43: Divine Beast Special Magic Stone

42: No Longer Afraid Of This World
44: Having Divine Blessing

Three days later, the magic stone that Kuuga was raising was completed.

Kuuga forgot to ask what would make the magic stone complete, but Gadillas noticed it. No, to be precise, the potted Lulun flower in the office taught Gadillas.

The magic stone was completed when the amount of magical power absorbed by the magic ore was full. By the way, it could still be called a magic stone in its lightly colored state as long as the magical power inside could be taken out, but a small amount should still be sucked in. However, such wasteful things were not usually done.

If the magic stone emptied, it’d return to a magic ore, and if they brought it back to the magic pool, it could absorb the magical power and become a magic stone again. However, as was said before, if there’s a large amount of magic ore in the area, the magic power in the air would thin out. This brought the situation where an emptied magic stone couldn’t be reused immediately, and only the used magic ore accumulated.

Anyway, when the magic ore was filled with Kuuga’s magical power, the magic stone was completed. They only noticed it when Kuuga’s magical power overflowed, and the Lulun flower began dancing again.

It’s been 12 days since Kuuga started making magic stones. When Uros reported it, Koran and Luon rushed into the office at a tremendous speed.

“Your Majesty, is it true that a magic stone was created?”

“Quickly show me.”

Even when the two knights at the entrance let them in, Koran and Luon tried to squeeze past each other at the door. They tried to squeeze out Gadillas, who confirmed the magic stones he received from Kuuga, with a look as if nothing had happened to them.

While giving the two amused looks, Gadillas put the magic stone in his hand on the desk.

It’s a stone that looked like a red transparent jewel. The moment they saw it, they both looked at each other before Koran quickly picked it up.

“This is… I’ve never seen such a brightly colored magic stone so far.”

“That’s right. I was surprised since it’s different from what I had imagined. Koran, can you explain?”

Kuuga was unable to judge because he’d never seen a magic stone before, but Gadillas muttered, “is this really a magic stone?” Kuuga, who saw such a reaction, became anxious.

Koran, who was asked if this magic stone could be used and why it was such a color, nodded and took out a stone from his chest.

“This is a magic stone that you often see.”

For comparison, the magic stone was placed next to the magic stone made by Kuuga. One had a dark reddish color while Kuuga’s was a bright red one.

“The magic stone is said to be a red stone, but there are some differences in all stones’ color. This depends on the quality of the accumulated magical power and how it’s mixed.”

“How does the mix affect quality?”

“The magical power in the air isn’t all the same… if the magical powers of different qualities are mixed, the darker the color becomes. The same is true when more kinds are mixed. The magic stones made by Divine Beast-sama this time are not at all mixed since it mostly came from Divine Beast-sama’s magical power. It could be said that the purity is high…”

“That means it’s higher quality and rarer than a naturally made magic stone.”

Luon shouted with flashing eyes and interrupted the explanation. Then he picked up the magic stone on the desk and began to stare at it. Koran looked at this scene and furrowed his brows.

“Why is Luon-dono here? If you only want to know if the magic stone could be used, then there’s no problem.”

“That’s the case for an ordinary magic stone. If the quality is this high, then the story is different.”

“What do you mean, Luon?”

Luon only said that if they could use the magic stones created by Kuuga, they could reduce the budget. It seemed to last longer if the quality was high, which Kuuga thought was still good.

“A high-quality magic stone that I have never seen before. Furthermore, it’s made by Divine Beast-sama, it will be quite expensive when sold. Then we could buy normal magic stones with the sales.”

“Because the rarity raises the price, it’s certainly an item that some collectors would be happy with…”

Sensing that Gadillas was inclined to the idea, Koran caught his mouth.

“We have to use it in the castle first since we haven’t verified this magic stone yet.”

Kuuga knew that it needed verification first, but he could feel that Koran was itching to use it. Gadillas put a hand on his chin to think about something but then glanced at Kuuga.

Although Gadillas had already decided, he still wanted to seek the opinion of Kuuga, who made the magic stone, so Kuuga decided to use his humanization time today.

After the light faded, he became a humanoid, and Uros immediately handed him a gown that he put on.

“What do you think? Kuuga.”

“…there are 8 in total, so why not divide them into 4? I’ll make it again anyway.”

“Then, that will reduce your profits.”

“Even if you sell it, you need to confirm its performance. Isn’t the appeal of a new product used in the castle attractive?”

Looking at Luon’s expression, Gadillas was immediately convinced that it’s an attractive proposal.

“In the first place, the magic stone is rare by itself. When 8 pieces can be made every 12 days, the scarcity will disappear. Is it possible to adjust the price by limiting the number of wholesales in the market?”

“…certainly, blood rushed into my head for a moment there.”

It’s a simple scenario that could be easily understood by Luon. Knowing that, Luon distorted his face with regret. However, he began calculating in his head once he calmed down.

“If so… I only need two pieces.”

“Hoh, then…”

“I’ll give you three.”

