38: Gossip: The Best Temptation

37: Trying On Clothes
39: Flash Marriage

There were only two days left until the wedding ceremony.

After the ritual meeting, they just needed to wait. Now that he knew that he couldn’t overturn it, Kuuga tried to avoid thinking about it as much as possible.

Or rather, Kuuga had more problems than that.

That was, if he were humanoid, Gadillas wouldn’t pat him. Before, it was regrettable since they’re out of time, but afterward, he needed to talk about something when he was humanized, so he didn’t waste time and didn’t get the chance.

When he was human, he never thought that he wanted to be stroked by someone. Therefore, this kind of thought might be the influence of Kuuga becoming a Divine Beast.

But that didn’t matter. Kuuga, who had the body of a beast, knew how comfortable it was to be petted and could no longer turn back.

That day, an opportunity came.

He didn’t need to humanize that day so he just took a bath and went to sleep. As was the case before, Kuuga and Gadillas also thought it’s a waste not to do it even if it’s unnecessary because he could only humanize once a day. So it was only natural that he talked with Gadillas like before.

Like the last time, he humanized on the bed and sat facing Gadillas.

It’s understandable that Gadillas wouldn’t feel the same as when he was a beast. Even if Kuuga acted like a child, they’re both adult men. Aside from people who have a lot of skinship, men usually wouldn’t cuddle with other people.

However, Kuuga had one trump card. That was――

“Gadi, my humanization… actually has a secret.”

“A secret…?”

Gadillas looked suspiciously at Kuuga’s body and tilted his head as if he couldn’t understand. Kuuga slowly raised his hair and assumed airs.

“This hair… actually, my hair is the same as in my beast form.”


Gadillas reacted more than he expected. Surprisingly, his eyes were wide open and his hands fidgeted while staring at Kuuga’s hair.

Kuuga grinned at the unexpected reaction. He was proud of it since he always had a good meal and was washed by Gadillas every day. The glossy black hair was slippery yet light and fluffy. Gadillas knew that it had the best texture.

It’s apparently not human hair but a unique hair only for Kuuga, a Divine Beast that’s different from ordinary wolves. It’s only recently that he realized that even if he became humanoid, it didn’t look like human hair and had the same hair quality as his beast form.

“Do you want to check? Here.”

He leaned his head lightly toward Gadillas and Gadillas’ hand gently lifted after a moment of hesitation.


Gadillas touched his hair and stroked, enjoying the feeling of his hair, as he let out an emotional voice. Kuuga, who was pleased with the success of his operation, comfortably rubbed against Gadillas’ hand.

The tail swinging in a good mood hit the sheets covering the lower half of his body and made a constant rhythm.

Gadillas gently squinted while enjoying the same fluffy hair he had when he was a beast, and seeing Kuuga express his happiness with his whole body.

“You did not change, even if you look like a person.”

When he opened his eyes, thinking that it’s obvious, Gadillas gave him a slightly relieved look.

Gadillas seemed to be fine even if Kuuga was a former human or a humanoid, but something stuck in the inner part of his heart seemed to react subtly. It’s now been cleared… by that beautiful face.

When he involuntarily smiled at him, Gadillas, who seemed to realize that he knew what happened inside his heart, stroked Kuuga’s head wildly as if he was embarrassed.

“Even though you looked human, you’re easy to read if they stroke you like this. The reaction is the same.”

“Obviously. I just changed my form. Pet me more.”

“Even the way you prompt people is the same.”

After that, Gadillas stroked his head until the time was up. Both Kuuga and Gadillas were in a good mood and had a peaceful sleep.

37: Trying On Clothes
39: Flash Marriage

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