37: Trying On Clothes

36: Human-like Divine Beast-sama
38: Gossip: The Best Temptation

The next day. Kuuga received an explanation of the situation before the prototype was finished.

What Gadillas and Uros were doing without consulting Kuuga was about the wedding ceremony.

They didn’t mean to trick or surprise Kuuga. Considering that Kuuga disliked it, they were silent until the last minute.

“For the time being, I will explain while you try it on, so can you use today’s quota? It’s 8 minutes today.”

Kuuga received an explanation about the clothes before humanizing. First of all, there’s no underwear. The front and back parts of the coat and trousers were separated, and it’d be fastened with adhesive tape that could be used like velcro at the sides. By the way, the tail part was also cut off from the top, and it seemed like they’ll pinch around the tail and fasten it.

The taped parts wouldn’t have any problems when moving normally, but it could easily be removed when pulled with a strong force. It seemed to be a mixture of some resin and some ore powder, but he didn’t feel like remembering it, so he forgot the name in an instant.

Even if he returned to his beast form with the clothes on, the cloth would only separate and wouldn’t really tear… it’s very calculated.

Although it looked layered with simple and elegant accessories sewn on it, it’s basically a piece of cloth that wouldn’t take long to wear.

And, last but not least, the true purpose of making this outfit was to dress Kuuga for the wedding ceremony.

He never thought that he’d do it while becoming humanoid for only a few minutes, so Kuuga was stunned and opened his mouth after a while.

Kuuga was rushed to become humanoid while being uncomfortable. The maids flocked to him immediately, and the clothes were applied from the front to the back, then sealed with neat movements. It only took 30 seconds.

“The marriage ceremony of the King and the Queen was supposed to use special magic. There’s a dedicated ritual room in the church, so you’d do it there. However, it’s easier to do it with a humanoid form, such as entering and leaving the water.”

“Is it different from an ordinary wedding?”

“Not really. We do similar things like swearing to God, but that’s just for self-satisfaction since divorce is also possible.”

“Does that mean you can’t divorce due to the special magic?”

“That’s right. The magic seal would appear on the wrist, which is also evidence of the King and Queen’s marriage. It doesn’t have the effect of being unable to cheat, but the ritual can only be done once, so it’s inevitable.”

While moving his body to check if the clothes were comfortable, he asked Uros about the marriage ceremony.

Uros also went around Kuuga and checked every angle, even looking at his figure from a distance while moving his mouth.

“Is it just magic that gives a special mark?”

“It’s not wrong to think so, or rather, it seemed not to affect…”

“Is there any effect?”

When he asked at the somewhat awkward atmosphere while frowning, Uros quickly turned away from Kuuga.

“It has the effect of improving the compatibility of the body so that it’s easy to leave heirs.”

“That’s really effective!”

It certainly had a very effective extra option! He involuntarily raised his voice to block out Uros’ words. However, Gadillas and Kuuga were the only unusual pair since the kings before them who used this magic had steadily benefited.

He didn’t think it’s something to worry about because it didn’t matter, but when the people around him knew its effect, he felt complicated.

Gadillas was trying his own clothes in the same room a little away just like Kuuga, but when he saw Kuuga like this, he opened his mouth with the corner raised a bit.

“Don’t worry about it. Even now, our bodies’ compatibility is good.”

“Don’t say something misleading, Gadi. That would be the story of my belly pillows.”

Refuting Gadillas’ remarks, Kuuga hurriedly said that to the maids who suddenly turned pink in the blink of an eye. He didn’t say anything extra and rushed to solve the misunderstanding. So why were the maids so happy?

Uros knew that Gadillas threw his pillow from the first day and used Kuuga as a pillow, so he understood him, but he squinted and quickly glanced at the two who had a good relationship teasing each other. In the first place, Gadillas idly talking to someone was something he couldn’t think of before, but now he could even tease someone. Even for Uros, who always cared about Gadillas, the presence of Kuuga was very large.

“Though the magic ritual is inevitable, thank me for stopping Yog from saying you should wear a dress.”

“…thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

That grandpa, he was wondering if he’s going to make fun of him again, so Kuuga really thanked Gadillas since he knew that he didn’t like it.

Uros, his grandson, had a cool face, but it seemed like he and Gadillas weren’t compatible with Yog’s personality, so they showed a slightly astringent face.

“Your Majesty, Kuuga-sama. It’s about time.”

Uros, who had been properly keeping track of time with a clock magic tool, announced that the time limit was approaching, so Gadillas and Kuuga stopped talking.

The testing of the clothes didn’t stop here. They had to check if it would still be fine when he returned to his original appearance while wearing it.

As Uros said, Kuuga’s body was immediately wrapped in light and deformed. Along the way, the clothes placed on Kuuga’s body made slight tearing sounds.

Uros immediately collected the clothes and checked if there were any broken parts.

“Hmm, there are some places where the thread is cut, but it’s a success. This part should be made more sturdy.”


A woman, who was involved in making the clothes, nodded as instructed. The words of success seemed to make her a bit excited.

The maids also made happy voices of success. By the way, these maids, who were frightened by Kuuga until a few minutes ago, changed their attitude at his humanoid appearance. Handsome was justice. It’s a tough world.

“I don’t think there’d be any problems.”

“Yes. 30 seconds to wear it… it’s about 1 minute with fine adjustments, so it’s within expectations.”

“There’s nothing else aside from Kuuga remembering the ritual. When can I contact the chief priest?”

“It has already been arranged with various confirmations.”

As soon as the topic reached the chief priest, Kuuga, who didn’t miss the slight distortion on Uros’ face to endure his laughter, tilted his head. Of course, the one who explained it was Uros.

Then, after receiving various explanations about the marriage ceremony contents, Kuuga realized the meaning of Uros’ expression.

36: Human-like Divine Beast-sama
38: Gossip: The Best Temptation

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