14: Tasteless and Bland Man*

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TN: *Denotatively, “sappari” means “tasteless and bland.” But connotatively, in English we would interpret that negatively, while in Japanese, lack of any significant stimulation of any sort is a positive. So the full correct translation might be “This is tasteless and bland, and I like it!” source

It was a peaceful night when all the knights and servants guarding Gadillas were changed. It meant that he was surrounded by enemies before, pretending to protect him. That was horrible.

It was time to sleep, but Gadillas began trying to train Kuuga in the arts.

Of course, Gadillas knew that he didn’t have to practice because Kuuga understood the language. It’s not words, but rather actions that he’s trying to train him with.

As if the training of dogs was transferred to this different world, Kuuga felt it effortless to remember. For example, showing a palm meant wait and putting it down meant lying down.

It’s not something to enjoy looking at even if it’s called training, but it’s intended to be used when walking with Gadillas in public.

While Kuuga was willing to pretend to die when there’s a sign for that, his thoughts shifted to whether there’s a gun in this world.

“It’s easy to teach if you can understand words.”

[I think so too.]

After practicing, again and again, Gadillas nodded in satisfaction and patted his head.

Soon after being told to go to bed, Kuuga immediately went up and laid down at the pillows’ position. Gadillas might have smiled a little as he followed and put his hand on Kuuga’s belly.

It felt like Gadillas was more open to Kuuga than yesterday.

It would be nice if Kuuga could build this trust relationship little by little. Kuuga watched Gadillas fall asleep and observed the corridors for a while. Today, there was no sign of anyone coming, so Kuuga laid down and slept.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The next day, Edallion immediately came to the office with another knight.

It was a man with a slightly slender body, a thin face, and refreshing eyes, which was rare for the knights here. Overall, he had a tasteless and bland impression. His hair was also a cool light blue.

“He’s my most trustworthy subordinate. He didn’t have many achievements, but I’m confident of his sword skills.”

“My name is Lewis Acidary.”

That gesture of lowering his head was strangely elegant. Kuuga wondered if he’s a young master from a well-to-do family by any chance.

As Edallion said, he’s not the type of person who quickly betrayed others… but, Kuuga muttered in his mind.

But from his perspective of Gadillas, he’s not a “you can trust me” kind of person. Lewis seemed to adore Edallion. He wouldn’t betray Edallion even if he died.

Kuuga didn’t think that he would cross Gadillas or aim for his life. But in an emergency, Gadillas wouldn’t be the top priority. In what way was he qualified as a royal guard knight?

Also… Lewis probably didn’t have a good impression of Gadillas. In Lewis’ eyes, Gadillas was like a dirty thing like the ones Kuuga had seen many times among the people of this castle. He seemed to hide it well, but Kuuga wouldn’t be deceived.

However, he had no intention of doing anything to Gadillas. Even though he had such emotions hidden in his heart…

Gadillas thought about something for a while. He inadvertently glanced at Kuuga then narrowed his eyes.

“Edallion, the Divine Beast is looking at your recommendation with amazing eyes.”


The confident Edallion was surprised at Gadillas’ words and looked at Kuuga in a hurry. Edallion shouted “why!?” unintentionally, seeing that the Divine Beast who shook his tail at him, was looking at Lewis suspiciously.

“Divine Beast-sama, I can vouch for Lewis. He’s okay, you know?”

[It would seem like that to you.]

Kuuga nodded to Edallion’s claim. Edallion smiled in relief because Kuuga nodded, but Gadillas wrinkled his brows.

“Does that mean it’s okay to recruit him?”

Did you mean it like that? Gadillas’ eyes said. Kuuga shook his head in response to Gadillas’ question.

[I don’t recommend it.]

“Ehhh? W-what do you mean!?”

Edallion shouted in a confused manner to Kuuga, who gave inconsistent answers. Kuuga also wondered how he could persuade the other person when he could not speak the language.

“B-but he can be trusted…”

[If it’s to you.]

“If so, he could join the Royal Guard Knights…”

[It’s no good.]

Edallion’s claim and Kuuga, who could only nod or shake his head, didn’t match each other.

It might be easier to understand if Kuuga shook his head because he couldn’t trust him, but that would be a lie, and it would be a pity to see Edallion’s credibility with Lewis collapse.

At that time, Lewis, who was quietly watching the continued stalemate between Edallion and Kuuga, exhaled a small breath and opened his mouth.

“It’s okay, Deputy Commander.”

“Eh, but…”

“I understand what Divine Beast-sama wanted to say.”

“What do you mean?”

Gadillas and Uros, who didn’t quite understand what Kuuga wanted to say, also looked dubiously at Lewis.

After meeting eyes with Kuuga, Lewis turned to Gadillas.

“Excuse me, I’m the Deputy Commander… I serve His Highness Edallion, and I don’t want to serve His Majesty. Even if I became a Royal Guard Knight, my feelings would not change.”

