Teacher Green Dragon was interesting, Teacher Jenny, who was in charge of assessing the ideological and moral character of “Feng Yuansi” was worried. AI teacher image selection was actually a potential psychological test, which allowed students to choose their favorite image and character. The final designed intelligent teacher would then reflect the current psychological state of the students.

The Teacher Green Dragon, who was tailored for Feng Yuansi, would ignore the closing time and continue cramming education. This proves that the student themself had the characteristics of stubbornness, impatience, noncompliance, and violent tendencies.

The ability to learn was first-class, but this ideological and moral character…

Teacher Jenny would grade the ideology and morality of the students every day this month according to the student’s learning situation. This moral score was linked to the student’s future, and teachers were responsible for the score.

Teacher Jenny recalled Feng Yuansi’s memory, how should such an excellent student be graded?

Feng Lianzhu didn’t know Teacher Jenny’s turmoil. After he went back, he ate fruits with high aura value, then immediately logged into the uncle’s account. He had to go to the ring at night to earn money and support the family.

The author has something to say:

The fat dragon at this time: Roar roar roar, scratch for a while, above, below, left, right, so comfortable, roar roar~

Players: He, he, he, he closed his eyes, he fell asleep! When Sword God used his unique skill, Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Sect, roundhead Feng Lianzhu was snoring!

I have tenosynovitis, wrist hurts, take a day off today, double update tomorrow, love you all, muah.

SS 26: Mission Complete
SS 28: Primary School Essay

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