“Your Majesty!?”

The remaining six were kept by Gadillas, who blocked Koran. Koran, who didn’t think he’d be stopped, gazed at the king’s eyes. He didn’t understand. He didn’t think Gadillas needed a magic stone.

If he was stupid enough to have one as commemoration, three was too much.

“Luon is trying to maximize the rarity value by calculating in his head right now. On top of that, I’m thinking of giving it to my allies. Although I agreed to cooperate, I haven’t told you much about Kuuga yet.”

“What’s with that… ahh, you mean you’re giving it free as a sample.”

Koran mumbled after understanding what Gadillas wanted to do. Gadillas looked at Kuuga and raised his mouth.

“The rarity will eventually diminish. Then you can buy it outside as well. The method could be called “the work of the Divine Beast”.”

“I think it’s a consumable item, but if you adjust it, the supply will last… can it last long?”

“I won’t know unless I verify it. There’s no point in it being too rare to be just an ornament…”

“…I don’t have any commercial talent, so I’ll leave the details to you. It’s really not a hassle to make… by the way, what would you do when I could finally control my magical power?”

A magic stone can be made when Kuuga’s magical power overflowed. If he could control his magical power, it would not overflow anymore.

Koran made a look like he’d forgotten it for a moment, immediately tightening his expression and tracing his chin with a finger.

“Divine Beast-sama is still not in a depleted condition. It doesn’t matter if you don’t control it while you sleep.”

“If that happens, I wonder if the production will drop… well, it’s enough. There’s also the huge magic stone, and for the time being, we will seek out ways to sell it after verification.”

‘That’s right, it’s also time to let you out in public… kuh, it’s an unexpected special product.”

“You have to be careful not to leak information to Jihak. There’s a high possibility that the Divine Beast there can do the same.”

As Luon consented, Gadillas looked at Kuuga. Kuuga nodded to ascertain it.

“Regarding the magical power, it depends on the Divine Beast. However, Kuuga couldn’t control it because he couldn’t feel it from the beginning… if we announce that the Divine Beast made this magic stone, some might notice it.”

“…it might be better to revise the phrase “work of the Divine Beast” when advertising.”

When the topic became too complicated, Kuuga couldn’t be of any use. Gadillas called him again when he was about to leave to avoid distracting them.

“By the way, Kuuga. Don’t you need your personal assets?”


“No, I’ve been ignoring it until now, but… in the first place, you’re the one who made the magic stone.”

“Ahh, what I made isn’t Gadi’s possession, but Gadi will be selling it. Is it that kind of thing? …but even if I get money…”

Kuuga had never seen the currency in this world, and he didn’t know its monetary value. In the first place, he didn’t need to spend money in his present condition, where all his food, clothing, and shelter were given.

Even if he went out to shop, he couldn’t go because of his current state.

“I wonder if I should have any…”

“I think you’ll need it when you can freely become humanoid.”

“Can’t I just share it with Gadi? Like asking for pocket money or something like that.”

“Pocket money, you say…”

“Divine Beast-sama does not have greed.”

Kuuga smiled bitterly at the words of Luon, who muttered inadvertently.

“I also have greed. Only the direction of my greed may be different. But that’s not the point right now.”

“Well, for the time being, if you want something, just ask me. If you encounter any inconvenience, think again at that time.”

“Ahh, that’s fine.”

When Kuuga answered, he realized that Uros was sending him a signal. It seemed like it had already been 16 minutes.

When Kuuga took off his gown, Luon and Koran looked aghast for a moment. Soon after, his body was wrapped in light, and Kuuga returned to being a beast.

Gadillas looked at Kuuga’s series of actions with a disgruntled expression, but he didn’t say anything because he knew that Kuuga’s shame wouldn’t act up.

Kuuga gave some opinions, but he basically let Gadillas do what he wanted with the magic stones he created. Kuuga then curled up by Gadillas’ feet to express his intention not to participate in further discussions.

To be honest, he didn’t even know how the magic stones would be used, so that he couldn’t make an accurate decision.

In the first place, he heard that the only way to use magic stones was by replacing the batteries of magic tools. Not many people own it because magic tools were expensive. Furthermore, the number of magic tools that use magic stones would decrease even more in the future. If that’s the case, it didn’t sound like there’d be much demand for magic stones.

Despite all that, the other three men knew that it would definitely sell, so that meant there were other ways to use it. Although he forgot to ask, he couldn’t do so anymore since he didn’t have enough time to humanize every day and grasp everything he needed to know to live in this world. There’s just too many that he didn’t know.

After that, due to Uros’ participation, the discussion that didn’t go anywhere halted, and they determined that verification would be the highest priority. Then Koran left with his three magic stones. It seemed like the other five would be stored for the time being. After a lot of discussions… Kuuga was amazed because, apparently, the new magic stone had become popular.

Then, 8 new magic ores were handed to Kuuga, and he once again raised magic stones.

42: No Longer Afraid Of This World
44: Having Divine Blessing

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