44: Having Divine Blessing

43: Divine Beast Special Magic Stone
45: Dying

On that day, Kuuga was with Lewis to play at the Dragon Training Center. Because of that mysterious marathon, he became friends with the dragons.

[Kuuga-san, are we not training today?]

[I’m good today. I think you guys are running even without me.]

[Well~ that was a good exercise!]

Looking at the dragons who spread their wings and swung their bodies gently to the left and right to invite Kuuga to play, Lewis muttered with distant eyes, saying, “Dragons acting like this...”

The dragon training center was quite wide because dragons by themselves were large. Thanks to that, nothing is blocking the way, so it’s sunny. If possible, he would like to curl up here and bask in the sun, but that wouldn’t come true because the dragons would disturb him.

However, Kuuga cherished these moments where he could talk without worrying about the time, so he didn’t complain.

[Ah, speaking of which, Kuuga-san, did you know? Recently, a cat with divine blessing has settled down in the castle.]

[A cat with divine blessing? What’s a divine blessing?]

When he heard new words, he was surprised and they looked back at him, as if they didn’t think he wouldn’t know. Their reaction was quite huge.

[You didn’t know~!?]

[Simply put, they’re intelligent animals. You can have “conversation” with them like you’re doing with us.]

[Conversation… you mean they’re intelligent enough to make complex thoughts?]

[Yes. We consider such animals to have a divine blessing. It is said that they might have God’s protection.]

I see, muttered Kuuga, who was convinced and nodded. He could exchange words with ordinary animals to some extent, but they’re sometimes too blunt, don’t know much, or don’t understand what he meant. It’s at a level where they could somehow communicate.

That meant that the animal who received “divine blessing” from the dragon’s words could have conversations with Kuuga. He definitely wanted to see it. He wanted to be friends with it.

[Ah, but don’t say this to humans.]

[Eh? Are humans not allowed to know?]

He felt he was ignorant, but he never thought that even the people in this world wouldn’t know it.

[That’s right. The blessing didn’t mean that they could understand human words like Kuuga-san. They just seemed a little smarter for humans.]

[Only we can understand what they think since we’re the same.]

[Humans don’t know what we’re thinking. Don’t teach them such a special thing.]

Unexpectedly, such words came out of the dragons who had humans as their companions, so Kuuga was a bit surprised. However, he could understand what they meant. It wouldn’t be a good thing if it spread out.

When he nodded, the dragons shook their bodies with satisfaction.

[Do you know where the cat is?]

[It usually walks around. It’s like you. It got food from a castle servant about twice a day.]

[Because it’s intelligent, it acted cutely and got some food.]

It seemed to be the cunning type. He wondered if they’d meet if he looked around.

[Then I’ll search for a bit.]

[Eh! Don’t you want to play with us!?]

[Play time!]

[Play time!]

[…I get it. Then lower your head a little.]

[Like this?]

Kuuga thought he’d find the cat right away, but the dragons started whining, so he decided to play something else.

Kuuga jumped on the dragon, who bowed down as told. The dragon had a mature personality and didn’t particularly like or dislike it.

[Ok, now raise your head vigorously.]


Gyun! When the dragon raised its head with great force, Kuuga jumped up using the momentum. He flew higher than he had expected, so he got agitated for a moment, but Kuuga quickly tensed his body and landed on the head of the next dragon.

[Uwa! You came!]

[Okay, you too.]


The dragon slightly lowered its head and then thrust up with Kuuga still on its head. Kuuga, who didn’t fly as high as before, got used to it and landed on the head of the next dragon. The dragon, who was aware of Kuuga’s intention, immediately lowered its head and thrust up without disturbing the landing and without saying anything.

While moving from dragon to dragon, the dragons began to play with Kuuga as he continued jumping around. Apparently, they hadn’t played much until now since they seemed to enjoy such a simple play.

Kuuga had fun at this athletic type of play. If he had an ordinary human body, the burden would be ridiculous, but the Divine Beast’s body was excellent. There’s no danger at all. He still had the mind of a human being, so he just enjoyed the moment.

The Black Knights, who had begun getting used to the dragons’ marathoning and talking to Kuuga, were in a jaw-dropped state, but they’d soon get used to it.

Lewis looked up at Kuuga moving left and right. His neck was kept busy moving around, which made him quite miserable. His mouth is open, though.

43: Divine Beast Special Magic Stone
45: Dying

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