“What are you talking about!?”

“I am prepared to be disposed of. If I don’t tell the truth, this wouldn’t be resolved.”

Edallion was in a panic and didn’t know what to say to Gadillas. In truth, Gadillas didn’t care about the words said about him, and only looked at Kuuga with a hand on his chin.

“Divine Beast, is that what you mean?”

[…just about.]

Kuuga thought it was resolved well, and it’s not wrong, so he nodded once. Gadillas wrinkled his brows because it’s only once.

“If this guy only nods once, that means it’s not the whole truth.”

Edallion and Lewis, who were taught the rules of Kuuga’s nods, were surprised and looked at Gadillas. Lewis also looked at Kuuga with a thoughtful face.

“…no way, are you able to see that far?”

“Eh, what, did Lewis know? …wait, didn’t you just say something strange?”

There were contradictory words, so Edallion, who caught the gist of it, got bluer in the face.

“Divine Beast-sama, I won’t hurt His Majesty.”

[That sounds about right.]

“So, are you referring to my personal feelings?”

[That’s it.]

“Do you think I will never do an act of “betrayal”?”

[Yeah. You won’t.]

Nodding twice to all the questions asked by Lewis, Edallion, who realized that it was not something he should be worried about, dropped his shoulders in slight relief. Gadillas released the vigilance he had when he didn’t understand.

Though Lewis thought that he’s fine, he never really consulted anyone about it before.

“…then, do you think I should protect His Majesty when both His Majesty and Deputy Commander are in a dangerous situation?”

[That’s not it. You should give priority to Edallion.]

After seeing Kuuga shook his head twice, Lewis turned to Edallion and Gadillas.

“I think that’s what the Divine Beast-sama wanted to say.”

“…got it….pfft, Divine Beast is stricter than I am.”

Everyone on the spot gazed at the sight of Gadillas, who laughed for a moment. Nobody had ever seen Gadillas laugh except for Kuuga.

Gadillas returned to his usual expression without worrying about the surprised people around him, then turned his eyes to Kuuga.

“Divine Beast, you don’t have to be that strict. As long as they wouldn’t assassinate me.”

[…that hurdle is too low.]

“Then Lewis should be hired?”

Hearing Gadillas’ words, Edallion’s face brightened. His blue complexion up to that point was restored in an instant.

However, it was Lewis himself who shook his head.

“No, if you could, would you please make me the Divine Beast-sama’s escort?”

“…Divine Beast’s escort?”


All eyes gathered on Lewis. Nobody in this room was thinking of escorts for Kuuga.

“…I’m afraid I was a bit skeptical about Divine Beast-sama because it didn’t choose Deputy Commander. But, now that I’m in contact with Divine Beast-sama… it’s different from us humans, and I know it must have something special.”

“You’re right.”

Lewis gazed at Kuuga for a moment. At first, he seemed suspicious of Kuuga’s existence, but now he seemed to think of it as impressive.

“The people who work in the castle don’t understand Divine Beast-sama correctly… some even suggest that it should not be left free.

[...so I’m a free-range…pet?]

Kuuga knew they were scared of him, but his head drooped at knowing that he frightened other people that much. Looking at such a Kuuga, Lewis showed a slightly apologetic face.

“I now know that his intelligence was extremely high… I apologize, I didn’t think that far.”

“…that far, what do you mean?”

“I meant its ability to communicate with people. As long as the others saw Divine Beast-sama’s reaction, they’d know that it understood people’s words accurately, rather than just somehow.”

“Huh, Lewis didn’t know!? I thought I told you! He’s so smart!”

In Lewis’ words, it was discovered that even those who showed understanding didn’t grasp it accurately. Even Edallion, Gadillas, and Uros looked at Lewis in surprise.

“I didn’t understand how smart he is… I am rude to Divine Beast-sama… because animals that could be disciplined, like horses and dogs, could be considered smart.”

“Ah, right. He’s more intelligent compared to animals, I think I’ve heard of that.”

“I think that in the future, Divine Beast-sama might walk alone in the castle… at that time, the people in the castle would be rude or disturb him on purpose. For that reason, I think we need at least one escort to explain.”

Hmm, so it’s a supporter rather than an escort.

The three who understood Lewis’ claim also looked at him with impressed faces like they hadn’t thought of that.

“That’s right. Certainly, we might need someone to help the Divine Beast. I can’t always do it… how about it, Divine Beast?”

[If so, I would appreciate it.]

After seeing Kuuga nod twice, Gadillas nodded then turned his eyes to Lewis. Lewis, who thought it was decided, corrected his attitude and faced Gadillas.

“Then, Lewis is appointed as the Divine Beast’s escort. Help this guy who’s easily misunderstood.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

“Eh~, can I also be one…”

“You shut up.”

13: Dog Loving Knight
15: Villain Looking Heki

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