ACDWL 036: Even When I Returned To My Original Form

ACDWL 035: Humanized Appearance
ACDWL 037: Power Beyond Imagination

I returned to my original form.

My clothes got torn, and so did the shoes.

Rodo gave me his clothes for the time being, but it’s quite big.

I have to fold the sleeves many times, and if I don’t tie the waist tight, it will slip off.

As for the shoes, it comes off every time I try to walk.

All my clothes are small ones that Rodo ordered, so none of them fit my body right now.

Even if I order a ready-made product right now, it’d take a few days.

In other words, I’ll stay like this for a while.

Barefoot and in big clothes.

I even have to have Rodo pick me up all the time.

When I asked if I’m heavy, he said it’s okay.

I knew that Akinists are strong, but he’s too strong.

In this world, changing from a beast to a humanoid figure seemed to be a kind of growth stage, so I wonder if I’m now recognized as an adult.

After heading to the cafeteria, I knew I’m being watched.

Is it because I have no animal ears?

In the first place, I originally didn’t have one.

Did they think that I humanized already?

Then they must be surprised since I seemed to humanize just now.

Even when I returned to my original form, they’re more muscular horizontally and vertically, so I look frail in comparison.

Rodo being able to easily pick me up is proof.

My previous height was 177 cm, but I look short in this world.

Not only the soldiers but even the female Al is taller than me.

This seemed to be a world with many tall and muscular people, even the people in town are quite brawny.


Will I be treated like a child even when I returned to my original form?


After seeing a lot of serious and minor injuries, I lost my appetite, but I didn’t want to leave Rodo, so I selfishly stayed with him.

I don’t look like a kid anymore, but I still want to sit on his lap…

I knew I’d be heavy and would interfere with his meal.

Still, Rodo spoiled me and forgave my actions.

When I hugged him all the way to the back, which I’d never reached before, I’m kind of happy.

When I was in Japan, I never hugged anyone like this.

…what about my younger brother?

But, he hadn’t tried to come near me lately, and we’d just have light conversations.

I knew he needed some time to himself and wouldn’t stick to me forever, so I understood my younger brother’s feelings.

To my parents, I just said he’s in his rebellious phase, so in that case…he’s less likely to approach me.

I didn’t think I could hide my inclination for the rest of my life, and I think I’m always scared that my family would hate me.

That’s why I felt lonely when I couldn’t meet them when I came to this world, but also relieved.

There’s no evidence that I’m gay and even if they searched my room when I’m gone, it’d only look like the room of an athletic guy devoted to tennis.

The fake erotica books were also hidden in the bookshelf, which I think is the very image of a normal healthy man’s room.

I’m relieved that I left without them knowing anything.


But that didn’t mean my feelings for Rodo is a lie.

I used to think it’d be okay to marry Rodo if I couldn’t go home, but now it’s different.

I like everything about him from the bottom of my heart, like listening to all my selfishness, his narrowmindedness at being jealous of Ren, being sweet to me, and becoming a cute cat when he transformed into an Akinist.

Before, I said that we would get married when I grew up, but it seemed impossible until the current mission is over, so we’ll prepare for it a month later.

Although I don’t know what to do during the preparation, do I have to wear some kind of clothes like at the wedding?

…does it have to be customized?

The clothes and shoes when I was small were also made to order.

Apparently, it’d be like that even now.

He said he’d have it made as soon as we got home.

…so it’s still a custom order.

Is it because I’m not tall enough?

Lying down is fine, but I can barely reach Rodo’s back.

Are muscles that easy to develop?

Well, they’re originally beasts.


While hugging Rodo, I was vaguely thinking about that and was hugged while sitting.

In other words, a princess carry.

Perhaps because I’m small, he held me up with one arm while the other supported my back so that I wouldn’t fall.

But, haven’t you heard that a princess carry is a burdensome way of carrying people?

I think it’s easier to carry me normally.

Rodo walked without worrying about it at all.

For stability, I took off my arm around his body and put it around his neck.


(Are we taking a bath now?)

I don’t want that gray-colored muddy water like yesterday.

You won’t even know if you’re washing or dirtying yourself.

…should I make some hot water again?

It’s embarrassing to be undressed, so please stop.


When I asked if we were going to take a bath, he stopped for some reason.

“…today, body, wipe, only. Bath, go, no.” (We’ll just wipe today. Don’t go to the bathhouse.)

“Go, no…?” (Don’t go…?)

I heard that we’re in an environment where relief supplies can reach us but are they saving money by not having hot water?

“Hot water, Kou, make.” (I can make hot water.)

I just have to make it again.

“…others, Kou, naked, show, unpleasant.” (I don’t want to show Kou’s naked body to the others.)


His straightforward show for monopoly made me speechless.

…somehow, my face is hot.


However, as a person born and raised in Japan, where the bath culture is flourishing, I don’t like just wiping my body.

If I use purification magic, I don’t have to take a bath, but I still want to soak in hot water.

In this world where homosexuality is common, I’m glad that you’re worried about me…

But would anyone try to touch me?

Because everyone is big both vertically and horizontally, wouldn’t they find the small me unusual?

“Bath, enter, want.” (I want to take a bath.)

When I told him what I wanted, he made a troubled face.

If that’s the case──

“Night, two people, enter, good?” (Then if it’s at night with just the two of us, is that fine?)

It’d be nice if I could be together with Rodo after everyone else was done.

Seems like the water would be cold at that time, but I can just make some with magic.


Rodo finally nodded and took me to our room for the time being.

We have nothing to do until we take a bath.

And since we didn’t know when the monsters would appear, we decided to take a nap.

Seems like monsters don’t appear often at night, so we can sleep when we want.

Just like when I was a child, I went to bed with Rodo.

…just when I thought so, he laid only me on the bed, then Rodo headed to the other bed, which he hadn’t used yesterday.

Is it because I’m grown up that it’s cramped to sleep in one bed?

Unlike the bed in Rodo’s house, the beds here are small.



At first, I didn’t like sleeping with him, but that’s just because I didn’t like sleeping with people I only met for the first time.

Now I’m used to sleeping with Rodo.

I wanted to return to my original form earlier, but did Rodo wanted me to stay small? Even though he’s right next to me, I feel like I’ve been released…

“Together, sleep.”

When I broke into Rodo’s bed, he jumped up.


“Hate, wrong!”

In a hurry, he immediately denied.

(I reached out to him…but why?)

Is he enduring it?

I won’t be able to sleep with all this worrying…


Then, is it bad to sleep together?

“Return.” (I’ll go back.)

I escaped Rodo’s back and went back to the bed he put me in.

“Kou, hate, wrong.” (I don’t hate Kou.)

Did he think I misunderstood so he’s still arguing vehemently?

“Understand, did.” (I do understand.)

When I nodded and said that, he still looked like he wanted to say something, but in the end, he went back to bed.

From today, we’ll be sleeping separately.

What happens when we get home?

Will he buy me a new bed?

…now that I’m used to sleeping together, I feel lonely when Rodo’s body temperature isn’t on my side.

As expected, I feel like he’s more comfortable with my childish appearance.

…is it possible to return to my child form?

ACDWL 035: Humanized Appearance
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