17: Gadillas’ Reaction

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Kuuga, who spent quite a lot of time in the library, stopped at a nice point and returned to the office where Gadillas was.

“Lewis, are there any problems?”

Gadillas, who was a little relieved that Kuuga returned safely, called out to Lewis. Lewis bowed once then began reporting.

“When we entered the library, there was some dispute, but I was able to persuade them to let us use the library as planned.”

“…so it didn’t go smoothly after all…”

“…yes… Your Majesty, there’s something I wish to report.”

“What is it?”

Perhaps feeling the tension from Lewis, who started talking again, Gadillas seriously turned to Lewis while putting down the pen he held. Uros also stopped and turned his eyes to Lewis.

“Divine Beast-sama is called Kuuga-sama.”


Gadillas blankly called out but then turned to Kuuga, who was being stroked by Edallion.

“Name!? …did the Divine Beast say that?”

“Yes. Kuuga-sama taught me by combining the letters written in several books.”

“Eh~ so Divine Beast-sama is called Kuuga-sama, huh~.”

Edallion, who was listening, called out in a carefree voice toward Gadillas.

“Who gave it that name? …it’s not me.”

In the first place, since no more than one Divine Beast appeared at the same time, they didn’t have to distinguish between them, and everyone just called them “Divine Beast.”

Gadillas stared at Kuuga with a suspicious look because Kuuga, who just appeared in this world, had a name that no one remembered.

“Maybe… God gave it to him… or something like that.”

Kuuga denied Uros’ guess by shaking his head. Uros himself didn’t believe it, so he quickly let go and quietly pondered.

“Did you make it up yourself~?”


Edallion was still making that carefree voice.

“…there’s no way you’ll say that it’s given by your parents.”

[You’re right, but...]

Kuuga thought that their reaction wasn’t normal, but when he nodded, he saw everyone widen their eyes as if they were surprised.

“Ehh, Kuuga-sama had parents!?”

“Wait a minute, is a Divine Beast born from the belly of a parent!?”

“I’ve never heard of that… in the first place, it suddenly appeared in the ritual.”

“Do you mean you were somewhere else before you appeared here? …I thought God birthed you the moment you appeared.”

Kuuga was surprised that they thought that way.

“…then, did you mean you landed on the place where the Divine Beasts live?”


“Is it different?”

When Gadillas thought he had chanced on the truth, Kuuga shook his head, and Gadillas hung his head.

Gadillas gave up, thinking that he wouldn’t know anything more before Kuuga was able to speak. That moment, Lewis, who was watching their conversation, opened his mouth again with a face that seemed like he had other news.

“Your Majesty, I still have something to tell you.”

“…there’s still more?”

“…that… Kuuga-sama was looking into the Divine Beast.”


Gadillas, who had disbelief all over his face, jerkily faced Kuuga a few seconds later.

“You, no way… you mean you don’t even know anything about yourself?”


“Along with mythologies… he was also studying the history and culture of this country.”

Gadillas, who heard until that point, understood precisely what Lewis wanted to say, and began to groan while placing his hand on his forehead as if he had a headache.

“…no way… you don’t know anything…”

[That’s right.]

When Kuuga nodded since they finally noticed, everyone on the spot was speechless. As expected, even Edallion couldn’t say any carefree words as his eyes and mouth were wide open.

The silence continued for a while, but Gadillas suddenly started moving and made a loud noise. Kuuga looked a little confused and looked up at Gadillas approaching him with a grumpy face.

“So how did you choose the king? …you’re not going to say I’m appropriate for it, right?”

[I think it’s probably different.]

At that time, it seemed like Gadillas’ eyes were shining to Kuuga. Gadillas was the only candidate with shining eyes, and that light was gone after the contract was concluded. Kuuga probably wouldn’t establish a contract if he did the same thing to the other candidates.

He was sure that light was an index for choosing a king.

Speaking of which, he was still able to make a contract even without knowing anything.

Gadillas narrowed his eyes, judging if it’s the truth when Kuuga shook his head.

“It might be like the instinct of a Divine Beast.”

It was Uros who supplemented for Kuuga. Hearing Uros’ words, Kuuga nodded since that might be the closest interpretation.

Gadillas stared at Kuuga as if he was looking for something, but after a while, he let out a small sigh.

“Was it a mistake to choose me?”


“…I see.”

After a quick mutter, Gadillas returned to his office desk.

Gadillas was more skeptical of Kuuga’s choice than anyone else. That’s why he reacted that much when he realized that Kuuga didn’t know anything.

Kuuga regretted that he was just thinking about wanting to know his situation and disregarded how Gadillas felt.

Edallion, who noticed that his ears and tail were drooping, tried to comfort him.

“Lewis, toward the Divine Beast in the future… talk about a lot of things. You can talk about anything.”


“Didn’t he use books to name himself? …It could be silly or simple. Kuuga, if you don’t understand it, then ask.”

[…got it.]

Kuuga replied a moment later because he was glad that Gadillas called out his name, so he nodded that he understood. It took a considerable amount of time to find and combine the relevant words and sentences, but it’s better than not being able to convey his will at all.

Perhaps Gadillas thought so as well and ordered Lewis like that.

“Ahh, I’ll give you permission, so borrow a book and do it here.”


Since Kuuga wouldn’t talk to Gadillas, Lewis made a suspicious look, thinking that when they speak in the same room, they might get in the way of his duties.

“Ah, because I also want to hear it.”

“…as you wish.”

16: My Name
18: Walk 1

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