11: Uproar at Night

10: Questioning Kuuga
12: Morning

Sleeping at night was also with Gadi.

Apparently liking Kuuga as the pillow, Gadillas threw away the pillows, then placed Kuuga there and put his head on his belly.

Kuuga had no complaints since he thought that this feeling of protecting the other man was not bad.

“That beast smell is gone, and it doesn’t smell peculiar anymore.”

[Did I stink that much...]

“It’s the smell of a living thing. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad.”

As usual, Kuuga’s head was patted with rough movements. Kuuga then retaliated by rubbing his cheek against Gadillas’ cheeks.

[Good night. Take a good rest, Gadi.]

It was somehow transmitted as Gadillas gently closed his eyes after letting go of Kuuga. Gadillas showing his willingness to sleep when Kuuga was close by, was it alright to think that he’d been trusted, even just a little?

It might also be because the problems were lower than usual due to the legendary Divine Beast.

They just met each other today, so they had to do their best to trust each other. While thinking so, Kuuga closed his eyes to sleep.

The next time Kuuga opened his eyes was not in the morning. Probably only one hour had passed since he slept. Kuuga caught footsteps approaching this room and gently raised his head.

“…Divine Beast?”

Gadillas didn’t sleep deeply, so he immediately noticed when Kuuga moved, so he called out. Kuuga was vigilantly staring at the door of the room.

“What happened? What’s coming?”

A knight stood in front of the room. The footsteps belonged to the person talking to the knight and was a woman, not Uros.

As they looked at the door, the knob was gently lowered, and the door slowly opened. Wouldn’t the other person usually knock? Was it okay to come in without permission? What were the knights doing?


Gadillas fully woke up and issued a cold voice when he saw the woman sliding her body into the room. The woman’s body shook, stopping the foot about to enter.

“Who told you to come in?”

“Eh, Your Majesty… that, I… tonight’s duty…”

Kuuga looked at the fidgeting woman as she said those words. Was the duty she’s talking about performing that? So they really have it here?

Are~, but would they just enter the bedroom like this? Wouldn’t the king be the one going to the inner palace or something like that? Thinking so, Kuuga tilted his head.

However, Gadillas would be exposing his defenseless figure to this woman at night. ――this woman is no good.

Grr, glancing at the growling Kuuga, Gadillas stared at the woman who was approaching again. The woman didn’t notice it but became frightened when she became aware of Kuuga.

Hii~, u-uhm… Divine Beast-sama is in this room…?”

“Are you saying that the Divine Beast should go out because it’s an obstacle? How arrogant of you.”

“…! N-no, I didn’t…”

Every time the woman moved, a strange smell was transmitted to Kuuga’s nose. It’s hard to tell what the smell was because it’s mixed with the perfume.

“You guys are for the previous generation. It should have been dissolved today. I have no need for it, go away.”

“N-no way. I haven’t heard…I …I can’t go home…”

When the woman, who was about to cry, moved toward them, Kuuga realized what the smell was. Kuuga quickly rose up and got off the bed.

[Don’t come any closer!]

Gau~! Letting out such a loud sound in the room, the woman stopped. Perhaps hearing Kuuga’s roar, the knights in front of the room came inside in a panicked state.

“Your Majesty! What happened!”

“Why did you pass the woman? I don’t remember letting her in.”

At Gadillas’ words, the knights’ faces turned blue as they stared at the woman with a stern look. Kuuga didn’t know what she said, but they seemed to have been deceived.

After confirming that the knights had captured her, Kuuga approached the woman.

“Divine Beast?”

Gadillas, who seemed curious about Kuuga’s actions, called out. Kuuga sniffed at the woman’s waist. That strange smell came from here. That dangerous odor he smelled at dinner.

Kuuga sniffed then looked at a knight’s face. Repeating the action a few times, the knight, who seemed to realize that he was telling him to check it, unraveled the woman’s waist cord.


The woman practically couldn’t resist, and a thin needle made a slight noise as it fell to the floor. When the knights saw it, they were scared. Gadillas approached and picked it up.

“…is it poison again? It looks like you want to kill me.”

“Y-Your Majesty… please have mercy…!”

“Send the woman to prison. Uros will handle the investigation.”


Recognizing their blunder, the knights, with bright blue faces, restrained the woman, who continued to resist, and left the room. Gadillas put the needle he picked up on the table uninterestingly and roughly patted Kuuga’s head.

“You’re also busy, huh.”

[…don’t say it like that.]

Kuuga sighed as he followed Gadillas back to bed as if he lost interest. He thought Gadillas could take a good rest this time.

10: Questioning Kuuga
12: Morning

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