10: Questioning Kuuga

09: Dining Room
11: Uproar at Night

Upon returning to the room, Kuuga was grabbed by Gadillas and stared at. It’s like during the ritual where they had to stare at each other at this distance.


What the hell do you want to do? Even if you stare so much, I think nothing would happen.

Gadillas squinted as if looking for something.

“What do you see in your eyes?”


Kuuga didn’t know what Gadillas wanted him to say, so he tilted his head slightly. However, it was returned to its original position by the hand still holding his face.

“I see only greed and jealousy.”

[...I can see their essence, Gadi.]

Kuuga understood what Gadillas wanted him to say and muttered his answer. Unfortunately, it still couldn’t reach the man. After staring at each other for a while, Gadillas sighed. He had given up and let go of Kuuga.

[I’ll see what you can’t see… so use me, Gadi.]

“Enough. It’s my bad.”

Kuuga wanted to convey it, but Gadillas lightly shook his head and stroked Kuuga’s head. It seemed like he noticed Kuuga’s drooping ears, but Gadillas said nothing more.

There was silence in the room after that. After a while, Uros came to the bedroom with the meal.

Did Uros personally investigate the poison?

Gadillas glanced at Kuuga as he watched Uros line up the table. Kuuga realized that the man should be questioning if it was okay to eat it, so Kuuga nodded that it was okay.

“It’s a simple one, but the result of the test was that it’s poisonous. It seems to be mixed with the sauce… the poison should have a time lag since the poison tester just died.”

“I see… I can’t ignore the Divine Beast’s appeal.”

“That’s right. Also… an apprentice cook was found killed behind the castle.”

That was the culprit for the poisoning, but the mastermind immediately sealed that mouth. Uros looked dissatisfied with the fact that it’s unlikely that he’d soon find out who aimed at Gadillas’ life, while Gadillas looked like he had expected it.

Since coming to this world, death had become very familiar. Kuuga also had a distorted expression as he felt helpless about it.

“From now on, let’s ask Divine Beast-sama to confirm before eating.”

[Of course.]

“It seems like the person himself is enthusiastic.”

When Uros finished arranging the dishes for Gadillas, he placed a dog food bowl (luxury version) in front of Kuuga. Looking at the food served there, Kuuga involuntarily half-closed his eyes.

――a raw meat block.

[…I had a feeling it would be like this.]

It seemed like raw meat was the norm for beasts. It also looked very fresh, unlike the meat served in the church, but Kuuga really couldn’t put raw meat in his mouth.

Kuuga gently pushed the meat with his front legs then turned his back on it to insist on not eating.

Gadillas, who was about to start his meal, and Uros, who was watching, noticed that and frowned.

“Do you dislike meat?”

Kuuga thought for a while then shook his head once. Uros, who was having a little fun questioning Kuuga, put a hand under his chin and started again.

“You don’t hate meat, but you don’t want to eat it… do you hate Redani meat?”

[What’s Redani…? What meat is this…]

Kuuga shook his head twice, even though he lost his appetite further by learning that he didn’t know from which animal the meat came from.

“It’s not the kind of meat… should it be the taste?”

“…it’s not the taste… should I cut it for easier eating?”

Why can’t you think of the option of cooking it?

Kuuga shook his head and turned to the meat in front of Gadillas. After catching Kuuga looking at the table, they suddenly turned to Kuuga as if they realized what he wanted to say.

“I see, raw meat is unacceptable…!”

“…I understand, my deepest apologies. I will prepare a baked one right away.”

“…you really act like a human.”

[I was once a human…]

When Uros left the room with Kuuga’s raw meat, and they waited for his return, Kuuga looked at Gadillas’ dessert. This smell was that fruit Cary gave him in the church.

Kuuga heard a small laugh from Gadillas. He didn’t notice the man watching him take one slice.

While chewing on the fruit, Gadillas had the corner of his mouth slightly elevated. ――this is the first time I saw him laugh.

“Do you also eat Agi fruits? It’s called the sacred fruit, which is just right for you.”

[Is that so?]

When Gadillas found that Kuuga might not eat meat, did he intentionally cut this fruit?

Seeing that Kuuga liked to eat Agi fruit, Gadillas told him to eat them all, and Kuuga happily ate all the pieces on the plate.

After that, Uros came back with roasted meat, and Kuuga finally had a decent meal. He had only eaten fruits since he came to this world.

Despite the unfamiliar meat, it was delicious.

09: Dining Room
11: Uproar at Night

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