07: Bath

06: Arrival At The Castle
08: Magic

The bedroom was not far from the office. When they passed through the luxurious double doors, about 30 tatami mat wide of space spread out in front of them.

There’s a king-sized bed with a canopy, a large sofa that could seat about 10 people, and a veranda outside the window. It’s a good room but too large.

“You can also rest here.”

Even if Kuuga was told to rest, the room was so large that he wondered where he should rest. Gadillas sat down on the bed and collapsed on his back.

Gadillas suddenly asked Kuuga, who was thinking of going out to the balcony and look outside.

“…why, did you choose me?”


When Kuuga turned his eyes from the balcony to Gadillas, he could see Gadillas’ sights on him.

“Why did you choose me?”

[Even if you say that…]

Gadillas wouldn’t be convinced if Kuuga told him it’s because of his eyes, and Kuuga had no way to say that to him in the first place.

It seemed like Gadillas also knew that, so he immediately diverted his eyes from Kuuga.

Geez, what a terrible face paired with those cold eyes that believed in nobody and even doubting why he was chosen… what a really troublesome fellow.

[A face that despaired over everything in this world. I wonder how I can save you from that despair.]

Kuuga didn’t know why he cared so much for a person he just met. Maybe as the Divine Beast, he had no choice but to worry about this man who’s destined to be the king.

He didn’t know the reason, but Kuuga wanted to protect Gadillas in any way.

Kuuga stopped going to the balcony and turned to the bed. For the time being, he put his foot on Gadillas’ knee and jumped on it.

“Ugh… oi, what is it, you’re heavy…”

Kuuga wished he was a small pet, but his body was quite large. He immediately shifted his upper body from the suffering Gadillas and rolled his body to wrap around Gadillas’ head on the bed. His hind legs were still on the other man’s body, but this much should be fine.

“What is it?”

[When will you truly relax? I’ll keep an eye for you, so take a good rest.]

“…I don’t know what you’re saying.”

Gadillas once thought of trying to understand what Kuuga wanted to say, but immediately gave up and averted his eyes. He put his head on Kuuga’s belly and thrust his face into his fur.

“It smells of a beast.”


“Your fur isn’t that bad…but it smells like a beast.”


“Alright, a bath. Let’s go for a bath.”


Kuuga jumped up to a proposal he had never imagined. By the way, he hadn’t taken a bath since he came to this world. It’s for sure that he smelled.

Gadillas stood up from the bed and stroked the head of Kuuga, who was happily shaking his tail.

Kuuga also jumped out of bed to follow. Gadillas looked at the footprints on the sheets with a disgruntled face but eventually went out without saying anything.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The bathroom, which seemed to be usable only by the royal family, was as large as a hot spring in any inn.

[Or rather, this smell… it’s really a hot spring.]

Great. Kuuga could feel the same experience from Japan in a place completely different from his original world.

Gadillas shouted out to him when it looked like Kuuga wanted to go into the hot spring while doing a cannonball.

“Oi, don’t enter so suddenly. Wash your body first.”

[I still have that much common sense...]

While complaining under his breath, Kuuga headed toward the washing area with the naked Gadillas. Kuuga, approaching from behind Gadillas, found a familiar pattern on the man’s waist, slightly to the right.

It looked like a bruise, but it had the same pattern as the one on Kuuga’s forehead. Gadillas shook in surprise when Kuuga poked this pattern with his forefoot.


[Ah, my bad. What is this?]

“Ah? …ahh, proof of being a candidate.”

[…that’s, nevermind.]

It was said in a matter of fact tone, so after thinking for a bit, Kuuga gave up asking further.

Kuuga was then instructed to sit in front, and he obeyed. The water was then poured on his head. Kuuga wanted him to be a bit gentler since Gadillas was quite rough.

After doing the same action about 3 times to wet Kuuga’s entire body, Gadillas then took out the soap and rubbed it all over Kuuga.

It felt good.

Kuuga entrusted himself to the sensation of being washed. With such a big body, Gadillas’ force was just right… he suddenly thought of a contradiction.

Uwa~ you’re dirty. You won’t go to bed unless you take a bath.”

[Ah- …my bad.]

Looking at the brown liquid flowing from his body, Kuuga remembered his previous actions and dropped his head. No matter how he thought about it, the bedsheets should be ruined.

Kuuga didn’t remember messing around outside that much, but it was probably because the dirt piled up since he’s always lying down on the ground. Even the fur on his belly felt a bit stiff.

Kuuga, who finished washing first, left Gadillas to wash up and sank himself into the hot water.

[This reminds me of the other world…]

Kuuga wondered if there’d be a fuss at his sudden disappearance.

He wondered if everyone was doing well.

When he remembered that happy world, his chest hurt. He missed those days when he had a human body.

“What’s up?”

Kuuga looked depressed when he remembered the past, so Gadillas, who had washed his body and sunk himself in hot water, curiously called out.

But Kuuga couldn’t say it unless he spoke the language. Gadillas, who looked at Kuuga, drooping his head and ears further, reached out after a while.



Kuuga swam through the hot water and sat next to Gadillas. Gadillas gently traced the white pattern on Kuuga’s forehead with his finger.

“Choose a king, live with him, protect him, and guide him.”


“If you follow the legend, you won’t betray me, right?”


Kuuga wondered if this was the legend of the Divine Beast. He never thought that he’d hear that in a place like this, so Kuuga decided to just accept it.

“…if only you’re just a beast…”

[…is that so undesirable?]

Gadillas stared at him, then closed his eyes tightly after a while.

[Really an unworthy guy.]

It’s because living beings had intelligence that they’d be blinded by greed and motivated to plot and to betray. That’s why Gadillas wanted to say that he couldn’t trust even Kuuga.

It would be nice if Kuuga was recognized, even if it took time.

Kuuga licked Gadillas’ face then leaned against the man’s body and applied weight.



06: Arrival At The Castle
08: Magic

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