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Suddenly, further down the flowerbed, a small path hidden behind the trees came into view. For some reason, about 5 green lights were floating around the entrance. This was a green version of the red lights that Kuuga saw when Gadillas used his magic.

Did that mean there’s magic over there? As Kuuga observed it since he couldn’t understand, he saw an old tower at the end of the road.

He had never noticed that there was such a tower there. It seemed to be in a position that couldn’t be seen from inside the castle unless one went out in the courtyard.

While Kuuga worried about the fact that the tower was built as if it was meant to be hidden, he tried to step toward it, but Lewis stood in front of Kuuga to stop him.


Lewis glanced at the tower that Kuuga looked at then turned back with a terribly stiff look.

“Don’t go near that tower.”


That stiff look he’d never seen before was a clear rejection.

But it’s not directed at Kuuga. Lewis hated the tower itself, so he didn’t want Kuuga to approach it. Kuuga felt that was the case.

No matter how many times Kuuga moved to see the tower, Lewis stood in front of him to stop him.



While Kuuga made a disappointed face, Lewis gave him a smiling face. Since the person didn’t want to explain it, he didn’t want to let go of it.

If Kuuga could talk, he could complain, but the other person would only stare at Kuuga like right now. Anyway, Lewis pretended that he didn’t know what he wanted to say.

Kuuga turned away from Lewis and looked back once more before leaving the courtyard as if he had given up.

Lewis smiled a bit at Kuuga’s withdrawal and followed after him without saying anything.

“Oh, it’s Divine Beast-sama.”

When they returned to the castle, a good-looking man in armor walked in from the front, calling out as if they’re friends.

When Kuuga looked up at that face, although most people would be scared, he felt like it’s a familiar face… where had he seen it?

[I remember, he was there at the ritual.. a royal family member?]

Indeed, he was a man who seemed relieved because he wasn’t selected. Now he knew why. This man with a healthy body, who was born just to fight, probably didn’t want anything to do with political affairs.

“Aizel-sama, it’s unusual for you to be in the castle.”

“Ah, I just came to give a report for a bit. I’ll leave soon.”

[Lewis, introduce me, introduce me!]

When Kuuga tapped Lewis’ feet when they started talking like acquaintances, Lewis smiled wryly, indicating that he understood.

“Kuuga-sama, this is Aizel Rear Edios-sama. He’s the Commander of the Blue Knights, and usually outside subjugating demon beasts.”

[I see, is he usually not in the castle?]

“Kuuga-sama? …eh, did Gadillas name it? That Gadillas did?”

“No, Kuuga-sama had a name from the beginning.”

Heh~, I’ve never heard of that. I wonder if the Divine Beasts from before also have one.”

Aizel responded the same way as the others did to the fact that Kuuga had a name, and after a quick question, he turned to Kuuga. Lewis also turned his eyes to Kuuga, who might know the answer.

However, Kuuga merely tilted his head. Even if he’s asked such a thing, Kuuga didn’t know anything about the past Divine Beasts.

[Dunno. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have one.]

“…I don’t know ,but maybe is what I somehow understand. Is that the right interpretation?”

Aizel noticed that Kuuga made an appropriate reply with his actions, so he made a guess and looked at Kuuga. Without denying it, Kuuga looked at them.

Aizel smiled when he saw Kuuga’s behavior and attitude, then shrugged his shoulders.

“He looks more human than I expected… oh yeah, I heard rumors that Kuuga was studying at the office…”

“Yes. Kuuga-sama can also read characters. You can also have a conversation using books.”

Lewis explained to Aizel with a proud face for some reason. Aizel muttered, “Is he that intelligent” then scratched his head with a somewhat confused look.

When Kuuga wondered if something was wrong, Aizel explained without being prompted.

“In the shadows, Gadillas… there’s a guy who’s making a fool of His Majesty. They said that His Majesty didn’t even know how to discipline a dog.”

“…does that mean the act of showing and teaching a book is considered meaningless? …it should have conveyed that he had the same intelligence as humans, but…”

Although Lewis distorted his face in disappointment, Kuuga was not so shocked despite being told something about himself. He’s getting used to it.

However, he sometimes wondered if human beings were such inflexible creatures. Even though the people as mentioned earlier were notified, their evaluation didn’t change. It seemed like the escort knight, who was often close to Kuuga, had changed his mind, but those who didn’t have much contact wouldn’t believe it at all.

Kuuga thought it couldn’t be helped if they didn’t want to believe it, but he felt that some people might see it and think it’s true.

“…probably because of how it looks.”


“Because it’s similar to a Lainez, they definitely think it’s the same as that monster.”

“Similar to… you mean the appearance? Kuuga-sama was much bigger, and a Lainez is more soot colored…”

“That’s why it’s more intimidating. It looks like Lainez’s main boss.”

Kuuga recently learned that Lainez was a demon beast that often appeared in the mountains. It’s a wolf-type demon beast, and it’s common for a group to go down the village and attack people.

Many people have witnessed it, and the first thing they’d imagine at the word Lainez was its monstrous appearance. It could be said to be one of the significant demon beasts.

In other words, Aizel wanted to say that Kuuga looked the same wolf-shaped beast as the Lainez, so people would inevitably see him as being the same as demon beasts.

Is that why they’re so frightened of me?

Kuuga just thought it’s because he’s a giant beast. Kuuga was downhearted once he realized that. Moreover, this was why the others were laughing at Gadillas in the shadows.

“Ahh! Kuuga-sama shouldn’t worry about it! …Aizel-sama!”

“Eh, is it my fault!?”

Lewis lifted his eyes and gazed at Aizel when he saw Kuuga with his ears and tail hanging down. Aizel, who saw Kuuga depressed in an easy-to-understand manner for the first time, seemed to be in a panic and stroked his head to comfort him.

“I-it’s my bad. I will explain to my subordinates properly.”

“Please do so. Please also tell the other Commanders. Kuuga-sama is wonderful.”

“…Lewis, it’s unusual for you to fall for anything other than Edallion…”

“Please say anything besides that.”

Kuuga had the impression that neither Aizel nor Edallion were pretentious. The Knight Orders had a rough image, but they might be surprisingly harmonious.

18: Walk 1
20: Chief Retainers 1

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