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“My Mom”, “My Dad”, “My Best Friend”, “A Little Thing Around Me” and “My Ideal”

At 21:30 starnet time, Feng Lianzhu entered the registration area of the underground arena. Looking at the narrow red room and the Clown in a more exaggerated costume, Feng Lianzhu breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s much more comfortable than school, at least he didn’t have to recite so many imperial words.

When the Clown saw Feng Lianzhu, he split his mouth and revealed a bright smile: “I thought you weren’t coming today, I’m so happy to see you~”

Feng Lianzhu wondered when he had established such a close relationship with this brother Clown. After thinking about it for a long time, he had no idea, so he just nodded slightly to the Clown: “There’s something, so late.”

He replied simply.

“Really? I thought you were worried that your opponent would be stronger today, so you would rather give up that 1 million than dare to come~” The Clown said with a smile, obviously very happy that Feng Lianzhu came to the arena today.

Why wouldn’t he come? There’s a family to support. Feng Lianzhu sighed slightly in his heart, and asked: “Will the opponents be stronger? What about the bonus?”

“The bonus is increased to 2 million, and if you add a mark, it will double to 4 million~” The Clown pressed his palm against the wall and rubbed the red paint on his hand, slowly probing towards Feng Lianzhu’s neck, “Do you need it?”

“Yes.” Feng Lianzhu nodded, it’s best to make more money, “Brother Clown is really understanding.”

Hearing Feng Lianzhu complimenting him again, the Clown’s smiling face instantly collapsed, and he asked with a sullen face: “Are you pretending to be stupid, or do you really know nothing?”

“What is pretending to be stupid?” Feng Lianzhu was puzzled and said, “I really don’t know anything about the arena, thank you Brother Clown for your help.”

Imperial language and interstellar language have many similarities in grammar. Learning the Imperial language today, it’s also a great help to Feng Lianzhu’s interstellar language. His speech was no longer word by word, and finally connected.

When the Clown heard Feng Lianzhu’s words, he always felt that the person in front of him was so stupid that flowers could bloom on his head. He opened his five fingers and pressed five fingerprints hard on Feng Lianzhu’s neck.

“Does the second game require five fingerprints?” Feng Lianzhu asked in confusion.

He remembered that the Clown just wiped his neck yesterday, just rubbing red paint on it. Today, there’s too little.

“No, I just want to experience the feeling of reaching out and grabbing your neck.” The Clown rubbed his fingers, “You have good skin, most of the players in our ring are savages with rough skin, but you’re well maintained.”

“You’re the last one today, the finale,” the Clown said, “Yesterday, your attitude angered the audience and they specifically asked to put you in the last game.”

The audience’s original words were, kill this arrogant player, shred him, and let his blood spill all over the arena.

There has never been a player who didn’t try to please the audience. Feng Lianzhu was too arrogant. A commodity having its own personality would make the audience who come to the underground ring for excitement very uncomfortable.

“What time is the last game?” Feng Lianzhu asked.

“At 1:30 in the morning. During this time, you can go to your own small room to rest, or you can also exit the starnet to rest in reality. However, if you don’t come back to participate in the game at 1:30 after you quit starnet, the underground ring will block you from the whole network,” the Clown said, “we’ll have hackers find your address and catch you, then press you into the arena in reality and let you live a life worse than death~”

His tone sounded very hopeful that Feng Lianzhu would escape.

Feng Lianzhu didn’t notice the Clown’s intention at all, just thinking it was good. After logging out, he can log in to Feng Yuansi’s account to do his homework and come to the ring at 1:30. The game would end at 2:00 and the next day’s class is at 9:00, so he could rest for a while.

Feng Lianzhu silently recalled his schedule and thought it was acceptable. At least seven hours of rest. In the game before, as an NPC, he had no rest time at all, always fighting and fighting, being killed by players or killing players. Aside from some headaches while learning, life in the interstellar world was quite easy.

Feng Lianzhu, who was unaware of the high-intensity schedule, logged off to do homework and recite the imperial language texts. The texts in elementary school textbooks were very short. Feng Lianzhu first consolidated the previously learned vocabulary and grammar and then recited phrases like “How are you”, “I’m fine”, “Have you eaten”, “The weather is good today”, “The two suns of Ramelier Star rose at the same time today.” Simple basic conversations were very easy.

The more difficult thing was to write an essay, which was a process of independent creation. Teacher Green Dragon’s essay assignment was a propositional composition. The topics were “My Mom”, “My Dad”, “My Best Friend”, “A Little Thing Around Me” and “My Ideal”. Each composition can’t be less than 300 words, but sadness is still in the air.

Dad, Mom… how could he have such a thing? He only has programmers, artists, audio designers, game planners, and other designers. The producer was his Dad, right? He’s more of an idea, with the specific operation done by the artists and other staff. It could be said that his body was completely made by these people, and he could regard them as Mom.

The friend was probably Pang Kirates. Although they had never met, they were already friends at heart.

And the little thing…Feng Lianzhu thought for a while and wrote these four compositions.


