TINA V0C001: Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb

TINA V0C002: Cheeky Little Boy

[This world is born for you——]

Article 1300: Robots that have lost their master’s supervision should be destroyed immediately—— [Interplanetary Robot General Management Regulations 53rd Edition]


“Insufficient fuel! Insufficient fuel!”

“The damage to the rear cabin is 65%, please send a technician to repair it immediately!”

“The spacecraft is about to leave the asteroid belt. Before the official notification, passengers are requested not to untie the straps on their bodies. Thank you for your cooperation.”

The lights on the cabins turned red, representing an extreme danger warning. The sound of sirens, mechanical male voices, and sweet female human voices intertwined to form an extremely chaotic scene.

It stands to reason that the spacecraft should have been in chaos at this time, shrouded in despair with people struggling needlessly and screaming about death…

But there was nothing.

The spacecraft was very quiet. The only five “humans” in the cabin are working in an orderly fashion with a division of labor. Four of the “humans” were checking various indexes of the hull through the console, and the person in the lead said something after quickly browsing the data reports given by the others.

“Sigma, plug the hole in the roof.” This voice was a very cold and mechanical sound.

“Yes.” The same cold and stiff mechanical sound responded to him.

The person called Sigma then drifted towards the cabin where the situation was the most chaotic. Due to the large-scale damage to the rear cabin, the internal parts of the spacecraft were quickly flying out. The precious air in the spacecraft rapidly leaked out and if this continues, the normal humans in the cabin will undoubtedly die!

But right now, the “human-looking figure” standing quietly in the spacecraft and calmly working was not a real human being.

Although they also have skulls and limbs, they’re completely different from a human’s skull and limbs. Its whole body glowed with a dark metallic luster and the position of ordinary human eyes was replaced with a screen. At this moment, due to the high-speed computing of the core brain, these shadow screens’ frame rate jumped so fast that ordinary people can only see a hazy blue light going up and down.

They are robots.

“Sigma, plug the hole in the roof.” ——a command that humans wouldn’t accept so easily, but this robot called Sigma accepted it without hesitation.

While carefully dodging all airborne objects that poured in, the robot named Sigma took 0.00003 seconds to quickly find the damage on the rear cabin, determined the location and size of the damage, and immediately walked along the bulkhead to the repair room. When he found the repair tool he needed had already flown out of the cabin, Sigma’s screen instantly went black.

Can’t find the materials for repair, but must complete the task assigned by its companion——

The black screen flickered for a few frames before Sigma thought of a solution: Quickly detach the leg!

Their bodies are seamlessly welded from extremely special materials. Aside from the manufacturer, only the robot knew how to open this metal skin.

Sigma’s core brain quickly calculated the required metal as early as he determined the plan. To piece together enough materials to repair the hole in the spacecraft, Sigma took off his two legs and buttocks.

The metal used for robots has good adhesion. Sigma just applied the patch made from his parts and the patch automatically attached to the surrounding metal.

The patch made from Sigma’s legs firmly attached to the rear cabin like a silver band-aid.

“Mission complete.” After confirming that there was nothing wrong, Sigma replied to his companion who was waiting in the control cabin.

“Received.” The leader robot’s screen flickered. When he responded, his operation on the console didn’t stop at all. Because the speed was so fast, his hands looked like shadows on the console.

The spacecraft’s intelligence system and the core brains of all robots are in a resource-sharing state. Therefore, through the continuous feedback of information from the spacecraft’s system to the robots, they could clearly “see” the scene outside the cabin.

Large and small meteorites drifted around the spacecraft, floating with them in the universe, along with countless damaged spacecraft wrecks.

Louis I, known as the “Scepter of God” in history, was buried here.

Hundreds of years ago, when His Majesty the Emperor approached this place, the Emperor and his guards were all submerged in the explosion that spread to the entire interstellar. In addition, the most famous interstellar idols of that time also disappeared in that explosion. After that, countless explorers and pilgrims came here to worship in an endless stream, longing to find any clues of that year. However, his Majesty the Emperor was never found. The poisonous fog and debris from the explosion filled the entire area, so none of the expeditions that went here could explore deeper. After seeing the result of the countless heroes that went here, no one wanted to approach them anymore.

In the following long years, due to the influence of the cosmic monsoon and the gravitational force after the explosion, more meteorites and space junk gathered here. No one has measured the actual area of this meteorite belt, but they could estimate a rough figure of nine trillion kilometers.

