13: Dog Loving Knight

12: Morning
14: Tasteless and Bland Man*

After breakfast, they moved to the office they visited yesterday, and Gadillas began to learn his work as a king from Uros.

Kuuga, who was also listening to the explanation, succeeded in hearing some of the circumstances from their words.

It seemed like the old king had reached his limit in the last few years. All public affairs had stagnated, and what Gadillas had to do all piled up.

Kuuga thought it would have been better to have a substitute, but the situation didn’t seem to allow it.

It involved the oracle about the arrival of the Divine Beast that was told to the king. Speaking of which, when they first met, Kuuga felt like Cary said something about an oracle.

Uros didn’t explain it clearly because they already know the circumstances. The oracle was from 30 years ago. It prophesized that a son of the king and a bearer of the seal would be chosen as the next king. Until then, the king had to watch over the country.

That seal was probably the one on Gadillas’ waist.

Surprisingly, Gadillas was that old king’s child. Kuuga thought they’re grandfather and grandson. Just how old was the previous king…

Apparently, the predecessor tried hard to make children after the oracle. Because the seal didn’t appear in the child born before the prophecy, he could only make one.

And so, the “child making team,” where the woman last night came from, gathered women for that purpose. Morover, neither the Queen nor the current concubines were at the age to give birth at that time. The king himself had no intention of marrying another, so he simply gathered dedicated women.

By the way, it seemed like the exhausted king, who created as many as 15 candidates, had no more use of the childmaking team, so those women, who had been limited because of the change in royal power, had been left to their own devices for several years now. A woman who had a child could get some status. In contrast, a woman who didn’t have any were ordered to disband on the day of the ritual.

Kuuga remembered the tired face of the previous generation. That man had been waiting for 30 years.

There seemed to be a legend where if all the conditions were met, and the glorious Divine Beast chose the king, the country’s well-being and development would be promised.

That’s why aiming for the life of the already chosen Gadillas was like fighting God, and if Gadillus died, the country might be destroyed. Uros was angry at those who knew this but still did such a stupid thing.

Kuuga understood that he had the vital role of choosing the king, but he hadn’t thought of it to that extent. What if the country depended on this?

He then noticed another new thing. He could read the letters.

Uros put a document in front of Gadillas and started explaining it, so Kuuga raised his front legs on the desk and somehow looked at it.

The written characters were not in Japanese. But for some reason, he could understand what it said.

While thinking that he could read but could not write, Kuuga looked at the document intently to learn the shape of the words.

Many people visited the office as Gadillas worked. Some of the royal family members, who were in the ritual at that time, came to greet them, and some knights also came to report.

Even so, many people couldn’t be trusted.

Was Japan so peaceful? From Kuuga’s experience, there were too few people to trust.

Just as he was feeling depressed, the dog-loving royal family member from that time appeared.

“It’s the Divine Beast-sama! Hello~”

[Ohh, you came, dog-lover!]

Although he’s a man who spoke in a casual way unbefitting of the royal family (Gadillas didn’t seem to be much different), Kuuga’s impression of him was good. Especially when he could trust no one so far, it’s safe to have this guy on their side.

Kuuga was happy and sat in front of the dog-loving royal family member.

“…? What’s wrong?’

“…Divine Beast-sama is greeting you.”

Uros was happy to explain what Kuuga was doing, and the man became giddy at having Kuuga’s favor.

“I am Edallion Rear Edios. Pleased to meet you.”

[Edallion, nice to meet you.]

While rubbing his body on Edallion and shaking his tail, Edallion smiled and patted him. This man loved dogs, so he seemed to know what would make Kuuga feel good, and he had no hesitation in his hand movements.

Gadillas and Uros looked at Kuuga’s situation with serious eyes.

“…Edallion, what’s your current title?”

“Eh? …I’m the Deputy Commander of the Red Knights and also a zookeeper.”

What zookeeper? Do you like animals that much?

Even though he felt uncomfortable at seeing Edallion still patting Kuuga’s body, Gadillas looked Edallion straight in the eyes, as if he had decided on something.

“Edallion, you’re the Commander of the Royal Guard Knights from today.”

“Haa!? W-why so suddenly!”

