08: Magic

07: Bath
09: Dining Room

There’re no convenient dryers in this world.

Instead, they used a slender cylinder with a height of about 1 meter and made of something transparent like glass. It was installed in the dressing room.

Kuuga thought it was just an object, but when he was wondering how to use it, Gadillas touched the cylinder. At that moment, the cylinder glowed faintly, and something like a magic circle emerged on the floor around the cylinder.

Then, small red lights flew around the cylinder out of nowhere, and hot air overflowed from the cylinder, making the air warmer.

…what’s this, something like a stove?

[Gadi, what’s this?]


[There’s no electricity, so what is this weird pattern…?]

The cylinder seemed to be hot, so Kuuga struck the floor near the cylinder, then looked at the cylinder and Gadillas alternatively. After repeating it over and over again, Gadillas seemed to have guessed as he said, “Ahh.”

“This is a magic tool that emits heat.”

[A magic tool?]

Gadillas wrinkled his brows as it looked like Kuuga didn’t understand.

“…what don’t you understand? …could it be that you don’t know what a magic tool is?”

[That’s right.]

When Kuuga nodded twice, Gadillas showed a startled look. Was this common sense in this world?

“Ah… magic is a hassle to use each time.”

[Magic? Can you use magic?]

“…no way, you don’t even know magic?”

When Kuuga nodded twice, Gadillas stared at him with a complicated face. It seemed that Gadillas didn’t think Kuuga wouldn’t even know that much.

There’s no magic in the world where Kuuga was born and raised. However, since it appeared in stories and games, he knew the existence of magic itself.

As Kuuga was wondering if something was wrong, Gadillas had a sulky look and began to speak vaguely.

“Magic is… ahh… a, uhm, mysterious power.”


It seemed like Gadillas didn’t know how to explain magic. He appeared embarrassed because he couldn’t explain it well, so he dismissed it lightly and muttered, “anyway” before crouching.

“Magic enables a lot of things, but it requires a corresponding formation and blood with magical power.”

It seemed like he gave up and decided to explain how to use it instead.

While explaining, Gadillas wrote a simple pattern on the floor using water. Finally, he bit his finger and bled at the center. Then, the formation written using water began to glow faintly, and at the same time, red lights of the same size as the one Kuuga saw earlier fluttered above the pattern.

When Gadillas put his palm down and swept sideways over the faintly glowing pattern, a small flame suddenly appeared on top.


When Kuuga jumped back in surprise, Gadillas looked at him strangely. Embarrassed, Kuuga gently returned to his place, and Gadillas began the rest of the explanation.

“It’s fine to use it for a bonfire, but when you fight, writing a formation while moving… is impossible.”

[Certainly. It’s impossible unless there’s a front guard and a rear-guard ready.]

“The magic tool was created to save that effort. The necessary formation has been written in advance and contains artificial blood that didn’t have magical power.”

[Hm hm.]

“To use it, directly touch the magic tool and cast magic power from the outside. The artificial blood inside will become blood containing magic power and the magic formation will be activated… did you understand?”

After seeing that Kuuga understood the detailed explanations and nodded twice, Gadillas then extinguished the flame and stood up. Then he picked up the brush on the shelf and began to comb Kuuga’s hair.

Kuuga was happy to be served and left it to Gadillas. The heat flowing from the magic tool was not that strong, but his fur had begun to dry before he knew it. Maybe a drying effect was added.

Well, there’s magic in this world. His body had changed to a beast, so magic existing was no wonder.

“You feel better after washing.”

[I know. It’s something to be happy for.]

For a while, Kuuga had Gadillas comb his fur in the dressing room until a messenger arrived to tell them that dinner was ready.

07: Bath
09: Dining Room

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