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It was Restalion Rear Edios who shrugged a little when he was called. A royal family member who was also present during the ritual, and one of the disappointed people.

He looked like a foreign prince like Edallion but looked a bit stricter than Edallion. He also wore armor that seemed luxurious.

Restalion was in charge of the Knights, and his sword skill was considerable. He seemed to be the type that every knight longed for.

“He’s not satisfied with the choice in the ritual but not because I was chosen, but because he was not chosen. Although he had the drawback of saying extra things when it comes to emotions, he’s basically capable of doing anything. He doesn’t seem to really like me, but… trust is a thing that must be returned with trust, so… pfft, my brother is telling me to give it my all.”


That glance somewhat stabbed at Kuuga, but when he saw that the other man’s cheeks were slightly red, it seemed to be mixed with shyness.

“However, there is a possibility of being called out by “those attempting rebellion” with his usual attitude. It’s his choice to pick up on it and pull the rebels out or scoff at it and leave them alone.”

“Too late. I already punched that person.”

“That’s it. But let me know the details later… next is Yog Kagoi.”

It was an old man who raised his eyebrows when his name was called. He was a grandpa with long hair and long beard, and he seemed to laugh “fo fo fo” even now.

Yog was Uros’ grandfather and former prime minister. His position had been taken over by his grandson, Uros. He also acted as the consultant of the late King. He’s still sitting in that position, which Kuuga didn’t quite understand. Perhaps it’s because the old man didn’t have to retire.

By the way, unlike the other people who were upset from the beginning, he was the only person having a lot of fun.

“Tanuki, old man.”


Hearing Gadillas’ words, Yog gazed at Kuuga instead of Gadillas. Kuuga unintentionally averted his eyes.

“He loves to make fun of people, especially young people who are smart.”

“Fo fo.”

Hearing that carefree “fo fo” laugh and realizing his hurriedly averted gaze, Kuuga quickly looked back.

“It looks like he’s trying to figure me out during the meeting… though the target was not in place. I shouldn’t swallow everything he’s saying, but I can trust his character.”

Yog’s eyes narrowed. Somehow, the old man looked very interested in him, so Kuuga felt a bit uncomfortable. Kuuga could immediately tell if someone’s lying, but he wasn’t compatible with people of such personality. Once they’re interested in him, it would be troublesome.

“Finally, Rhode Sias.”

He’s a man with a slightly blue face, suspiciously swimming eyes, and clenched fists. The man was in his 50s or 60s and looked like a dandy old man, but the air around him was a bit stale.

He was in charge of domestic civil engineering, and although he’s excellent, he seemed to be a man who made his subordinates cry because he liked moving around.

Kuuga knew what this man was afraid of, but Gadillas might not know. Gadillas looked at him as a final confirmation, but Kuuga didn’t look back.

“There’s no problem. You can trust that man because he’ll give you his thoughts. I don’t want to tell you why.”


Rhode looked as if he was waiting for his execution, but then lifted his head and stared at Kuuga in a daze. Kuuga nodded to Rhode to reassure him.

In fact, this man was a blood relative of Gadillas. And for some reason, he’s hiding that. He’s probably Gadillas’ mother’s father.

One could tell two people were related if they somehow resembled each other, but one wouldn’t be able to see the blood relationship at a glance if they have different appearances. However, this man was so easy to read, and his emotions were so mixed.

He didn’t think it should be known for some reason, but he felt guilty for hiding it from Gadillas. He also had mixed feelings toward Gadillas as someone of his kin.

At the meeting, he was taking part in the offensive along with the others, but he’d change his words to something less harmful. He wanted to help but felt frustrated that he couldn’t.

“I gave up because it refused to say it no matter how many times I asked… Rhode, do you… have any idea?”

“…I’m very sorry. There are personal circumstances…”

“Well, nevermind. Even if you didn’t say it, the Divine Beast assured that it wouldn’t hurt me directly.”

With all that said, Gadillas placed the documents on the desk, then looked at the four people again.

“You now know the Divine Beast’s… Kuuga’s power. I’m not going to tell anyone about this except for the Royal Guard Knights, Uros, Lewis, and you guys.”

That meant all that ridicule was proof that he trusted them. The four intelligent men seemed to have a clear understanding of Gadillas’ intentions.

“It would be uncomfortable to always test what’s in your heart. So I swear that I will not use Kuuga’s power to you in the future.”

“Gadilla… Your Majesty, does that mean the other three can’t be trusted?”

After having his heart peeked into, Restalion, who looked embarrassed at the fact that he was trusted, said so. Of course, the other three were also interested in the topic and waited for Gadillas’ words.

Gadillas also wanted to explain, so he nodded and opened his mouth.

“Guy Geran and Sari Ig decided to wait. Kuuga said that these two had a personality that always wanted to be on the winning side, so it’s more beneficial for them to wait. I don’t think they’ll trust me so easily because of the rumors in the castle and the fact that I was the one chosen… I want to leave those two people to Luon and Yog. Manage them well.”

“By your will.”

“Fo fo fo.”

“Godo Gunis… the emotion Kuuga felt was “murder” towards me.”

Immediately, the air inside the room tingled.

“He still seemed frustrated that I’m alive, and he might be the mastermind of either of the two incidents that happened on the first day… but Kuuga’s words are not proof. I also have no intention of looking into it. Do you want to dig into it?”

Restalion went “acha-” and cringed. Perhaps because the other person who “he already hit” was Godo.

“Let me do it.”

Where did that suspicious behavior go? He looked calm now, but with slight anger in his eyes. Rhode put a hand on his chest and volunteered for it. When he did that, he didn’t look so useless anymore.

Gadillas was a man of integrity. If he didn’t believe in others, he’d guarding against everyone around him, but if Gadillas decided to believe in them, he’d act according to their trust. Gadillas nodded without hesitation to Rhode, who asserted himself.

“I’ll leave it to you.”

“By your will.”

While admiring his manly conduct, the issue seemed to have been settled, so Kuuga decided to move.

Gadillas had done something rude, and they might think that Kuuga was a creepy creature, so it’s time to sell some flattery.

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22: Chief Retainers 3

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