He was so surprised that Edallion moved away from Kuuga and approached Gadillas. Gadillas was indifferent to Edallion’s panicked state.

“So far, the Royal Guard Knights are from the previous generation… I can’t use them… I mean, I can’t trust them at all.”

“…then are you saying that you trust me? I’m happy, but why? You didn’t show it until now, you know?”

In disbelief, Edallion distorted his face and thought suspiciously. What Edallion said was very clear to Kuuga. Gadillas’ look was such that even Edallion didn’t believe him.

Speaking of which, Kuuga vaguely thought that the knights around Gadillas were the Royal Guard Knights.

Uros was a little surprised but he just quietly stared at Gadillas, as if he didn’t feel like talking.

Gadillas, who gathered everyone’s eyes, half-closed his eyes and crossed his arms, then suddenly turned to Kuuga.

“…today, there were about 20 people who visited this room… but you were the only one who received the “greeting” of the Divine Beast.”

Kuuga didn’t realize that he noticed that.

It wasn’t intentional, but Kuuga wasn’t interested in people who weren’t worthy of trust, so he ignored them.

“Perhaps the Divine Beast knew something… that’s why I chose you. Because you were recognized by this guy.”

Edallion turned around and happily looked at Kuuga. However, he also showed a hesitant behavior at the sudden change.

“It’s a position where you can play with the Divine Beast here every day while guarding me, but is there anything you want to complain about?”

“There’s none!”

[None my ass.]

Kuuga instinctively gave a tsukkomi from the too quick transformation. Gadillas and Uros were also amazed by Edallion’s change in attitude.

“Please finish the takeover process today. Also, it would be helpful if you recommend the other members… it’s painstaking to investigate everyone.”

“Don’t say something crazy like finishing it today! Can’t you set up a plausible handover period, and I’ll still be able to take over during that time, right?”

“…I understand. Finish it in 5 days.”

“Is it okay to decide the members like that? Usually, it’s based on their achievements and the result of a martial arts competition…”

“I will refer to that to some extent. But it’s not really important.”

“Hmm, it’s a bit unusual, but… well, is this okay? Divine Beast-sama, I’m looking forward to tomorrow! Now then, I’ll immediately do the take over process!”

As soon as he was satisfied, Edallion shouted so and left like the wind. Looking at the door that banged at Edallion’s momentum, Uros approached Gadillas with a slightly bitter look.

“…you’ve done something drastic.”

“Worrying won’t help. Let’s just make a bet… that guy should at least never betray the Divine Beast.”

While sad at thinking that Gadillas didn’t believe in himself, Kuuga was touched by the fact that he’s trying to trust in him even in a bet.

Kuuga hoped he could explain it adequately, but he wondered if there’s some way to accurately convey his words. He wanted to communicate on equal footing.

He wished to return to his human body.

While thinking about such a thing, Uros approached Kuuga, perhaps to offer some explanation.

“I’ve been thinking about some of the cues we talked about yesterday.”

[Ohh! I was just about to say that!]

Uros laid out several sheets of paper on the floor. Looking at it, he found that the illustrations were strangely well-drawn along with the meaning. Did Uros draw this?

It’s hard to say what kind of words Kuuga would need, and there were only a few words he’d use in daily life. If he needed more, then they’d think about it.

It even included the movements that Kuuga had done so far. If he wanted to appeal something, there was a cue of hitting it with his foreleg twice.

It looked like Uros assumed that Kuuga couldn’t read the characters, so he pointed at each cue one by one, and Kuuga could remember the signal.

However, Uros also included signals where he wanted Kuuga to do some somersaults… this guy had a stern face and didn’t laugh much, but in reality, there’s a mischievous part in him, so Kuuga just looked at Uros like he was crazy,

When he’s hungry, wanted to go for a walk, had a question, or wanted something, there were a few things like that. It’s not something that Kuuga could always do, but it’s better to have it.

[…I mean, walk, can I even go out?]

Kuuga thought that he shouldn’t leave Gadillas.

Worried that they might be separated, Kuuga sighed. What should he do if he’s away, and something happened when they hadn’t decided on an escort detail yet?

Let’s stay with Gadillas as much as possible until the escort is arranged. After making such a decision, Kuuga laid down near Gadillas.

12: Morning
14: Tasteless and Bland Man*

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