No one lives here, so it’s truly a tomb.

The Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb——the common name of this place according to the current version of the interstellar navigation map.

The efficiency of several robots working together was extremely terrifying. In this death zone densely covered with meteorites, the small spacecraft they boarded avoided 99% of meteorite impacts!

This is a miracle!

However, the spacecraft’s energy was about to run out, and their luck along with it.

Sigma raised the upper part of his body with his arms and carefully crawled to the window. His screen was facing the infinitely vast universe outside, glowing with different colors from time to time.

As a robot that’s on the run, he had seen nothing in his extremely short life except for his companions on the spacecraft. Even the meteorites that might smash them were very new to him.

Sigma looked out the window for a while, then noticed a small blue stone on the edge of the window. There’s no such thing in the spacecraft, so this stone was probably a meteorite fragment that just leaked in.

The young robot happily and carefully put the stone in the storage space under its belly.

Sigma was still a blank sheet exploring the world, but his companions were in a state of silence.

“There’s only 0.1% fuel left, warning! Firepower can’t be used to expel meteorites.” The robot with the word “π (pi)” printed on its back suddenly spoke.

“According to Article 1300 of the [Interplanetary Robot General Management Regulations 53rd Edition], there are only 58 minutes and 30 seconds left before our internal self-destruction program starts.” This time, the talking robot has an “η (eta)” printed on its cheek.

The robot leader finally stopped the phantom movements of its arms.

As a result, one could finally see the letter “α (alpha)” engraved on its left palm.

They just don’t want to be destroyed.

They were created by humans and have been working hard to carry out the tasks given to them by the humans, until one day, they suddenly heard the news that they were about to be destroyed.

The reason is that the intelligence and strength of the [Interstellar Reaper Alphabet] series of robots are beyond the scope of human control. For human safety issues, they should be destroyed in a unified manner and their bodies used to make other tools that are more beneficial to human livelihood.

So Alpha and the others ran away.

Not only did they escape, but they also brought their companion, Sigma, who hadn’t even been started up.

They didn’t want to be dismantled and turned into something else;

Nor to disappear like this;

They just don’t want to “die”.

A faint red light flashed on the screens, but Alpha did nothing. The countdown to the warning representing the activation of their self-destruct program in their bodies had begun to sound, and he gave up resistance.

All the other robots were like him. They no longer tried, and on the contrary, just like Sigma, they began to look curiously at the starry sky outside the window.

If you remove their identity as a robot, these robots who developed an initial self-thinking ability are actually just a few years old, so they curiously explored this strange world.

However! Just at this time——

As if God’s favoring them, a huge meteorite almost the size of the spaceship that’s in front of them suddenly moved away, and the mysterious area covered by the meteorite belt, which had never been revealed to the world, lifted like a black veil on several robots!

“Spacecraft has left the meteorite belt! Spacecraft has left the meteorite belt! Unknown planet found ahead! Unknown planet found ahead! Please confirm the emergency landing! Please confirm emergency landing!”

After the important notice was broadcasted twice in a row, Alpha immediately took control of the spacecraft.

“Confirm emergency landing!”

After the cold mechanical voice issued the command, the robots that are still by the window quickly returned to their original positions, and the tattered spacecraft drove to the gray planet far away with its final strength——

After rushing into the atmosphere, the spacecraft with several robots exhausted its last energy during the landing. The tattered robots crawled out of the equally tattered spacecraft, then crashed for a few seconds at what they “saw” in front of their “eyes”.

A barren land, and a little boy.

The little boy looked at them with an open mouth and a runny nose.

My God! This is a human!

Seeing the group of robots with terrible faces (?!) and lack of limbs (←Sigma whose legs have not been put back), the little guy’s eyes quickly filled with tears.

It’s over! He’s harmed and scared!

The dark screens of several robots flashed a warning red light at the same time.

Then fat teardrops condensed in the little boy’s eyes and finally, unable to bear the weight of his tears, it fell down the side of his thin cheeks.

However, as the tears fell, a big smile appeared on the little boy’s face.

“Dad, you’re back!”

The little short legs quickly ran and hugged Alpha’s cold and hard calf.

The author has something to say:

This story happened several hundred years after Meng Jiuzhao and Louis’ last life.

En, en.

The author said I believe anyone can understand what this is about!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone~

Translator’s Note:

I have no idea what the author meant. BTW, TINA must be a sequel to another novel that the author wrote, so the note is referencing that.

TINA V0C002: Cheeky Little Boy

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