05: Beast King

04: Ritual
06: Arrival At The Castle

After a while, the others began to withdraw, and when Kuuga looked at Gadillas as to what he should do, the man said ‘come’ and left the room.

Looking at Ada, the chief priest didn’t seem to have any objection to Kuuga leaving this place and even happily left with the others.

Kuuga wondered if it’s okay to leave this place. He followed Gadillas out of the room and along the corridor.

He had thought that this building was large from the outside but didn’t think that it’s wide enough to allow their group to move freely like this.

While occasionally looking at the expressionlessly walking Gadillas, Kuuga also paid attention to his surroundings.

The others’ gazes towards Gadillas weren’t right. The complicated ones were still good, but Kuuga could feel some eyes like they’re looking at garbage and some hate-filled ones. Was this normal for Gadillas?

When they arrived outside, there was a line up of priests and acolytes with Cary and Kurone among them. Kuuga wondered if he should go to Cary for a bit, but then remembered that the others didn’t know that Cary often came to see him.

Although he wanted to complain about his treatment from Kurone, it was impossible since Kuuga couldn’t talk.

They passed by the bowing crowd to where the carriages and horses were stopped. As Kuuga approached, the trained horses started to move and bowed to Kuuga all at once.

[Can you horses understand me?]

[Divine Beast, our king.]

Kuuga’s body shook in surprise when he received his first reply. He thought that the voice came from a horse…

Kuuga approached the horse and asked with a fearful tone.

[Do you understand my words?]

[Beast King, understand.]

Its speech was somewhat broken, but it’s enough that he got a reply. Kuuga was happy and asked various questions, but the horse only knew about itself.

Well, that’s to be expected. Kuuga spat out a sigh. It would’ve been stranger for a horse to be familiar with the humans’ circumstances.


[King, king!]

This time, two small birds flew from somewhere, landed on Kuuga’s head, and made a fuss. Kuuga wanted to complain a bit that they’re on the king’s head, but he thought that they wouldn’t understand.

Just like the horses, or rather, the honest birds gave off a joyful atmosphere but didn’t speak too complicated words. Kuuga tried to say it simply, but that just made them happy and didn’t really give him a reply.

[Are you coming?]

[King, together!]

Oh, that worked.

Kuuga looked up at Gadillas, who was riding a horse, with the birds resting on his head and chirping away.

It seemed like the horse who replied to Kuuga was Gadillas’ horse, and Kuuga couldn’t help but be envious of that proud looking horse.

[Hey, if it’s my size, I can carry a lot of people. Would you like to get on my back, Gadilla… Gadi.]

While calling out an abbreviated form of Gadillas’ name without permission, Kuuga tapped on Gadillas’ foot with his forefoot and was naturally not understood by the owner, even being rejected by the horse.

[Master, carry. My role.]


Even though Kuuga complained, the horse didn’t bother with him anymore.

While walking alongside the slowly walking horse, a procession centered on Gadillas followed a path in the forest. Considering the scenery Kuuga had seen through the window, this forest shouldn’t be that large. Thinking that they should be out soon, Kuuga broke the line and went ahead.


[Be right back.]

Gadillas reacted, but when Kuuga replied, he had a bitter smile in his mind, thinking that they wouldn’t understand him, so Kuuga proceeded without hesitation and laid a foot on the tree ahead.

This body should be able to climb it.

Kuuga stretched his nails a little, hooked it on the tree trunk, then climbed onto a thick branch. When he looked at the forest from a high place, it seemed like they’d be out in about 1 km as expected.

Satisfied with reaching his goal, Kuuga jumped off and returned under Gadillas. Gadillas’ voice came down to Kuuga, who was a little worried that his body was really too good.

“Oi, don’t play. Be obedient.”

[Wha-, play…!?]

Kuuga didn’t expect his actions to be seen that way, and the shock from making Gadillas angry made Kuuga droop his ears.

Perhaps seeing his drooping head and tail, a man behind them couldn’t stand it and burst out laughing.

Looking back, one of the 15 people lined up earlier and who happened to be a dog-loving person was giggling happily.

He’s a blonde haired blue eyed prince-like man.

“The Divine Beast-sama is so cute. That’s nice, if I was chosen as the king, I could be together with the Divine Beast-sama.”


“Ahh, that’s cute. Even Gadillas had been peeping since a while ago! I’m so envious!”


This guy didn’t seem to have a cold attitude against Gadillas. They looked to be on good terms, but Kuuga could see from Gadillas’ eyes that he didn’t trust the man.

In Kuuga’s point of view, this dog lover could be trusted.

[Gadi, this guy is okay. Don’t look like that.]

“…Divine Beast-sama said something.”

“I can’t understand it, though.”

“So establishing the contract didn’t necessarily mean understanding its words… pfft, haha, again, Divine Beast-sama is depressed. Too cute…!”

Although the language barrier was still there, Kuuga got a bit of information because the dog lover liked to say various things. It seemed like the Divine Beast Kuuga, and Gadillas made a contract in that ritual. And it seemed like Gadillas, the king selected by Kuuga, the Divine Beast, would spend their lives together.

In other words, Kuuga noted that Divine Beasts could choose the king. Despite being treated like a beast and even shown dissatisfied faces at Kuuga’s choice, no one tried to defy it.

Kuuga wondered if no one could’ve explained this to him on day one. Kuuga, who could only go with the flow, sighed deeply.


04: Ritual
06: Arrival At The Castle

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