My Mom

I have a lot of moms who are tormented every day by an idea from Dad. They stayed up late to work, modifying my body, my voice, my strengths, my combat patterns, and others, again and again…my moms have a complicated relationship, sometimes good, they’ll sit together and discuss how to fix me, sometimes very bad, and they’ll fight over the way I’ve been educated. But moms have a common trouble, that is, hair is falling out day by day. Mom’s desk often has hair growth lotion on it, and they wipe a little from time to time. Probably for this reason, my moms made me with long, thick hair that can be put back even if it falls out. Maybe I love my moms? I don’t know but I’m grateful that they worked so hard to nurture me.


My Dad

My relationship with Dad is not good. People often scold him for his dog planning. He doesn’t speak well, and completing negotiations is often delayed and he’s called a eunuch. Dad likes to manipulate my soul, often changing my settings on a whim. After every revision, someone would scold Dad for being too stupid. I don’t have much to say about Dad, however, his head is also bald.


My Best Friend

My only friend is a little naive. I didn’t like him at first. I even thought about stealing his savings, of course, he also took my most important things. At the time, I was angry and wanted to get revenge on him. He doesn’t know anything about it and often throws me things he doesn’t like to do. He’ll even bully the people around me, and even smash my home. Fortunately, I’m not like him, I am a generous person, I kept his small vault, and he let me use his brain. We have a pretty good relationship now, and he’s a good friend to be with.


A Little Thing Around Me

There are always a lot of people around me running around and smashing my home, killing my little brothers, and stealing gold coins from me, but I’m a calm person and don’t care about these things. Few things left a deep impression on me and most of them are forgotten. The only thing that impressed me was that there was once a couple. They thought my home environment was good, so they came to my bamboo forest to fall in love. They didn’t kill my little brothers yet, which made me curious, so I hid in the bamboo and peeked at them. They were intimate at first and even did some embarrassing things in my house, but at that moment, a woman came running, accusing the male of the couple of stepping on two boats. They fought and demolished my home, and I was hurt by them, triggering my combat mode and I killed them all.


Writing four compositions in one go, it was already 12 am. There was still an hour and a half left so Feng Lianzhu stretched his waist and looked at the last topic, he was a little worried——My Ideal.

Ideal probably meant wish. Feng Lianzhu is an NPC, no one has set a wish for him, but the system once said, the reason why he has a system is that the system was summoned by his wish.

What does it mean?

“System, what is my wish that attracted you so much?” Feng Lianzhu couldn’t help asking.

[Host Feng Lianzhu should think about it, as an online game NPC, why do you have a wish?]

Seeing the system’s answer, Feng Lianzhu was taken aback for a moment. Yes, when the system mentioned wish before, why didn’t he think of it? There’s the desire first, then there’s the system, so in fact, he awakened his consciousness first and attracted the system, rather than having a system, the system released tasks for him and then he awakened his consciousness.

He looked at his last composition “The Litting Thing Around Me”, which happened when he hadn’t gotten the system yet. Why would he find it interesting and remember it? At that time, he should have cleaned up the junk data from time to time, so he would have forgotten about it long ago.

Feng Lianzhu was sluggish for a while, picked up the pen and wrote on the virtual composition paper——


My Ideal

I don’t remember my ideals. I don’t know why I had ideals in the first place. At that time, I was confused and acted according to my Dad’s dog planning every day, merely a soulless puppet. To this day, I don’t remember having the desire to have my own ideas in the first place, but now, I have a goal at this stage. I want to study, go to university, make money, and raise a family. It’s a responsibility and desire to allow everyone around me to go to university. I clearly realized that this was not something that my Dad had imposed on me, but that I was willing to do it myself.


After writing these five essays, Feng Lianzhu’s original mental exhaustion was swept away. He should have been very tired, but when he saw the composition “My Ideal”, he was motivated again.

Although this was the fat dragon’s task, Feng Lianzhu found that he actually liked this kind of responsibility. Compared to pointlessly fighting monsters to upgrade, being depended on made him feel more real.

Dog 16 once said that what they did was not as good as what Feng Lianzhu paid, but in fact, Feng Lianzhu also gained a lot of intangible things from Dog 16 and the others.

Feng Lianzhu smiled and submitted the five essays to the teaching system, logged out of Feng Yuansi’s account, put on another starnet device, and went to the underground arena.

Different from yesterday’s urgent need for tuition fees, today’s Feng Lianzhu was a little looking forward to the next 4 million. With this money, the atavists could have a few more places to go to university, and Feng Lianzhu would feel more real.

The author has something to say:

Game world——

Sword Pointing to the Sky: Purchase water scrolls, water spells, water divine equipment, water runes, water magic treasures, water equipment, water…

Player A: Is Sword God Crazy? How is there so much water?

Player B: If you’re drenched in volcanic lava, you will also buy it.

Lalala, the author was really uncomfortable yesterday, the whole arm was hurting, I couldn’t lift it up, I couldn’t help it, I sprayed Yunnan Baiyao and rested for a day, much better today, Yunnan baiyao really works! (T/N: Yunnan Baiyao is TCM used as an alternative hemostatic product.)

There will be a double update before 8 pm, to make up for yesterday’s update.

SS 27: Teacher Green Dragon
SS 29: Red Shirt Fire Pattern

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